What Businesses Does Dorinda Medley Own? Inside Her Luxe Empire & Ventures

Dorinda Medley’s not just a reality TV star; she’s a savvy entrepreneur with a flair for business. From her days on “The Real Housewives of New York City,” viewers have seen glimpses of her business acumen, but there’s more to her story.

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They’ve seen her host lavish parties at Blue Stone Manor, but behind the scenes, Dorinda’s been building a portfolio of ventures. She’s turned personal passions into profitable businesses, and fans are curious about the breadth of her empire.

Whether it’s blending old-world elegance with modern flair or shaking up the cocktail scene, Dorinda’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through. Let’s dive into the businesses she’s cultivated and how they reflect her larger-than-life personality.

Dorinda Medley: A Reality TV Star and Entrepreneur

Once a fixture in the glitzy world of reality television, Dorinda Medley has transcended the small screen to establish herself as an astute entrepreneur. With the determination of a seasoned businesswoman, and the flair one would expect from a star of her caliber, Dorinda has turned her personal interests and flair for hospitality into burgeoning business ventures.

Her entrepreneurial spirit first came to light with her own cashmere company, DCL Cashmere, which catered to an elite clientele that included high-profile figures in London. Her foray into the fashion industry revealed her knack for understanding luxury markets and setting trends rather than following them. It wasn’t long before this expertise translated into other areas, further diversifying her portfolio.

In addition to her fashion endeavors, Dorinda has taken her passion for entertaining and decor to the next level. She introduced a line of home furnishings that mirrors her taste for elegance with a touch of personality—one that her fans from “The Real Housewives of New York City” instantly recognize and adore. This home collection is designed to allow customers to bring a piece of the Dorinda experience into their own homes.

Moreover, she has capitalized on the trend of wellness and wholesome living by joining the ranks of celebrities who’ve ventured into the liquor industry. Her own brand of aerated vodka brings a spark to any soirée, embodying the essence of her vibrant personality in a bottle, and giving aficionados a new option to cheer to life’s special moments.

Dorinda’s ventures are a testament to her savvy as a businesswoman, combining her zest for life with commercial acumen. She manages to extend her brand beyond the confines of television, allowing her to connect with her audience in an array of sectors within the business world. It’s clear that everything Dorinda touches is infused with her trademark mix of luxury and practicality.

Blue Stone Manor: More Than a Party Venue

Nestled in the Berkshires, Blue Stone Manor is Dorinda Medley’s exquisite estate, often hailed as the ultimate entertainment hotspot. Yet, it’s far more than just a backdrop for lavish shindigs and reality TV drama. This grand abode stands as a testament to Dorinda’s entrepreneurial mind, elegantly transitioning from a private residence to a coveted brand in its own right.

Dorinda’s savvy lies in leveraging the manor’s reputation, transforming it into a luxury retreat where exclusivity meets comfort. The manor’s ventures aren’t just about indulging guests in opulence; they’re calculated moves that expand Dorinda’s brand.

  • Hosting charity galas
  • Exclusive tours
  • Culinary events

Each of these endeavors is carefully curated to amplify the essence of Medley’s hospitality, creating an immersive brand experience. The estate has even found itself starring in home decoration segments, where Dorinda’s flair for interior design shines through. Her ability to meld aristocratic charm with modern finesse has become a coveted hallmark for those seeking inspiration.

Blue Stone Manor also serves as the inspiration for her home furnishings line, translating its timeless elegance into tangible pieces that fans can incorporate into their own homes. From plush pillows to opulent curtains, each item carries the essence of the manor’s unique aesthetic.

By intertwining the estate’s grandeur with her business ventures, Dorinda Medley has not only cemented Blue Stone Manor as a premier party destination but has also positioned it as a cornerstone in her growing empire. It embodies a lifestyle that many aspire to, making it an essential component of what makes Dorinda’s ventures deeply personal and wildly successful.

Old-World Elegance Meets Modern Flair: Exploring Dorinda’s Interior Design Business

Dorinda Medley has skillfully turned her eye for design into a thriving interior design business. Her expertise in blending the grandeur of old-world charm with contemporary aesthetics has earned her acclaim. The stately Blue Stone Manor serves as a testament to her design sensibility, which is deeply rooted in both tradition and innovation.

Her home furnishings line, a venture born from the popularity of the estate, encapsulates luxury and comfort. Dorinda’s collection features pieces that echo the manor’s captivating allure transformed for the modern consumer. From plush textiles to ornate furniture, each item is a nod to the sophistication that Blue Stone Manor exudes. The line provides a way for enthusiasts to introduce a piece of that elegance into their own homes.

The success of the collection can be seen in its wide acceptance. Dorinda has made appearances on renowned home shopping networks, showcasing her wares to a broader audience. The blend of accessibility and luxury that her brand offers is a game changer in the world of interior design retail. Shoppers get to experience the Medley magic—opulence within reach.

Dorinda’s attention to detail doesn’t stop with furnishings. She extends her flair to the curated experiences she offers at Blue Stone Manor. The culinary events and exclusive tours cater to guests who seek a personal touch in their encounter with luxury. It’s this unique combination of personal engagement and design excellence that sets Dorinda’s business apart.

By focusing on experiences as much as aesthetics, Dorinda’s brand does more than just sell products—it invites people into a lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle that whispers of the past but is firmly planted in the present. The interior design business, much like its founder, is vibrant, multifaceted, and brimming with character.

Shaking Up the Cocktail Scene: Dorinda’s Foray into the Beverage Industry

Dorinda Medley, never one to rest on her laurels, has entered the lucrative beverage industry with a splash. Her latest venture is a line of signature cocktails inspired by the lavish soirées at Blue Stone Manor. These beverages embody the sophistication and spirited atmosphere Dorinda is known for.

Behind the bar, Dorinda’s cocktails dazzle the tastebuds with their unique blends that marry classic flavors with a modern twist. The drink line captures the essence of her entertaining style: bold, classy, and always a touch unexpected. It’s not only that they taste divine, but each cocktail tells a story, reminiscent of the various parties and encounters at the Manor.

  • Signature Martini
  • Blue Stone Mojito
  • Manor Margarita

These aren’t just names; they’re invitations to experience the Manor’s lifestyle, one sip at a time. Popular among fans and cocktail enthusiasts alike, Dorinda’s creations are gaining traction in bars and restaurants eager to offer their patrons a taste of luxury.

Customer response has been overwhelmingly positive, as they’re eager to incorporate the chicness of Blue Stone Manor into their celebrations. Social media buzzes with pictures of Dorinda’s drinks, adorned with garnishes that ensure they’re as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate.

The cocktail line is a smart extension of the Medley brand, which continues to demonstrate Dorinda’s ability to pivot and adapt to new markets while staying true to her brand’s core values of elegance and enjoyment. Given her knack for hosting and her eye for detail, it’s clear that Dorinda’s approach to the beverage industry will be anything but ordinary. These drinks, like all things Dorinda touches, are likely to make it… nice.

Dorinda’s Empire: A Reflection of Her Larger-Than-Life Personality

Dorinda Medley’s ventures paint a vivid picture, one that mirrors the grandiosity and flair of her own character. They have seen their share of spotlight not just because of her status as a reality TV star, but also due to her innate ability to infuse her vibrant personality into every business move she makes.

Her ownership of Blue Stone Manor is just the tip of the iceberg. Every event held there is stamped with her signature style, a blend of the luxurious and the personal. She understands that her guests are looking for more than just a place to celebrate; they’re seeking an experience that resonates with the authenticity and passion she’s known for.

The estate’s grandeur also perfectly showcases her home furnishings line which echoes opulence and individuality. It’s no surprise that her appearances on home shopping networks have been met with enthusiasm. Viewers can’t get enough of her ability to translate the Manor’s luxurious comfort into pieces that anyone can add to their own home.

Dorinda’s approach to business is far from conventional. She’s crafted her brand by carefully selecting ventures that align with her personal ethos. From the curated experiences at Blue Stone Manor to the stylish comfort of her home furnishings and the elegant sip of her signature cocktails, each represents a chapter of her life story, shared with the world in the most intimate way.

Her ascent into the beverage industry is yet another testament to her business sagacity. The signature cocktail line doesn’t only tantalize the palate but serves as an extension of her innate gift for hosting. With each meticulously garnished drink, Dorinda invites her followers to taste the essence of her famed soirées, packaged neatly into a glass.

Indeed, Dorinda’s enterprises are not just businesses; they’re fragments of her soul laid bare for the world to embrace. With every new venture, she reinforces her position as a formidable force in the realms of hospitality, design, and now, the spirited art of mixology.


Dorinda Medley’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through her diverse business portfolio. She’s transformed Blue Stone Manor from a simple estate into a beacon of her brand, seamlessly blending its historic charm with modern luxury. Her ventures in home furnishings and the beverage industry further showcase her knack for creating products that resonate with her audience’s desire for elegance and comfort. Dorinda’s businesses aren’t just about products; they’re experiences that invite people into her world, offering a taste of her signature style. She’s built an empire that mirrors her personality—bold, sophisticated, and always with a personal touch. Whether through the plush comforts of her design pieces or the refined flavors of her cocktails, Dorinda Medley has crafted a brand that stands out in the world of luxury living.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blue Stone Manor?

Blue Stone Manor is an estate owned by Dorinda Medley, which serves as a venue for charity galas, exclusive tours, and culinary events. It has become a centerpiece in Dorinda’s brand and entrepreneurial ventures.

Has Blue Stone Manor inspired any product lines?

Yes, Blue Stone Manor has inspired a home furnishings line reflecting the estate’s timeless elegance. This line allows customers to bring a piece of the manor’s luxury and comfort into their homes.

What types of events can one experience at Blue Stone Manor?

At Blue Stone Manor, guests can enjoy curated experiences such as charity galas, exclusive property tours, and specialized culinary events, all imbued with Dorinda’s signature touch of hospitality.

How has Dorinda Medley expanded her brand?

Dorinda Medley has expanded her brand through a home furnishings line, appearances on home shopping networks, and by hosting various events at Blue Stone Manor. She has also launched a signature cocktail line inspired by the estate’s soirées.

Is there a beverage product associated with Blue Stone Manor?

Yes, Dorinda has introduced a line of signature cocktails that capture the essence of Blue Stone Manor’s entertaining style. These cocktails are becoming popular with fans and cocktail enthusiasts alike.

Can you purchase items from the Blue Stone Manor home furnishings line?

The home furnishings line inspired by Blue Stone Manor is available for purchase, often showcased on renowned home shopping networks, blending accessibility with a touch of luxury.

What makes Dorinda Medley’s business ventures unique?

Dorinda’s business ventures stand out due to their personal touch and the integration of her vibrant personality. From luxury home goods to signature cocktails, each venture is an intimate extension of her life story and brand values of elegance and enjoyment.

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