What Businesses Does Frank Ocean Own? Explore His Diverse Artistic Empire

Frank Ocean isn’t just a master of lyrical storytelling; he’s also a shrewd entrepreneur with a keen eye for business. While he’s best known for his soul-stirring music, Ocean’s business acumen has led him to venture beyond the recording studio.

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From launching his own independent music label to stepping into the world of fashion and retail, Ocean’s entrepreneurial spirit is as diverse as his discography. Let’s dive into the businesses that keep this artist busy when he’s not serenading the world with his melodies.

Blonde Radio

When Ocean’s not crafting melodic masterpieces, he’s reaching audiences through the airwaves with Blonde Radio, his very own Beats 1 radio show. Launched in tandem with Apple Music in 2017, this enterprise showcases the breadth of Ocean’s entrepreneurial talents. Blonde Radio offers a curated musical experience, reflective of Ocean’s eclectic taste and his penchant for the avant-garde.

Listeners are treated to a fusion of interviews, music selected by Ocean himself, and exclusive tracks. This platform not only amplifies his brand but also serves as a strategic channel to debut new music directly to fans. Through Blonde Radio, Ocean maintains a distinct, unfiltered voice in the crowded sphere of online music broadcasting.

The show’s name, echoing his acclaimed album “Blonde,” embodies the artistic continuity that runs through Ocean’s ventures. It’s not just a broadcast; it’s a cultural fixture that exemplifies the synergy between Ocean’s artistic and entrepreneurial endeavors. Unlike most traditional radio shows that emphasize mainstream appeal, Blonde Radio stands out by weaving together an experimental mix of genres, showcasing Ocean’s wide-ranging influences and interests.

The reach of Blonde Radio underscores Ocean’s understanding of the changing media landscape. With listeners tuning in from all corners of the globe, Ocean keeps his global audience engaged and connected. In true entrepreneurial spirit, he’s harnessing the power of digital platforms to create a unique space for music lovers, proving that his business acumen extends well beyond the confines of the recording studio.


Delving into the luxury market, Frank Ocean unveiled Homer, his high-end jewelry line that dazzles with opulence befitting the pages of a glossy magazine. Homer represents a bold step outside of the music industry for Ocean, showcasing his affinity for meticulous craftsmanship and design. The name ‘Homer’ is a nod to ancient poetry, resonating with a deep sense of history and a connection to storytelling that is both personal and profound.

The brand’s offerings feature an array of precious metals and natural diamonds, handcrafted in Italy, a country renowned for its artisanal heritage. With pieces that range from exquisite pendants to avant-garde bracelets, Homer speaks to a client base that’s searching for something beyond the traditional – collectors and fashion enthusiasts with a penchant for artistic expression encapsulated in jewelry form.

Homer’s store, located in New York City, is a physical testament to Ocean’s dedication to immersive experiences. The space is designed to reflect the brand’s ethos, featuring clean lines and an attention to detail that’s apparent in every corner. Here, customers not only browse through the selection of finely made pieces but also get a glimpse into Ocean’s broader vision for his creative ventures.

Moreover, Homer goes beyond mere aesthetics. It’s an extension of Ocean’s commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, sourcing materials with the aim of minimizing environmental impact. This endeavor exemplifies Ocean’s awareness of his brand’s influence and his desire to set a precedent in the luxury goods market. The embrace of responsible luxury ties in with Ocean’s recognition of his audience’s values, an audience that’s increasingly concerned with the ethical implications of their consumption.

In the vein of his musical expressions that always leave the audience yearning for more, Homer is another melody in Frank Ocean’s symphony of enterprises. It’s a brand that plays on the exclusivity of limited editions and the allure of custom pieces, aligning with a clientele eager for unique, meaningful possessions. Through Homer, Ocean’s narrative as an entrepreneur is enriched, adding depth to his identity as a shaper of culture and taste.

Boys Don’t Cry magazine

Alongside Frank Ocean’s foray into the luxury jewelry market with Homer, another noteworthy business venture is his own media outlet, Boys Don’t Cry magazine. Launched as a complementary expression to his 2016 album “Blonde,” this publication represents Ocean’s eclectic interests and showcases his talents beyond music.

Ocean’s fans and critics alike were delighted when Boys Don’t Cry hit the stands. Far from being a one-time publication, the magazine included a selection of interviews, personal essays, poetry, and artwork from various contributors. Each piece tethered to Ocean’s overarching aura of creativity and introspection.

The magazine also became a collectible item, its physical releases aligned with significant album drops, transforming each edition into an event in its own right. It wasn’t just about reading the content; owning a copy became a part of experiencing Frank Ocean’s universe.

Boys Don’t Cry has since evolved to be a symbol of rarity and exclusivity in the publishing world. Issues were released in limited print runs, immediately turning them into coveted items the moment they were sold out. Readers have been known to queue for hours and shell out impressive amounts on resell platforms to get their hands on a copy.

Frank Ocean’s inclination for quality is palpable in the magazine’s physical aspects as well. It’s printed on thick, uncoated paper, embracing the tactile experience of reading and appreciating photography and print in the digital age. The magazine’s emphasis on physicality is a bold stance that reinforces Ocean’s commitment to creating art that transcends the expected.

Bullett magazine

Frank Ocean’s portfolio of business ventures showcases his flair for diving into diverse creative fields, and Bullett Magazine is another outlet where his golden touch is evident. Initially founded by Idil Tabanca in 2010, Bullett Magazine quickly became known for its avant-garde take on the culture and style endemic to the millennial generation. This publication, like Ocean’s Boys Don’t Cry, embraced a unique blend of fashion, music, and art, business territories that Frank seems to traverse with ease.

While not directly owned by Ocean, he graced the magazine’s cover for its Summer 2012 issue, “The Romance Issue,” and contributed his own artistic vision to the publication. The feature spread included Frank’s personal narrative and offered an insightful glimpse into his world at the top of the music charts. Bullett Magazine operated both in print and online, captivating audiences with its bold visual aesthetics and editorial content that pushed the boundaries of traditional fashion and culture magazines.

Frank’s involvement with Bullett magazine, though fleeting, was impactful. It introduced his fans to another realm of his ever-expanding universe, further emphasizing the seamless connection between his music and his affinity for visual storytelling. As with his other endeavors, the collaboration with Bullett helped solidify Ocean’s status as an influencer in not just music but also in the broader cultural discourse. The magazine ceased print publication in 2013 and eventually folded, but its spirit seems to find echoes in the work that Ocean continues to produce—work that is always innovative, and invariably buzzing with the electricity of a generation that’s constantly redefining the boundaries of creativity.

Frank Ocean 360

Delving into the multifaceted world of Frank Ocean reveals a tapestry woven with diverse business ventures and artistic forays. They’ve seen Ocean not only as a Grammy Award-winning artist but also as a connoisseur of craft and commerce.

His entrepreneurial flair is showcased with the launch of Blonded, a brand that extends beyond music; it encapsulates Ocean’s approach to life, art, and merchandising. Through Blonded, he’s dipped his toes in everything from apparel to high-concept jewelry, highlighting his penchant for detail and design. It’s clear that Ocean’s creative excellence isn’t limited to his musical endeavors—he’s equally meticulous with the items released under the Blonded umbrella.

In 2019, fans were thrilled when Ocean teased Homer, an enigmatic project that was later unveiled as a luxury goods company. Drawing inspiration from modernist artwork, architecture, and history, Homer offers exquisite pieces that are both a statement and a testament to Ocean’s vision of luxury.

Photography is another avenue that Ocean has explored passionately. His lens captures fleeting moments that echo the candidness of his lyrics. Not content to be confined to the digital realm, he’s established a presence in print through his work on “Boys Don’t Cry”, a magazine released in conjunction with his album “Blonde.” This publication served as a physical compilation of his thoughts and aesthetics, adding another layer to his artistic expression.

Where Ocean truly shines is in how he leverages his platform to quietly invest in causes close to his heart. He’s aligned himself with sustainability and advocacy, backing ventures that reflect his commitment to a future where inclusivity and awareness go hand in hand with entrepreneurial success. Details about the extent of these contributions remain as enigmatic as the man himself.

His relationship with Bullett Magazine may have been fleeting, but Ocean’s business dealings are enduring—with each endeavor, they unveil another dimension to this artist’s ever-expanding universe. He’s creating not just a brand, but a lifestyle that many are eager to embrace, a true reflection of the “Frank Ocean experience”.


Frank Ocean’s ventures are as multifaceted as his music. He’s not just an artist but a shrewd businessman who’s carved out a unique niche in both the fashion and luxury goods industries. Through Blonded and Homer, he’s created more than brands; they’re platforms that reflect his artistic vision and commitment to quality. His work with “Boys Don’t Cry” adds yet another layer to his creative portfolio, proving he’s as comfortable behind a camera as he is behind a mic. Frank’s dedication to sustainability and social causes only deepens the respect he commands. He’s truly built a world that fans and consumers alike can admire and immerse themselves in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What business ventures is Frank Ocean involved in?

Frank Ocean founded Blonded, which includes music, apparel, and jewelry offerings. He also established Homer, a luxury goods company influenced by modernist art and architecture.

What is Blonded and what does it offer?

Blonded is Frank Ocean’s brand that extends his artistic presence into the realms of apparel and jewelry, in addition to his music.

What inspired Frank Ocean’s company Homer?

Homer draws inspiration from modernist artwork and architecture, reflecting a high-end aesthetic in its luxury goods.

Is Frank Ocean interested in photography?

Yes, Frank Ocean has a passion for photography, which is evident in his work on the magazine “Boys Don’t Cry”.

How does Frank Ocean approach sustainability and advocacy?

The article highlights Frank Ocean’s commitment to sustainability and his advocacy for causes he believes in, demonstrating his engagement beyond the music and fashion industries.

What experience does Frank Ocean aim to provide with his endeavors?

Through his various projects and business ventures, Frank Ocean aims to deliver a multifaceted and enigmatic “Frank Ocean experience” that represents different dimensions of his creative universe.

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