What Businesses Does Eva Longoria Own? Explore Her Diverse Empire

Eva Longoria is best known for her role on “Desperate Housewives,” but there’s more to her story than just acting. She’s a businesswoman with a diverse portfolio that might just surprise you.

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From the glitz of Hollywood to the boardrooms of some pretty intriguing ventures, Longoria’s business acumen shines as brightly as her on-screen performances. She’s not just a star; she’s a savvy entrepreneur with a midas touch for success.

They’ll dive into the various businesses that Eva Longoria has her hands in. From eateries to production companies, her entrepreneurial spirit is as expansive as her talent.

Eva Longoria’s Diverse Business Portfolio

Eva Longoria’s ventures span various industries, showcasing her remarkable versatility as a businesswoman. She’s managed to translate her on-screen success into various investments, businesses, and endorsements.

Restaurants and Eateries

Longoria’s first foray into the hospitality sector manifested with the opening of her Hollywood restaurant, Beso. Beso, which means ‘kiss’ in Spanish, marries her Mexican heritage with contemporary flair, offering exotic cuisine in a trendy setting. The eatery not only became a hotspot for celebrity dining but also blossomed into a successful enterprise, reflecting Longoria’s ability to create a brand that resonates with consumers.

Production Endeavors

Beyond the culinary world, Longoria planted her feet firmly in the sands of the entertainment industry with her production company, UnbeliEVAble Entertainment. Here, she’s utilized her industry know-how to produce content that’s both engaging and profitable. She’s executive produced shows like “Devious Maids” and the documentary “Food Chains”, which was lauded for its social impact.

Fashion and Fragrances

Turning to the realm of fashion, Longoria has launched her own clothing lines, characterized by their accessibility and style. She’s partnered with established brands to create collections that appeal to a wide audience, making fashion both chic and attainable. Moreover, she’s entered the fragrance market with her line of perfumes, further extending her reach within the lifestyle sector.


One can’t mention Eva Longoria’s business endeavors without touching upon her philanthropic efforts. Her eponymous foundation seeks to help Latinas build better futures for themselves through education and entrepreneurship. This not only contributes positively to the community but also enhances her reputation as a responsible and caring entrepreneur.

Success in the Virtual Arena

In the age of digital innovation, Longoria hasn’t been left behind. She’s made strategic moves into the tech world with investments in apps and e-commerce platforms. Her discerning eye for potential tech breakthroughs has seen her back projects that align with her brand ethos of empowerment and lifestyle enhancement.

Longoria’s business portfolio represents a blend of passion, acumen, and strategic foresight, traits that have made her more than just a famous face on television. She continuously builds and evolves her empire, acting as a role model for aspiring business moguls everywhere.

The Glitz of Hollywood: Eva Longoria’s Entertainment Ventures

Eva Longoria’s name has become synonymous with Hollywood glamour. She’s not just a fixture on the red carpet but a savvy businesswoman making her mark behind the scenes. UnbeliEVAble Entertainment, her production company, has been a platform where she’s weaved her magic as an executive producer, developing content that resonates with audiences worldwide.

In the world of television and film, UnbeliEVAble Entertainment has been associated with a flurry of projects. They’ve put the spotlight on complex characters and diverse stories that might’ve otherwise been overlooked. From hit series to acclaimed documentaries, the production house has a rich portfolio.

  • Devious Maids
  • Telenovela
  • The Harvest

These shows not only entertained millions but also offered a fresh perspective on the storytelling canvas. Longoria, carrying her Hispanic heritage with pride, has often been at the forefront of championing inclusivity in entertainment.

Apart from television, she’s left her touch in the digital space as well. Investments in tech platforms that are reshaping how viewers consume content, how stories are told, and who gets to tell them, have been a particularly bold move. These forays signify Longoria’s understanding that entertainment’s future lies in the intersection of technology and storytelling.

Her role as a producer on documentary films delving into social issues reveals another layer of Longoria’s engagement with her craft. She’s not just creating content for entertainment’s sake but also to ignite conversations and inspire change. These projects serve as a testament to her commitment to impactful storytelling.

While Longoria’s star status could have easily overshadowed her entrepreneurial endeavors, her transition from in front of the camera to behind it has been seamless. Her keen insight into the narrative zeitgeist and her pulse on the entertainment industry’s evolving dynamics have made UnbeliEVAble Entertainment a pivotal presence in Hollywood.

From Eateries to Production Companies: Eva Longoria’s Entrepreneurial Exploits

Eva Longoria has mastered the art of diversification in her business pursuits, expanding into each venture with an intellect matched by few in her field. Not content with the glitz and glamour of the silver screen alone, Longoria has taken her passion for excellence into the culinary world. She co-owned the Hollywood steakhouse Beso, which, for a time, became a trendy hotspot offering patrons a taste of her personal flair and cultural heritage.

Her business acumen doesn’t stop at tantalizing the taste buds of food enthusiasts. Longoria, through involvement with the SHe by Morton’s located in Las Vegas, also fused fine dining with an electrifying nightlife experience. Although Beso and SHe have since closed their doors, the lessons learned and the experience gained have undoubtedly contributed to Longoria’s continuous evolution as a businesswoman.

Eva’s eye for talent and market trends led her to launch UnbeliEVAble Entertainment, a production powerhouse which has carved its niche in the industry, backing projects that resonate with audiences and critics alike. These projects often reflect unexplored stories, often with a powerful female lead or multicultural angle, showcasing Longoria’s commitment to diversity in entertainment.

While her eateries catered to palette indulgences and her production company to viewers’ hearts and minds, Longoria’s involvement in tech platforms signals an understanding of the digital era’s currency. She has smartly positioned herself to stay relevant in an industry that consistently demands innovation.

By layering her interests to include both the gastronomic and the cinematic, Eva Longoria’s entrepreneurial journey reflects a montage of strategic and creative ventures. Her businesses are more than profit-generating entities; they serve as an extension of her ethos — bringing fresh, engaging, and authentic experiences to a world eager for innovation and inspiration.

The Midas Touch: Eva Longoria’s Success as a Savvy Entrepreneur

Eva Longoria has certainly proven to have the Midas touch when it comes to her business ventures. There’s no question that she not only understands the allure of Hollywood but also has an astute sense for what people desire in their dining and entertainment experiences. Longoria’s ventures aren’t just about putting her name on a brand; they’re an expansion of her personal passions and savvy understanding of the market.

Beso and SHe by Morton’s were more than just eateries; they offered patrons the chance to dip into an exclusive lifestyle, one that blended sumptuous dining with the glitz of celebrity culture. Similarly, UnbeliEVAble Entertainment isn’t just another production company; it’s a platform amplifying narratives that resonate with diverse audiences and emphasize female strength.

Longoria’s reach doesn’t end with the tangible; her eye for digital trends has placed her firmly in the tech space. In addition to traditional business models, Eva has embraced technology to further her entrepreneurial footprint, recognizing early on the transformative impact of the digital landscape on business and communication.

Her involvement in tech isn’t just cursory; Longoria actively seeks out projects that have the potential to disrupt the market or provide innovative solutions to modern-day problems. She’s melded her entertainment insight with a futurist mindset—where the digital era isn’t just important, it’s integral.

With each investment and new enterprise, Longoria demonstrates that she’s not merely a face in the crowd but a forward-thinking businesswoman. It’s this combination of creativity, innovation, and obsession with quality entertainment and service that has served as a blueprint for her entrepreneurial approach. Each venture is a testament to her ability to spot potential and her relentless pursuit of excellence.

Conclusion: Eva Longoria’s Business Acumen Shines On and Off Screen

Eva Longoria’s journey through the business world is as impactful as her on-screen presence. She’s masterfully translated her passion for entertainment and the culinary arts into a series of successful ventures. With an eye for innovation and a heart for empowering narratives, she’s not just building businesses—she’s crafting experiences. Her strategic moves in the digital space and her commitment to diversity reflect her dedication to staying ahead of the curve. Eva Longoria’s business empire, much like her career, is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and an inspiring flair for the extraordinary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What businesses does Eva Longoria own?

Eva Longoria owns the Hollywood steakhouse Beso and was involved with SHe by Morton’s in Las Vegas. She also founded UnbeliEVAble Entertainment, a production company.

What is UnbeliEVAble Entertainment?

UnbeliEVAble Entertainment is a production company launched by Eva Longoria that focuses on backing projects with strong female leads or multicultural perspectives.

How does Longoria’s business portfolio reflect her personal passions?

Longoria’s ventures, including her restaurants and production company, reflect her personal passions and her savvy market understanding, emphasizing multicultural angles and female empowerment.

What kind of digital platforms is Eva Longoria involved with?

The article mentions Longoria’s involvement with tech platforms but does not specify which ones. Her engagement in the digital era underlines her understanding of its importance in business.

How do Eva Longoria’s projects disrupt the market?

Eva Longoria seeks out projects that disrupt the market by providing innovative solutions or fresh experiences, often with an emphasis on empowering multicultural communities and women.

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