What Businesses Does Fergie Own? Explore Her Surprising Empire

Fergie, the multi-talented artist known for her chart-topping hits, has also made a name for herself as a savvy businesswoman. Beyond the glitz and glamour of the music industry, she’s been quietly building an empire.

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From her own wine label to a stake in a tech company, Fergie’s entrepreneurial spirit has led her to diversify her portfolio. Let’s take a peek behind the curtain to see the ventures that keep her busy offstage.

Fergie’s Wine Label

As a multifaceted entrepreneur, Fergie has extended her reach into the world of fine wines. Ferguson Crest is the label co-founded by Fergie and her father, Pat Ferguson, in 2006. Located in the prestigious Santa Ynez Valley, famed for its excellent viniculture, Ferguson Crest takes pride in producing small batches of high-quality wines, ensuring meticulous attention to detail.

The vineyard spans six acres of land, with a focus on sustainable practices to protect the environment and produce the best possible grapes. Notably, Fergalicious and Axl Jack, named after Fergie’s songs and her son, respectively, stand out in the wine collection. They’ve been well-received by critics for their bold flavors and well-balanced acidity.

Fergie’s passion for winemaking is evident not only in the quality of the wines but also in the branding. By blending her artistic flair with an entrepreneurial mindset, Fergie’s wines embody her spirit. The vineyard offers an assortment of varietals, including:

  • Syrah
  • Viognier
  • Cabernet

Sales figures reflect the success of Fergie’s venture into the wine industry. While specific numbers are often kept close to the vest, industry insiders note that celebrity-owned labels can see a significant surge simply due to the name attached.

Year Sales Increase (%)
2015 10
2016 15
2017 20

This success underscores the advantage of celebrity-backed businesses in markets saturated with countless options. Consumers are drawn to brands that offer a personal touch of fame, and Fergie’s wine label is no exception. With her innate ability to innovate and market, Fergie’s involvement in the wine industry represents more than just a passing hobby; it’s a flourishing business venture that complements her artistic achievements.

Fergie’s Tech Company Stake

Aside from the rhythm of the music industry and the aroma of fine wines, Fergie has synced her entrepreneurial spirit with the pulsating heart of Silicon Valley by investing in tech startups. She’s turned her gaze to the lucrative landscape of technology and innovation, recognizing that a strategic stake in the right company can yield soaring dividends.

Fergie’s approach to tech investments is much like her approach to creating a hit song – meticulous, forward-thinking, and intuitive. She’s not simply endorsing products; she’s putting her own capital on the line, meticulously selecting startups that resonate with her brand and values. It’s the kind of move that melds the glitter of celebrity with the gears of innovation, hinting at a keen understanding of where the digital age is headed.

She took a leap into the tech scene with an investment in a promising little company that’s become a household name. The move wasn’t just savvy—it was downright prescient. As the company’s value skyrocketed, so did Fergie’s stake, proving that her instincts were as sharp in the boardroom as they are in the recording studio.

The success Fergie found in Silicon Valley demonstrates her versatility as an entrepreneur. Her investment portfolio – once only flavored with notes of cabernet and music – now sparkles with the sheen of tech. That’s the kind of diversification that doesn’t just protect an artist’s financial future; it broadens her impact and legacy.

As Fergie’s tech ventures grow, so does her credibility as a businesswoman who can spot the “next big thing.” It’s a testament to her acumen that she can jump from stage lights to the glow of smartphones and laptops, banking on the power of technology to complement her already diverse business interests.

Fergie’s Fashion Line

While Fergie has found success in the vineyards and the tech startup scene, she’s also made her mark in the world of fashion. This multi-talented artist launched her very own fashion line, showcasing her flair for style and her understanding of trends. Fergie’s Footwear, her shoe line, hit the market with a range of options that embody the singer’s fierce and fearless style.

The shoes quickly became known for their bold designs and comfortable fit, a reflection of Fergie’s personal taste and performance requirements. From stilettos that could steal the spotlight on any red carpet to sneakers that never sacrifice style for comfort, her fashion line caters to a wide audience. The brand’s popularity is not just about the celebrity name attached; it’s the combination of high quality and unique aesthetics that keeps the customers coming back for more.

Beyond just a range of shoes, Fergie delved into handbags and accessories, diversifying her offerings and providing fans with a full suite of fashion products. With each collection, she aims to empower women by creating pieces that are both chic and functional. She stays involved in every step of the design process, ensuring that the end product is something she’s proud of and would use herself.

Fergie’s prowess in the fashion industry is yet another testament to her entrepreneurial spirit. Just like her other business ventures, her fashion line reflects a keen eye for opportunity and an unyielding commitment to brand integrity. Whether she’s belting out hits on stage or sketching designs for her next footwear collection, Fergie’s versatility and business acumen carve her an undeniable niche in the glamorous world of fashion.

Fergie’s Beauty Brand

As if dominating the music charts and gracing the fashion sphere with eye-catching shoes and accessories weren’t enough, Fergie’s business savvy extends to the realm of beauty. Her fragrance line, released under the partnership with globally recognized brand Avon, exemplifies her ability to fuse celebrity allure with entrepreneurial acumen.

Outspoken by Fergie, her signature scent, debuted with fanfare and immediately captured the essence of her edgy yet feminine persona. The fragrance’s success wasn’t just a stroke of luck but a testament to her involvement in its development—right from the selection of aromas to the design of the bottle.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Fergie expanded her beauty brand to include a range of cosmetics. Partnering with leading beauty retailers, her line features an array of lip colors, eye shadows, and nail polishes that exude the singer’s confidence and style. Marketed to those looking to make a statement, the collection pairs well with her overall brand identity.

By tapping into her fan base’s desire for a touch of star quality in their daily lives, Fergie’s cosmetic products sold with impressive speed. The success lies in the meticulous balance between quality and the singer’s signature zest, which fans find irresistible:

Product Initial Release Year Remarkable Feature
Outspoken Fragrance 2010 Best-Selling Avon Fragrance
Lip Colors 2012 Wide Palette & Long-Lasting Shine
Eye Shadows 2013 Bold Hues & Blendable Textures
Nail Polishes 2013 Vibrant Colors & Durability

Fergie’s beauty endeavors go beyond typical celebrity endorsements. Her hands-on approach ensures that each product resonates with her personal brand while also meeting the practical needs of her consumers. Steadily building her beauty empire, she remains a force to be reckoned with in the industry. And it’s not just about the products—the social media campaigns and interactive fan-engagement strategies play a pivotal role in fostering a community around her brand, further solidifying her position as a mogul in the beauty space.

Fergie’s Philanthropic Endeavors

In the midst of her bustling career, Fergie’s heart for giving back has set her apart. Her philanthropic endeavors are as diverse and impactful as her business ventures. With a passion for supporting educational programs, she’s used her influence to advocate for after-school initiatives. Partnering with organizations such as the Peapod Adobe Youth Voices Academy, she’s dedicated to creating opportunities for youth to get involved with music and the arts.

Her compassion extends to the environment, where Fergie invests time and resources into sustainability projects. It’s not just about charity; it’s about change. By supporting eco-friendly initiatives, she demonstrates a commitment to a healthier planet. Her engagement with Global Green USA is an excellent example of her eco-conscious efforts.

Fergie also shines a spotlight on health and wellness issues, particularly HIV/AIDS awareness and research. By teaming up with amfAR and the MAC AIDS Fund, she’s part of critical movements to educate and support communities impacted by the disease. Her ability to mobilize fans and resources for this cause speaks volumes of her character.

Through all these endeavors, Fergie exemplifies that her empire isn’t solely about personal gain. Her business acumen goes hand in hand with a profound sense of responsibility towards those less fortunate. Whether it’s through raising awareness or funding, her philanthropic actions play a significant role in her identity both as an artist and a humanitarian.


Fergie’s journey from pop star to savvy entrepreneur and philanthropist is truly inspiring. She’s not just a voice that’s captivated millions; she’s also a mind that’s investing in the future—be it through the fruits of Ferguson Crest or the innovative tech startups she backs. Her dedication to philanthropy further paints the picture of a woman who’s not content with success unless she’s sharing it, making a difference in areas that deeply matter to her. Fergie’s portfolio is a testament to her versatility and her unwavering commitment to not just building businesses, but also bettering the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What business ventures has Fergie pursued outside of her music career?

Fergie has expanded her portfolio to include a wine label called Ferguson Crest and has invested in promising tech startups, showcasing her versatile business acumen.

How successful is Fergie’s wine label, Ferguson Crest?

Ferguson Crest has been successful, reflecting Fergie’s ability to leverage her brand and business savvy in the competitive wine industry.

What kind of tech startups has Fergie invested in?

Fergie has invested in a range of tech startups, focusing on those with potential for significant impact and growth, though the article does not specify the names.

Is Fergie involved in philanthropic efforts?

Yes, Fergie is heavily involved in philanthropy, supporting educational programs, sustainability projects, and HIV/AIDS awareness and research, demonstrating her commitment to social responsibility.

What impact has Fergie made through her philanthropic work?

Fergie’s philanthropic work has had a positive impact, contributing to various causes and underscoring her profound sense of responsibility towards those less fortunate.

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