What Businesses Does Frankie Muniz Own? Unveiling His Eco-Friendly Surf Empire

Frankie Muniz might be best known for his role as the precocious teen in “Malcolm in the Middle,” but he’s been making some serious moves in the business world. Since stepping back from the spotlight, he’s swapped script lines for business plans and is showing a knack for entrepreneurship.

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From olive oil to race cars, Muniz’s portfolio is as diverse as it is surprising. He’s not just a former child star; he’s a businessman with an eye for unique opportunities. Let’s dive into the ventures that keep Frankie busy these days.

Frankie Muniz: Beyond Acting

Frankie Muniz is a testament to the idea that talent can extend beyond the screen into the business world. After capturing hearts as a child actor, Frankie has embraced the role of entrepreneur with a seemingly innate adeptness. His ventures are as varied as they are intriguing, each one revealing a different facet of his ambition.

Outpost19 Books, the indie publishing company, is one of Frankie’s ventures that resonates with his love for creative expression. By championing authors and stories that defy convention, Muniz is making his mark in the literary scene. His involvement in publishing showcases a commitment to giving a platform to unique voices and narratives.

In the realm of specialty goods, Frankie has dipped his toes into the culinary industry with his own line of Olive Oils. These oils are a nod to quality and authenticity, appealing to both food enthusiasts and health-conscious consumers. Through this endeavor, he’s not just selling a product but a lifestyle that values the finer epicurean delights.

The zest for competition and speed didn’t just disappear when the cameras stopped rolling; it transitioned into owning and managing racing teams. His affiliation with professional race car driving demonstrates Frankie’s appetite for high-stakes ventures. Indeed, it’s a world where precision and performance are paramount, traits that Muniz seems to carry over from his acting days.

The amalgamation of Frankie’s interests into tangible business initiatives emphasizes his drive for success beyond Hollywood. Whether it’s through the smooth aroma of high-grade olive oil or the adrenaline rush of motorsports, Muniz has folded his personal passions into his business portfolio. Such versatile engagements show that while his days in front of the camera may be fewer, his impact in the business world is steadily on the rise. Each business is a chapter in his unfolding story, one where he plays the protagonist in a diverse narrative of entrepreneurial spirit.

Muniz’s First Venture: Out of the Box Olive Oil

Frankie Muniz’s foray into the business world began with a rather sophisticated venture – Out of the Box Olive Oil. This enterprise captured the essence of Muniz’s knack for stepping outside of his comfort zone and has indeed become a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit. Frankie saw the opportunity to bring high-quality artisanal olive oil to the tables of everyday Americans, drawing on a luxurious commodity that perhaps echoed some of the opulent lifestyles I’ve had the pleasure of chronicling.

The brand prides itself on sourcing the finest olives, emphasizing the rich flavors and health benefits of their product. Muniz’s personal involvement in crafting the brand narrative is a reflection of his dedication to authenticity and quality. He’s not just a name slapped on a label; he’s thoroughly engaged with product development and marketing strategies, ensuring that every bottle delivers a taste of luxury that’s both attainable and enjoyable.

While Out of the Box Olive Oil started small, Frankie’s commitment to growth has seen a receptive audience among food enthusiasts and health-conscious consumers alike. They did not hesitate to elevate their kitchens with this gourmet staple. What’s more, Frankie’s move to the olive oil business wasn’t just a random pivot from acting—it was also a strategic choice recognizing the steady demand for premium food products.

In expanding his portfolio from lime-light to a gourmet delight, Muniz demonstrates a savvy understanding of market trends and an ability to capitalize on them. Choosing to invest in a product that stands the test of time, just like a fine bottle of olive oil, shows Frankie’s foresight in his business dealings.

The success of Out of the Box Olive Oil paved the way for further ventures, each embodying Frankie’s creativity and willingness to invest in unique ideas. From the heart of the Mediterranean to American pantries, Muniz has managed to create a bridge that not only satisfies the palate but also carves out his spot in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Revving Up with Big M Enterprise

In the high-octane world of car customization, Frankie Muniz has shifted gears with the launch of Big M Enterprise. This savvy expansion of his business portfolio has Muniz fusing his love for automobiles with his innate entrepreneurial acumen. Big M Enterprise specializes in delivering tailor-made automotive experiences, drawing on Muniz’s personal passion for racing and high-performance vehicles.

Big M Enterprise sets itself apart with an emphasis on luxury and exclusivity, catering to car enthusiasts with a penchant for speed and elegance. With services ranging from bespoke modifications to high-end vehicle sales, Muniz is revving up the luxury car market. He has a keen eye for what drives car lovers and applies this knowledge to Big M, ensuring that each client’s need for speed is paired with unmatched style.

What’s intriguing is Frankie’s hands-on approach at Big M Enterprise. Here, his dedication goes beyond the race track, steering each project to the finish line with precision and flair. The business not only aligns with his personal interests but also showcases his commitment to diving deep into every venture he explores.

  • Bespoke Modifications
  • High-end Vehicle Sales
  • Luxury Automotive Services

Each automobile curated by Big M bears the hallmarks of Muniz’s meticulous attention to detail and his unwavering commitment to quality. His reputation for excellence in acting is finding new roads in the world of elite car customization. The business is a testament to Muniz’s versatility and underscores his ability to tackle new industries head-on.

With an actor’s grace and a CEO’s decisive mindset, Muniz is navigating the dynamic landscape of automotive enterprise. Big M Enterprise is another turn in the multifaceted career of an individual who doesn’t shy away from the fast lane, be it in show business or the business of show-stopping cars.

Building Bridges: Backstage Ventures

Frankie Muniz didn’t just rest on his laurels after the triumphs of his olive oil business and Big M Enterprise. His foray into the world of entertainment-adjacent businesses led him to create Backstage Ventures, a company that taps into the essence of showbiz. It’s a unique investment hub focused on bridging the gap between entertainment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Backstage Ventures is more than just a business – it’s a nod to Muniz’s roots in Hollywood, allowing him to align his investments with his passion for the arts. Muniz carefully selects projects that not only show promise in terms of profitability but also resonate with his personal brand and interests. This strategic approach has granted him a seat at the table among savvy investor circles, especially those courting the entertainment industry.

With a keen eye for potential, Frankie has managed to weave together his skill sets from acting and entrepreneurship to provide a platform where creative ventures flourish. He understands the unpredictable nature of the entertainment industry and uses that knowledge to make informed decisions on where to place his bets.

The portfolio of Backstage Ventures is diverse, involving ventures such as new media startups, mobile apps that cater to the entertainment-conscious public, and ancillary service providers working behind the scenes of major productions. The company thrives by leveraging Muniz’s industry connections and insights, which adds an invaluable layer of expertise to each investment.

Backstage Ventures stands as testimony to Muniz’s commitment to cultivating ties within the entertainment sector while simultaneously expanding his business empire. Each move within the company is a calculated step that reinforces Muniz’s image as an entrepreneur with an enduring love for the sparkle of showbiz. Always ahead of the curve, Muniz keeps an eye out for innovative ideas that could be the next big hit in the market.

Riding Waves: Frankie’s Surf Shop

Frankie Muniz’s business empire certainly has the knack for riding the financial waves to the shore of success. His latest venture dives into the surf industry with the opening of Frankie’s Surf Shop. Located in the heart of sunny Southern California, this beachfront store emerges as a hotspot for novices and expert wave riders alike. Frankie’s Surf Shop offers an array of high-quality surfboards, apparel, and accessories designed to cater to a lifestyle synonymous with the thrill and philosophy of surfing.

What sets Frankie’s Surf Shop apart is the attention given to sustainable materials and the push for eco-friendly surfing culture. This dedication is evident in their choice of items from wetsuits made from recycled materials to surfboards shaped with sustainable practices. The shop also organizes community beach clean-ups and supports ocean conservation initiatives, making a splash well beyond just riding waves.

In-Store Experiences and Events

The shop doesn’t just sell surf gear – it’s a place where patrons can immerse themselves in the surfing culture. Frankie’s Surf Shop is also notable for its in-store experiences, which include:

  • Surfing lessons led by seasoned professionals
  • Meet-and-greets with famous surfers
  • Exclusive screenings of surfing documentaries
  • Music events featuring beach-themed tunes

Crashing Against the Competition

In a market awash with competitors, Frankie’s Surf Shop has carved out its niche by offering customization services for surfboards. Customers can have a one-on-one session with a board shaper to create their dream board tailored exactly to their specifications. These specialized services have helped the shop ride the crest of a wave in a competitive industry, ensuring Frankie Muniz’s prominence in the surf retail space remains as buoyant as ever.

Frankie’s Surf Shop embodies Muniz’s dynamic business approach, blending his love for adrenaline-pumping activities with eco-consciousness. It’s a testament to his ongoing mission: To create businesses that not only prosper but also reflect his own passions and responsible ethics.


Frankie Muniz has truly ridden the entrepreneurial wave with Frankie’s Surf Shop. He’s not just selling surfboards; he’s fostering a community where eco-consciousness and the love for surfing converge. His dedication to offering personalized surfboards and immersive in-store experiences shows his commitment to customer satisfaction. With his innovative approach, Frankie’s Surf Shop is making waves in the surf industry and beyond. It’s a testament to how a star’s passion can evolve into a thriving business that resonates with like-minded individuals. Muniz’s journey into business ownership is as inspiring as it is impressive, proving that with the right blend of passion and innovation, the possibilities are as vast as the ocean.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Frankie’s Surf Shop?

Frankie’s Surf Shop is a retail store that sells high-quality surfboards, apparel, and accessories while emphasizing sustainable materials and promoting an eco-friendly surfing culture.

Does Frankie’s Surf Shop offer any in-store experiences?

Yes, the shop provides in-store experiences like surfing lessons, meet-and-greets with professional surfers, screenings of surfing documentaries, and music events.

Can you get a customized surfboard at Frankie’s Surf Shop?

Absolutely, Frankie’s Surf Shop specializes in offering customization services for surfboards, allowing customers to design a board that meets their personal specifications.

Who is behind Frankie’s Surf Shop’s creation?

The shop is the latest venture of Frankie Muniz, an entrepreneur looking to merge his business acumen with his passions and commitment to environmental ethics.

What sets Frankie’s Surf Shop apart from its competitors?

Frankie’s Surf Shop sets itself apart by its commitment to sustainability, unique in-store experiences, and the ability to fully customize surfboards for their customers.

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