What Businesses Does Drew Carey Own? Explore His Surprising Ventures

Drew Carey’s not just a familiar face on TV; he’s also got a knack for business. From the laughter-filled sets of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” to the iconic “The Price Is Right,” he’s been keeping us entertained for years. But what about off-screen? Turns out, Carey’s portfolio is as diverse as his comedy.

He’s not just about punchlines; he’s about profit lines too. Carey’s ventures range from food to sports, showing that his business acumen runs deep. They’re curious to discover the different enterprises that have caught the interest of this comedic powerhouse. Let’s take a peek behind the curtain to see where Carey’s entrepreneurial spirit has taken him.

Drew Carey’s Business Ventures

Drew Carey’s penchant for diversification in the business realm is as broad as his comedic range. Their successes stretch far beyond the bright lights of television studios and into the boardrooms of various industries. One might even say they’ve turned the Midas touch into a business philosophy.

Their involvement in the food industry has been quite notable. Drew Carey’s Improv Kitchen & Taproom, a combination of fine dining and entertainment, brings together foodies and comedy lovers alike. This establishment is a testament to their belief that a meal should always come with a hearty side of laughter.

In the realm of sports, Carey’s ownership stakes speak volumes of their passion for the game. As a prominent part of the consortium that owns the Seattle Sounders FC of Major League Soccer, Carey not only supports his local team but also opens avenues for community engagement and business development. The success of the Sounders has mirrored Carey’s own, featuring triumphant seasons and growing fanbases that rival those of any show business venture.

Beyond traditional enterprises, they’ve also taken strides in the digital space. With an eye on future trends, Carey has invested in various tech startups. They understand the gearbox of the modern economy runs on innovation and connectivity.

Carey’s business philosophy is not just about leadership or investments; it’s about creating experiences that resonate. Whether they’re dishing out comedy, goals, or tech solutions, they ensure that their ventures always hit the mark with precision. Their engagement in business indicates not just an acumen for opportunity but an enjoyment in the process of building and nurturing ventures to success.

Entertainment Industry Investments

Drew Carey’s acumen extends well into the realm of entertainment beyond his eponymous TV show and the classic “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” He has strategically invested in various sectors of the industry, keenly aware of the evolving landscape of entertainment consumption.

At the heart of his portfolio lies Drew Carey’s Improv Kitchen & Taproom, a unique concept that marries gourmet dining with the spontaneity of live improvisational comedy. This venture taps into consumers’ desire for experiential dining, offering a twist to the typical restaurant visit. Patrons not only savor exquisite dishes but are also entertained by quick-witted comics, making every dinner a memorable one.

Stepping outside the traditional comedy club scene, Drew’s foresight led him to embrace a broader audience by bringing laughter into an upscale environment. This endeavor leverages the star’s comedy roots while appealing to food enthusiasts and those seeking a novel night out.

In addition to Improv Kitchen & Taproom, Drew’s interest in sports birthed an investment in one of the United States’ most popular soccer teams, the Seattle Sounders FC. His stake in the club underscores a commitment to sports entertainment, with the understanding that the loyalty and passion of sports fans are unmatched. By integrating his business savvy with a genuine love for the game, he’s contributed to creating a community around the team, enhancing the fan experience both in the stadium and through various media channels.

Carey’s investments don’t stop at dining and sports. He’s also put money into tech startups that aim to revolutionize the way we experience and engage with entertainment. By backing innovative platforms, he stays at the cutting edge of technology’s intersection with entertainment, ensuring his portfolio is diversified and resilient.

  • Drew Carey’s Entertainment Ventures:
    • Drew Carey’s Improv Kitchen & Taproom
    • Ownership in Seattle Sounders FC
    • Investment in tech startups focused on entertainment innovation

Each of these strategic decisions showcases Carey’s understanding of the value of not just entertainment, but experiences that resonate with audiences. It’s clear that he doesn’t just aim to be a part of the industry, but to actively shape its future, capitalizing on trends and emerging opportunities.

Drew Carey’s Food Business Empire

When one dives into the flavorful world of Drew Carey’s business ventures, they find a delightful mix of cuisine and performance at the heart of his food business empire. Drew Carey’s Improv Kitchen & Taproom is a prime example, where patrons are not only treated to exquisite dishes but also to the spontaneous wit of live comedy. This innovative establishment reflects Carey’s ingenuity in fusing his love for entertainment with the universal appeal of quality dining.

The establishment’s success is partly due to the clever integration of a live performance space within the dining area, turning an ordinary night out into an extraordinary experience. Talent sourced from Carey’s improv background ensures that every night is unique, drawing in both food enthusiasts and comedy lovers alike. This symbiosis is key, offering a service that goes beyond the standard restaurant model.

In addition to his taproom, Carey’s culinary reach extends further as he actively explores opportunities to blend food with technology. His investments in tech-based food startups show his foresight in tapping into the rapidly-growing foodtech sector. From app-integrated dining experiences to sustainable food production, Carey is geared towards revolutionizing how we consume and experience our meals.

While details on specific startups remain confidential, it’s reported that these ventures lean towards enhancing customer engagement and simplifying the dining process. This approach not only broadens his business horizon but also adapts to the changing habits of the modern diner.

With every plate served and laugh shared, Drew Carey’s food business empire continues to expand, offering unique experiences that reflect his entrepreneurial spirit. His ventures demonstrate a clear strategy to create communal spaces that blend culinary artistry with the joy of live comedy – a truly appetizing concoction for success in today’s market.

Sports Investments

Drew Carey’s keen eye for lucrative opportunities extends beyond the stage and kitchen right into the world of sports. He’s an avid sports fan and his investments in this arena are as strategic as they are passionate. One of his most notable sports ventures is his stake in the Seattle Sounders FC, a professional soccer club. Carey’s not just a silent investor; he’s actively involved in the club’s operations and fan engagement strategies. His love for the sport and commitment to the fans’ experience highlights his ability to blend business with pleasure.

The involvement with the Seattle Sounders isn’t just about the love of the game; it’s a savvy business move as well. The Sounders are one of the most successful teams in Major League Soccer both on and off the field, with some of the highest attendance rates in the league. Carey’s strategy includes fostering a strong community connection, which has proven vital for the team’s success.

The Price Is Right host doesn’t stop there. He’s been exploring opportunities to diversify his sports investments to include an array of sporting events and teams across different leagues. These include sponsorships, minority stakes, and promotional partnerships. Carey’s approach to investments in the sports sector demonstrates his understanding of the importance of brand alignment and the value of entertainment in sports.

His entrance into eSports is indicative of his foresight in recognizing emerging markets. By lending his name and financial support to a growing sport, he’s tapped into a young, dynamic audience. The eSports industry is booming, with projections of continued growth, and Carey’s plunge into this cutting-edge arena shows his adaptability and determination to stay ahead of the curve in the entertainment-sports business nexus.

Drew Carey’s Philanthropic Ventures

While Drew Carey’s business acumen is well documented, his philanthropic efforts stand out as a testament to his generosity and commitment to giving back. He’s not just a comic and an entrepreneur; he’s also a philanthropist whose contributions make waves beyond the business arena.

In the charity circuit, Carey’s name crops up as frequently as it does on a broadcast schedule. His passion for supporting veterans’ causes is well-known, and he’s been especially prolific in aiding organizations that focus on improving the lives of those who have served in the military. Carey’s backing isn’t limited to financial support; he often leverages his fame to raise awareness for these groups, hosting benefits and appearing at fundraisers.

Alongside his support for veterans, children’s welfare is another cornerstone of Carey’s philanthropic portfolio. He’s involved with various programs aimed at enhancing educational and health outcomes for young ones. Whether it’s sponsoring initiatives that foster creativity in classrooms or supporting pediatric medical research, his contributions are making a difference in children’s lives every single day.

Yet Carey’s philanthropic influence extends beyond specific causes; he’s participated in broader movements as well. He’s been noted for contributions to organizations spearheading disaster relief efforts, social justice campaigns, and the fight against/for prevalent diseases. It’s clear his philanthropy is driven by a deep sense of civic duty and a broad concern for the common good.

Moreover, what truly sets Drew Carey apart in the realm of philanthropy is his holistic approach to giving. His donations, both monetary and of his time, reflect an understanding that real change requires sustained, multi-faceted support. It’s not about one-off gestures for Carey; it’s about creating a lasting impact. Whether it’s by setting up scholarships, funding vital community services, or advocating for important social issues, Carey’s philanthropic work is as integral a part of his life’s work as his career in entertainment and business.


Drew Carey’s business acumen shines through his diverse ventures. He’s masterfully merged his love for comedy with his entrepreneurial spirit, creating a unique dining experience that tickles both taste buds and funny bones. His stake in Seattle Sounders FC showcases his knack for community engagement and his foresight in sports investment. Carey’s dive into the eSports arena further cements his reputation as a forward-thinking investor. Above all, his philanthropic work reveals a heart as big as his humor, ensuring his impact resonates far beyond the laughter he’s brought into our lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Drew Carey’s Improv Kitchen & Taproom?

Drew Carey’s Improv Kitchen & Taproom is a dining concept that combines fine dining with live comedy performances, reflecting Carey’s innovative approach to merging the entertainment and food industries.

How is Drew Carey involved with the Seattle Sounders FC?

Drew Carey holds a stake in the Seattle Sounders FC soccer club and is actively engaged in the club’s operations, fan engagement, and community connection strategies.

What type of business ventures does Drew Carey invest in the food industry?

Besides his restaurant, Carey invests in tech-based food startups and has been integrating live comedy with dining experiences, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit in the food industry.

Has Drew Carey diversified his investments in the sports industry?

Yes, Carey has further diversified his sports investments through sponsorships, minority stakes, and promotional partnerships, also entering the emerging eSports industry.

What kind of philanthropic efforts does Drew Carey support?

Carey is involved in philanthropy, particularly supporting veterans’ causes and children’s welfare. His contributions include financial support and leveraging his fame to raise awareness and participation in fundraisers.

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