What Businesses Does Drake Own? A Comprehensive List

When you think of Drake, chart-topping hits and Grammy awards might spring to mind, but Aubrey Drake Graham isn’t just a master of the mic. He’s also a shrewd businessman with a diverse portfolio. From sipping his own brand of whiskey to donning designer threads, Drake’s entrepreneurial spirit is as strong as his rap game.

What Businesses Does Drake Own?

In this article, they’ll dive into the business ventures that keep Drake’s success not just in the music studio but in boardrooms too. Whether he’s collaborating with big brands or launching his own, Drake’s got the Midas touch. Stick around to find out how this artist seamlessly blends beats with business.

OVO Sound

In the pantheon of Drake’s business empire, OVO Sound stands out as a testament to his vision in the music industry. Established in 2012, this Toronto-based record label co-founded by Drake, his longtime friend Noah “40” Shebib, and Oliver El-Khatib, has become a formidable force. Beyond its origins as a music label, OVO Sound is the manifestation of Drake’s commitment to fostering talent and creating a legacy.

This label isn’t just about producing chart-topping hits — it’s about cultivating a unique sound and identity that resonates with audiences worldwide. With an impressive roster of artists under its wing, OVO Sound has seen burgeoning acts like PARTYNEXTDOOR, Majid Jordan, and dvsn, flourish. They provide them with a platform that far surpasses the reach they might have had on their own. OVO Sound’s influence extends into radio with its own Beats 1 radio show, OVO Sound Radio, further amplifying its artists’ reach.

What sets OVO Sound apart in the cutthroat music business is the brand’s symbiotic relationship with Drake’s own releases. The label benefits tremendously from Drake’s stardom and, in turn, bolsters his brand. It’s more than a label; it’s a lifestyle brand that’s seamlessly intertwined with the OVO clothing line, making it a comprehensive cultural phenomenon.

The business dealings of the label embody an ethos of strategic partnerships and innovative marketing tactics. Drake’s shrewd understanding of the music landscape allows OVO Sound to thrive, leveraging his influence and network to elevate the brand’s status. Each release, each signing, and each business move is a chess piece strategically played in the grand scheme of Drake’s ever-expanding domain.

As Drake continues to dominate the airwaves, OVO Sound remains a crucial piece of his business repertoire—signifying not just his talent as an artist but highlighting his acumen as a businessman. It’s clear that through OVO Sound, Drake isn’t merely looking to leave a mark; he’s building an empire that’ll resonate for generations to come.

October’s Very Own Clothing

Beyond the airwaves, Drake’s entrepreneurial spirit manifests in a unique blend of fashion and music with October’s Very Own (OVO) clothing. Launched in 2011, this luxurious apparel line intertwines effortlessly with Drake’s personal brand, stitching his identity into every fabric of the clothing line. With its distinctive owl logo becoming a symbol of exclusivity and style, OVO apparel quickly rose to prominence, capturing the essence of modern streetwear.

They offer everything from hoodies and t-shirts to accessories and collaborations with renowned brands like Canada Goose, further solidifying OVO’s position in the high-stakes game of fashion. It’s a sartorial extension of Drake’s artistic output, enabling fans to literally wear their loyalty on their sleeves, and delivering yet another way for the artist to connect with his audience on a tangible level.

Retail stores are strategically placed in major cities like Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, and London, operating not just as shops, but as cultural hubs where Drake’s music and fashion converge. Each store release often corresponds with events and album drops, creating an integrated experience that strengthens the bond between the brand, the music, and the consumer.

Drake’s acumen for business is clear as he taps into diverse markets. His fashion line doesn’t just sing; it resonates with a demographic eager to align with the sophistication and edge that OVO clothing represents. With a sharp eye for both style and timing, Drake ensures that every piece that comes out of October’s Very Own is not just a statement, but a reflection of the zeitgeist. The brand’s success mirrors his own: meteoric, influential, and most importantly, enduring. OVO clothing has done more than just enter the market; it’s changed the game, weaving musical narratives into wearable artistry.

Virginia Black Whiskey

Drake’s foray into the spirits industry has been as smooth as the whiskey he’s co-founded. Virginia Black Whiskey is a collaboration between the famed artist and Brent Hocking, the entrepreneur well-known for founding DeLeón Tequila. In 2016, they launched this stylish American whiskey, which rapidly carved out a niche in a market thirsty for innovation and star power.

The whiskey boasts a decadently rich and smooth taste, designed to appeal to a younger, more trend-setting demographic. Breaking from tradition, Virginia Black shatters stereotypes by presenting an easy-drinking whiskey that’s both accessible and luxurious.

But it’s not just about the libation itself—the branding exudes Drake’s signature flair for luxury. The bold, retro-style bottle mirrors the 1970s’ golden age of decadence, making it not only a drink but a statement piece. The marketing campaigns have been equally avant-garde, featuring Drake and his father in a series of suave and whimsical advertisements that underscore the brand’s familial ties and high-style ethos.

Virginia Black Whiskey swiftly garnered attention and acclaim. By summer 2017, it had broken records in Canada, selling an unprecedented 4,650 bottles in the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) stores on its first day. Alongside its commercial success, the brand seeks to make a cultural impact—it’s not just a celebrity endorsement but a genuine extension of Drake’s personal brand.

In an industry maneuver reminiscent of his musical collaborations, Drake even took Virginia Black public, aiming to expand its reach through an initial public offering (IPO). This move opened doors for fans and investors alike to take a sip of this enterprise and own a share of the whiskey’s smooth success.

Virginia Black’s ascent in the world of spirits is a testament to Drake’s business acumen. He creates a product that resonates with consumers on multiple levels—taste, style, and the allure of celebrity.

Raptors Partnership

Drake’s venture into the world of sports is not something to be overlooked. He’s taken his love for his home city, Toronto, and channeled it into a blossoming partnership with the Toronto Raptors, the city’s beloved NBA team. This collaboration extends beyond mere fandom; Drake has the official title of “Global Ambassador” for the Raptors. This role provides him with the unique opportunity to blend his brand with the athletic prowess of the basketball team, a clever move that deepens his ties with the cultural fabric of the city.

In this strategic alliance, Drake’s influence is evident in the Raptors’ branding efforts which include the annual “Drake Night” and OVO-themed Raptors merchandise. The synergy between Drake’s OVO brand and the Raptors franchise has proved mutually beneficial. Fans eagerly anticipate the exclusive apparel and the heightened excitement that Drake brings to the games.

Not only does the partnership draw in crowds and boost merchandise sales, but Drake also contributes to the Raptors’ community initiatives. His involvement reaches out into the community, with efforts aimed at inspiring young basketball fans and fostering a love for the sport. One should not underestimate the impact of having a global superstar like Drake in the corner for local outreach programs.

Benefit Details
Brand Synergy OVO and Raptors collaboration on merchandise and events
Increased Excitement High-energy atmosphere on “Drake Nights”
Community Outreach Programs to inspire youth and support local talent

The relationship between Drake and the Raptors underscores the potential for sports teams and entertainment figures to create powerful partnerships. These collaborations go beyond typical endorsement deals, creating lasting affiliations that elevate both the individual and the organization. With Drake at courtside, the Raptors not only gain a figurehead but also an ambassador who resonates with the heartbeat of Toronto.

Mod Sélection Champagne

In the effervescent world of luxury libations, Mod Sélection Champagne stands out as the latest sparkling endeavor of Drake’s expansive business portfolio. This exquisite champagne, which prides itself on over a century of heritage in the Grand Cru of Vallee de la Marne, represents the pinnacle of quality and craftsmanship. Drake, not one to settle for mediocrity, partnered with Brent Hocking, the renowned entrepreneur behind Virginia Black Whiskey, to bring this opulent drink to the market.

The partnership has curated a line of champagnes that resonate with Drake’s brand of luxury and exclusivity, quickly becoming a darling amongst celebrities and socialites. Mod Sélection boasts an array of vintage champagnes, which have been meticulously crafted through a rigorous selection process, ensuring that only the finest product bears the label. The dedication to excellence has not gone unnoticed; the brand has received critical acclaim within the wine industry for its rich flavor profile and delicate effervescence.

In parallel with the branding efforts seen with the Toronto Raptors, Drake’s involvement with Mod Sélection Champagne effortlessly blends his personal aesthetics with this high-end product. The bottles themselves are a nod to the rapper’s flair, adorned with intricate designs and an unmistakable elegance that appeals to the tastes of those who appreciate the finer things in life.

For those with a discerning palate, Mod Sélection offers an array of choices, such as the Réserve and the Rosé, each presenting a unique experience. The Réserve is lauded for its expressiveness and balance, while the Rosé has been celebrated for its bright, fruity notes and expressive character. These champagnes are not just beverages but symbols of celebration, markers of milestones, and toasts to triumphs in a bottle.

Drake’s foray into the champagne industry with Mod Sélection is yet another testament to his astute business acumen, where luxury meets legacy, and where each bubble is an echo of history reimagined through the lens of modern opulence.


Drake’s foray into the champagne world with Mod Sélection is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and a reflection of his taste for the finer things in life. By partnering with Brent Hocking, he’s managed to create a product that’s not just a drink but an embodiment of luxury and sophistication. The attention Mod Sélection has garnered speaks volumes about Drake’s ability to leave a mark on whatever industry he touches. It’s clear that whether it’s music or champagne, Drake’s ventures are carefully crafted to enhance his legacy and bring a touch of exclusivity to his fans and consumers alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mod Sélection Champagne?

Mod Sélection Champagne is a line of vintage champagnes curated by Drake in partnership with Brent Hocking, known for its luxury, exclusivity, and attention to detail.

Who is Drake partnering with for this champagne venture?

Drake is partnering with Brent Hocking, the entrepreneur behind Virginia Black Whiskey, for the Mod Sélection Champagne venture.

What types of champagne does Mod Sélection offer?

Mod Sélection offers a variety of champagnes, including the Réserve and the Rosé, each crafted to provide a unique tasting experience.

How does Mod Sélection Champagne reflect Drake’s personal style?

The champagne bottles are designed with intricate patterns and an elegant appeal, reflecting Drake’s personal aesthetics and his brand of luxury.

Has Mod Sélection Champagne received any critical acclaim?

Yes, Mod Sélection Champagne has received critical acclaim within the wine industry for its quality and craftsmanship.

Why is Drake’s involvement in the champagne industry significant?

Drake’s involvement is significant because it showcases his business acumen and his ability to seamlessly combine luxury with his legacy in the entertainment industry.

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