What Businesses Does Jane Seymour Own? Explore Her Empire & Philanthropy

Jane Seymour, the multi-talented British-American actress, has always been more than just a captivating presence on screen. Beyond her Hollywood fame, she’s an astute businesswoman with a diverse portfolio. From art to jewelry, Seymour’s entrepreneurial spirit has led her to establish and nurture several successful ventures.

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Her foray into the world of business reveals an eye for beauty and a passion for creativity. She’s not just the face of her brands; she’s the driving force behind them. Let’s dive into the enterprises that have benefited from Seymour’s golden touch and explore how she translates her artistic vision into commercial success.

Meet Jane Seymour

Before delving into the intricate tapestry of her business empire, one must appreciate the illustrious Jane Seymour. Renowned for her timeless charm and grace, Seymour first captivated audiences through her performances on the silver screen. With a career spanning decades, she’s not just graced Hollywood with her presence; she’s shaped it with her enduring talent. A star not only in the world of acting but also as a savvy businesswoman.

Those who’ve admired her in classics like “Live and Let Die” or the fan-favorite series “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” might find themselves intrigued by the breadth of her entrepreneurial spirit. It’s that very spirit that has established Jane as a symbol of elegance and creativity, traits that translate seamlessly into her various business pursuits. From her ventures into art to captivating the world with her jewelry designs, Seymour’s versatility knows no bounds.

Her eye for beauty extends beyond the camera lens, it’s evident in every brushstroke of her artwork and every piece of jewelry that bears her name. Jane Seymour Designs offers an array of sophisticated, heart-inspired pieces, imbuing them with a personal touch that is distinctly Jane. These ventures are not separate entities but extensions of her personal philosophy – to live a life of passion, elegance, and heart.

Seymour remains intimately involved in her businesses, often citing her personal experiences as a source of inspiration. This hands-on approach has won her not only artistic accolades but also the respect of the business world. With a tireless work ethic, she continues to explore new avenues, always with that signature Seymour flair that fans and customers alike have come to know and cherish.

In this journey through Seymour’s business landscape, it’s clear she isn’t one to rest on past accomplishments. Instead, she constantly reinvents herself, making each business venture a new chapter in an already storied life. Whether in front of the camera or behind the scenes of her companies, Jane Seymour is a force, thriving in the dynamic intersection of art, philanthropy, and commerce.

The Art of Success: Jane’s Art Ventures

Jane Seymour’s journey into the art world began as a personal form of expression but soon evolved into a business venture that attracted collectors and art enthusiasts globally. With a natural flair for painting, Jane’s artwork reflects her love for life, color, and emotional depth. Her open-hearted creations come to life in various forms, ranging from vibrant watercolors to serene oil paintings.

Her art collection boasts a variety of themes, including florals, seascapes, and figures, revealing the versatility of her artistic talent. Perhaps most notable is the “Open Hearts” series, which has become synonymous with Seymour’s philosophy of life and her philanthropic spirit. The symbol has not only adorned canvases but also inspired her acclaimed jewelry line, further testament to her ability to fuse art and commerce effectively.

Seymour’s art ventures extend beyond the canvas. She’s also known for her live painting demonstrations and art exhibitions, which allow her to connect with audiences and share her passion for creativity. These events often dovetail with her philanthropic activities, showcasing the seamless blend of her artistic pursuits and charitable efforts.

Art enthusiasts can acquire her works through various channels, including art galleries, online platforms, and direct sales at events. The constant evolution of her collection keeps fans and art investors eagerly anticipating her next piece. Through her art, Jane Seymour continues to demonstrate that entrepreneurship can indeed be an extension of personal expression and that her success in the arts is not merely by chance but by design.

Her deep involvement with her businesses assures that every piece contains her personal touch, whether it’s a brushstroke on the canvas or a detailed sketch for her next piece of jewelry. Each creation is a signature of her commitment to excellence in all aspects of her life – as an actress, an artist, and an entrepreneur.

Sparkling With Style: Seymour’s Jewelry Brands

In the world of glitter and glam, Jane Seymour’s jewelry brands stand out with the same elegance and grace she carries herself. Kay Jewelers, a well-known retailer, became the launchpad for one of her most recognizable collections—the Open Hearts by Jane Seymour. Each piece reflects Jane’s belief that if your heart is open, love will always find its way in.

The collection features signature designs where interconnected hearts form an open and continuous line, signifying the power of love. These aren’t just pretty accessories; they embody Seymour’s philosophy. With her personal story woven into the designs, buyers feel a connection that goes deeper than the sparkle on the surface.

Beyond Open Hearts, Seymour dazzled the market with the Jane Seymour Jewelry Line, offering a luxurious range of pieces with distinct motifs like the Jane Seymour Signature Water Lily. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these gems resonate with those who have a penchant for sophistication and a dash of Hollywood allure.

Here are a few highlights from her collections:

  • Elegant necklaces featuring the Water Lily, symbolizing purity and beauty.
  • Charming bracelets with the Open Hearts design, encouraging openness and love.
  • Stunning rings and earrings that capture the essence of Seymour’s artistic vision.

Each item from Seymour’s collections tells a story, and it doesn’t end at the checkout counter. They’re designed to transcend the boundaries of mere fashion accessories, becoming cherished symbols in people’s lives, reminding them of the philosophy behind the artistry. Her jewelry lines don’t just shine; they inspire.

Combining business acumen with her personal sense of style and her commitment to philanthropy, Jane Seymour’s jewelry ventures demonstrate the power of embedding personal values into one’s brand. These adornments are more than just metal and stone; they’re wearable representations of Seymour’s spirit. Engaging with her audience through these pieces, she continues to spread her message of open hearts and boundless creativity.

From Books to Bedding: Seymour’s Home Collections

Jane Seymour’s brand extends beyond the glitz of jewelry; she’s also carved a niche in the world of home decor. Her foray into this market features a diversified range of products that capture her artistic flair and penchant for elegant design.

The Jane Seymour Home Collection offers consumers a blend of luxury and comfort, intended to make homes feel both lavish and welcoming. It isn’t just about the aesthetics; Seymour’s belief in making a house a home is embedded in the very fibers of her products. From plush bedding sets to richly designed furniture, each piece echoes her personal taste and commitment to quality.

Moreover, Seymour’s venture into publishing has added another layer to her home collection. Books authored by her, like “Making Yourself at Home”, serve as a gateway into her vision of creating a beautiful and serene living space. Fans can not only decorate their homes with Seymour-designed pieces but can also imbibe her philosophy through her written word.

Her bedding collection, in particular, stands out for its luxurious textures and fabrics. Designed to be the perfect retreat after a busy day, the bedding sets come in a variety of styles to suit any decor desire. It’s this attention to detail that has made her line a favorite for those looking to infuse a touch of star quality into their everyday living spaces.

The Jane Seymour Home Collection is marked by:

  • Vibrantly designed throw pillows
  • Elegant comforter sets and duvets
  • Classically styled accent furniture

This collection, much like her jewelry, underscores the core values Seymour stands for – beauty, love, and a connection with one’s surroundings. The range also tremendously succeeds in highlighting her artistic background, with several items featuring patterns and designs that reflect her personal paintings and sculptures. Each product is more than just a part of the decor; it’s a testament to Seymour’s relentless creativity and her ability to turn any space into a narrative of comfort and style.

A Philanthropist at Heart

Jane Seymour’s spirit of giving has an even more lustrous sheen than her finest jewelry offerings. Beyond her array of businesses, she pours her heart into philanthropic work with a keen focus on child advocacy and art education.

Seymour co-founded the Open Hearts Foundation, an organization that aligns with her mission to empower others to turn personal adversity into an opportunity to help others. Inspired by her mother’s advice to always keep an open heart, Seymour translates this philosophy into action through her foundation. The non-profit arm funds various programs and projects that are committed to having a positive impact on communities in need.

The openness and love she advocates are not limited to the bounds of the United States. Seymour’s international outreach extends to children around the globe. Through her ties with various children’s hospitals and health-related causes, she has become a beacon of hope for many. Her artistic flair further contributes to these causes by offering art as a form of therapeutic healing through her signature program, Healing Hearts.

Here’s a look at marked donations and campaigns Seymour has been involved with over the years

  • CHOC Children’s Hospital
  • The Red Cross and Childhelp USA
  • Movieguide Awards charitable contributions

Her commitment to philanthropy is more than just a pursuit; it’s a clear reflection of her personal values of love, compassion, and beauty—in more than a material sense. The impact of Seymour’s charity work continues to reach those both near and far, a testament to her belief that a person’s worth isn’t measured by their wealth or fame, but by the love and help they give to those less fortunate. Her dedication is a vital part of her identity, woven seamlessly into her business and life philosophy.


Jane Seymour’s business acumen is as multifaceted as her career. She’s successfully navigated the realms of jewelry and home decor, infusing each venture with her personal touch of elegance and grace. Her impact extends far beyond the marketplace into the hearts of those she reaches through her charitable efforts. Seymour’s businesses aren’t just about profit; they’re a platform for her to share her values and make a genuine difference in the world. Her legacy is one of creativity, compassion, and an open heart—a true testament to her spirit as an entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Frequently Asked Questions

What jewelry brands has Jane Seymour created?

Jane Seymour has created jewelry brands that reflect her personal style and values. The article details her ventures, but does not specify the brand names.

What is the Jane Seymour Home Collection?

The Jane Seymour Home Collection is an expansion of her entrepreneurial ventures, involving a range of home decor items inspired by her sense of style and artistic vision.

What is the Open Hearts Foundation?

Jane Seymour co-founded the Open Hearts Foundation, a charitable organization that focuses on empowering people to overcome adversity and turn personal hardship into helping others.

How does Jane Seymour’s philanthropy connect with her business ventures?

Seymour’s philanthropic endeavors align with her businesses by embodying her personal values of love, compassion, and beauty, which are central themes in her brands and philanthropic activities.

In what philanthropic activities does Jane Seymour engage internationally?

Seymour engages in international philanthropic activities, particularly reaching out to children through hospitals and health-related causes, reflecting her commitment to global wellbeing and support.

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