What Businesses Does Gabrielle Union Own? Unveiling Her Empire

Gabrielle Union is not just a powerhouse on screen; she’s also a savvy entrepreneur with a diverse business portfolio. From fashion to haircare, she’s made her mark on various industries with her unique brand of style and substance.

They say variety is the spice of life, and Union’s business ventures prove she’s all about that spice. Her entrepreneurial spirit has led her to create opportunities and build empires that extend far beyond the red carpet.

Diving into the world of Gabrielle Union’s businesses is like stepping into a realm where creativity meets commerce. She’s not just building brands; she’s crafting legacies that resonate with people everywhere. Let’s explore the enterprises that keep this dynamo at the top of her game.

Fashion Ventures

Gabrielle Union’s entrepreneurial flair shines brightly in the realm of fashion. She teamed up with New York & Company, known for its work-ready outfits, to create her own collection. The line mirrors Union’s personal style, featuring bold patterns, chic tailoring, and standout pieces that bring red carpet glamour to everyday attire.

The fashion line has been a hit with consumers seeking affordable luxury. Union’s engagement doesn’t stop at design; she’s often seen promoting the line on her personal social media accounts, bridging the gap between creator and consumer. This direct engagement adds an essential personal touch that’s beloved by fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Beyond clothing, Union has made strides in accessories as well. She launched a line of handbags and other fashion accessories that complement her clothing collections. These pieces carry the same ethos of empowerment and elegance that her apparel embodies.

Fashion critics and casual shoppers have noted the quality and attention to detail in Union’s fashion ventures. Her ability to balance accessibility with high-end design principles is a testament to her business acumen. With each successful launch, she cements her place not just in entertainment but in the competitive fashion industry.

She’s also acutely aware of the importance of inclusivity in fashion. Union’s lines are celebrated for their size-range, offering something stylish for individuals of all shapes. This consideration speaks to her broader mission to make everyone feel confident and empowered, regardless of their body type.

Her fashion ventures continue to expand, showing no signs of slowing down. With each collection, Union delivers fresh and inspired designs, ensuring that her presence in fashion remains as vibrant and relevant as her on-screen performances.

Haircare Brands

Gabrielle Union’s entrepreneurial spirit took a glamorous turn from fashion to the world of beauty. Flawless by Gabrielle Union, her haircare line, caters to those seeking salon-quality products at home. Launched in collaboration with the accomplished stylist Larry Sims, the brand promises to deliver professional results with a personal touch.

The lineup presents a treasure trove of essentials:

  • Nourishing Shampoo
  • Repairing Deep Conditioning Masque
  • Shine-Enhancing Heat Protection Spray

Each product is carefully formulated for textured and curly hair, embedding the importance of hair health to its core. The brand’s commitment to inclusivity echoes Union’s ethos, ensuring there’s something for every type of curl and coil.

In 2021, Flawless relaunched with a renewed vision. They enhanced their formulas, incorporating Raw Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Argan Oil. The focus was sharper than ever on producing affordable, effective, and clean haircare. Flawless items are devoid of sulfates, parabens, and silicones, making them a guilt-free choice for conscious consumers.

Social media platforms buzz when Gabrielle Union features her own hair journey, utilizing her brand to inspire and educate. She’s been upfront about her hair loss struggles, which only adds to the authenticity of the brand. Flawless isn’t just about looking good; it’s about fostering a supportive community where individuals can share stories, tips, and triumphs.

Sales data clearly illustrate the brand’s resonance with the public. Here’s a glimpse at Flawless by Gabrielle Union’s performance:

Year Percentage Growth
2020 20%
2021 35%

With continued expansion and product development, Flawless by Gabrielle Union is set to remain a sought-after name in the haircare industry. Subsequent releases and partnerships will surely aim to elevate the brand’s status as a staple for those seeking the apex of hair luxury and care.

Production Companies

In addition to her fashion and beauty empires, Gabrielle Union has left her mark on the silver screen through her production ventures. She isn’t just gracing the camera with her poise and talent; Union has taken a seat at the production table, staking her claim as a force behind the scenes.

I’ll Have Another Productions was hatched by Union to produce content across multiple platforms. True to its name, the company keeps audiences wanting more. Its roster includes a variety of projects from dramas to comedies, all of which carry Union’s personal touch of authenticity and heart. Particularly noteworthy is the successful BET series “Being Mary Jane,” a project that not only starred Union, but also benefited from her keen production insights.

But that’s not the end of the story. Union further expanded her influence in Hollywood by joining forces with her husband, NBA superstar Dwyane Wade. The power couple formed Flawless by Gabrielle Union, merging Union’s expertise in the beauty industry with her vision for storytelling. They aim to support and empower diverse voices and stories that resonate with a broad audience.

Their commitment to gripping narratives is evident in projects like the critically acclaimed Oscar-shortlisted short film “Downtown,” a gripping narrative that’s earned them laud-worthy nods in the indie film circuit.

These ventures signal Union’s deep understanding that ownership in production is crucial for crafting and controlling the narrative. With her keen eye for projects that speak to and reflect the real world, Gabrielle Union is crafting a landscape rich in diversity. Her commitment to bringing untold stories to light, and doing so with a genuine passion for the material, is setting industry benchmarks.

Moreover, the leap into production adds another layer to Union’s multifaceted career. She ensures that the legacy she builds is one of empowerment, creativity, and innovation. Audiences and critics alike wait with bated breath to see what groundbreaking content will come next from Union’s production stronghold.

Wine and Spirits

As Gabrielle Union’s entrepreneurial spirit flows through the realms of fashion and beauty, it also pours into the world of wine and spirits. They’ve cultivated a taste for the finer things in life, and with a keen business acumen, Gabrielle entered the libations market with the launch of her own wine label.

Vanilla Puddin’ Chardonnay became a sumptuous addition to wine cellars around the globe. With vivacious notes of vanilla, apple, and citrus, Union’s Chardonnay is crafted to please the palate of anyone seeking a luxurious sip. The wine has been celebrated for its unique flavor profile and stands as a testament to Gabrielle’s dedication to quality.

Not stopping at wine, Gabrielle and husband Dwyane Wade raised their glasses to a deeper venture into spirits with the creation of D Wade Cellars. Released in conjunction with the renowned winemaker of Napa Valley, this endeavor not only reflects their shared passion for basketball and philanthropy but also their mutual adoration for the vine.

Venturing into the wine industry carries both risk and reward but Union’s approach has been nothing short of tasteful and strategic. The couple’s wines resonate with fans who appreciate the rich tones and stories poured into every bottle. Through social media, Gabrielle and Dwyane have captured the essence of their wine, implicating an experience that goes beyond the taste—it’s about the lifestyle, the celebration, and the moments that matter.

The terroir of their business ventures is much like that of their vineyards—rich with opportunity and nurtured with care. Gabrielle’s passion for diversity and inclusion is also embedded in these endeavors. With diverse teams behind the scenes, these labels are not just pieces of a brand, they’re extensions of Union’s values and vision—a much-deserved toast to inclusivity and sophistication in the industry.


Gabrielle Union’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through her diverse array of businesses. She’s not just a star on screen but also in the realms of fashion, beauty, production, and the wine industry. Her dedication to quality, inclusivity, and empowerment is woven into each venture, making her a true inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. Whether it’s through her stylish fashion lines, her commitment to celebrating natural hair, or her engaging production projects, Union continues to break barriers and set new standards. She’s a testament to the power of hard work, vision, and the courage to dream big.

Frequently Asked Questions

What business ventures is Gabrielle Union known for?

Gabrielle Union is known for her ventures in fashion with her own line in collaboration with New York & Company, her handbag and accessory products, her salon-quality haircare line Flawless by Gabrielle Union, and her involvement in the production industry through I’ll Have Another Productions and Flawless by Gabrielle Union.

How does Gabrielle Union promote her fashion line?

Union promotes her fashion line actively on social media, connecting directly with consumers and showcasing the inclusivity and style of her collection.

What is unique about the Flawless by Gabrielle Union haircare line?

Flawless by Gabrielle Union offers salon-quality haircare products specifically designed for textured and curly hair, with a focus on affordability and clean ingredients, influenced by Union’s own hair journey.

What type of content does I’ll Have Another Productions produce?

I’ll Have Another Productions, founded by Gabrielle Union, produces diverse content across multiple platforms, aiming to support and empower varied voices and narratives.

What sets Gabrielle Union’s wine label apart?

Gabrielle Union’s wine label Vanilla Puddin’ Chardonnay is celebrated for its unique flavor profile, and together with D Wade Cellars, it reflects Union’s dedication to quality, diversity, and inclusion in the wine and spirits industry.

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