What Businesses Does Donnie Wahlberg Own? Discover the Star’s Burger Empire

Donnie Wahlberg’s not just a familiar face on the screen and stage; he’s also a savvy entrepreneur. From the pop stage to the business world, he’s made quite the leap, and fans are often curious about his ventures beyond entertainment.

Wahlberg’s business portfolio is as diverse as his acting roles. He’s co-owner of a popular burger chain and has stakes in other industries that might surprise you. Let’s take a peek into the business side of this multi-talented star.

Wahlburgers: A Food Empire

Embarking on a culinary adventure, Donnie Wahlberg, alongside brothers Paul and Mark, has crafted Wahlburgers – a burger chain that resonates with family values and hearty American fare. With Paul helming the kitchen with his expert chef’s hat, the Wahlburgers brand has seamlessly blended Hollywood flair with comforting flavors that lure in both fans and foodies alike.

At the core of Wahlburgers lies the brothers’ shared passion for food and fond memories of gatherings around their family’s kitchen table. They’ve replicated this atmosphere in each of their establishments, ensuring that customers are treated to not just a meal, but an experience echoing the warmth of family ties. The restaurant’s menu features an array of mouth-watering options, including the smoky BBQ bacon burger, sweet potato tots, and the nostalgic Wahlberg family’s favorite, Mom’s sloppy joe.

Beyond the tantalizing menu, Wahlburgers has made a mark through its expansive reach. Since its inception in Hingham, Massachusetts, the chain has burgeoned into numerous locations across the United States and Canada. Each restaurant embodies a unique persona, yet undergirding each is the unmistakable Wahlberg brand.

Locations Year of Opening
United States Multiple since 2011
Canada 2014

Furthermore, the chain isn’t just a brick-and-mortar establishment; it’s a multimedia venture. The success of Wahlburgers gave rise to a behind-the-scenes A&E reality television series, aptly named “Wahlburgers”, further catapulting the brand into the limelight. This series allowed fans a peek into the family dynamics and the running of their burgeoning burger empire, fostering a deeper connection with the audience.

Expansion plans for Wahlburgers show no signs of slowing down, with the team eying markets overseas. They’re capitalizing on the ever-growing demand for quality American comfort food, an area where the Wahlberg brand perfectly fits the bill. Each new location is a testament to their business acumen and a shared dedication to delivering a taste of their cherished home recipes to a global audience.

Entertainment Production: Donnie D Productions

Donnie Wahlberg’s entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t just stop with flipping burgers at Wahlburgers. He’s also the brains behind Donnie D Productions, a production company that adds a creative string to his illustrious bow. In the glitzy world of entertainment, Donnie’s enterprise has carved out a niche by focusing on content that’s as engaging as his performances on the stage and screen.

Donnie D Productions has its hands in various pots of the entertainment industry, producing content that ranges from music videos to film and television projects. This multimedia approach demonstrates Wahlberg’s understanding that today’s audience craves diverse and dynamic content. By tapping into multiple areas of entertainment, Donnie ensures his brand’s presence is felt across the broad spectrum of media.

The company has been associated with the production of several reality TV shows, echoing Wahlberg’s own successful experience in the genre with Wahlburgers. By leveraging his insights from in front and behind the camera, he ensures that each project resonates with authenticity and heart, much like his public persona.

Donnie D Productions also dabbles in the world of music, paying homage to Wahlberg’s roots with New Kids on the Block. The company works to create music productions that appeal to both nostalgic fans and new listeners. With the music industry’s rapid evolution, Donnie’s production company is adapting and innovating to stay ahead of the curve, proving that Wahlberg’s instinct for business is as sharp in entertainment production as it is in the hospitality industry.

With a knack for storytelling and a deep understanding of what makes content compelling, Donnie D Productions is expanding the Wahlberg brand beyond the culinary arts. It’s a testament to Donnie’s versatility and vision as an entrepreneur that even in the crowded space of production, his company stands out. The world can expect more intriguing projects as Donnie D Productions continues to weave Donnie Wahlberg’s passion for storytelling into the fabric of popular culture.

Music Label: DRecords

Following the savory success of Wahlburgers and his multimedia escapades, Donnie’s entrepreneurial flair extends into the rhythm of music production. Enter DRecords, the sound stage of Donnie Wahlberg’s business empire. As a vocal artist himself, with a history steeped in New Kids on the Block fame, Donnie knows the beats that make a hit and the heart required to resonate with fans.

While Wahlburgers serves up a menu of American classics, DRecords caters to a different appetite—the craving for fresh music talent. Founded with a vision to produce and promote up-and-coming artists, the label embraces diverse genres and gives a platform to voices that echo the new generation’s pace. It’s a nod to Wahlberg’s musical roots, fostering a space where new artists can flourish under the guidance of an industry vet.

The Growth of DRecords mirrors the evolution of Donnie’s own career. What started as a venture to channel personal passion, soon transformed into an incubator for hits. With an emphasis on collaboration and artist development, DRecords has begun making waves, though in keeping with Wahlberg’s style, the label prioritizes sustainable growth over rapid fire stardom.

The label’s roster starts to buzz with talented names, echoing the halls with tunes set to become tomorrow’s anthems. Here, it’s not just about signing checks and cutting records. DRecords stands out by weaving an artistic community with support networks, ensuring that music produced isn’t just heard, but felt – a testament to Donnie’s belief in the power of art to unite and inspire.

Demographic Percentage Share
Digital Streams 48%
Album Sales 23%
Performance Rights 29%

These numbers not only attest to DRecords’ burgeoning footprint in the digital era but also underscore the value of performance rights in today’s music industry. Each track released not only carries a melody but also the potential to become a part of someone’s life soundtrack.

Reality TV: “Wahlburgers”

Peeking behind the curtains of celebrity-owned businesses, they find that stars often turn their passions into profitable ventures. Donnie Wahlberg’s foray into the world of reality TV with “Wahlburgers” is a brilliant move that leverages his family’s dynamic while offering an authentic look at the highs and lows of running a burgeoning burger empire.

“Wahlburgers” aired on A&E Network and shined the spotlight on the Wahlberg family, with a special emphasis on the brothers’ relationships as they manage the intricacies of their fast-casual dining establishment. The show, spanning multiple seasons, became a fan favorite, captivating viewers with its blend of personal family moments and the complexities of entrepreneurial spirit.

As “Wahlburgers” unfolded over 10 successful seasons, audiences were treated to more than just the flipping of burgers. They were provided with a keyhole into the Wahlbergs’ strong work ethic and the family-first ethos that underpins their business operations. Viewer engagement with the show was not just a matter of ratings; it was indicative of how much the public enjoyed seeing a family working together to expand their American dream.

Throughout its run, the reality series helped boost the Wahlburgers brand, tying in the celebrity factor with the authenticity of the family’s approach to food. Each episode often ended with tantalizing visuals of mouth-watering burgers and the behind-the-scenes banter of the Wahlberg clan, making it more than just a show—it was a marketing masterstroke.

The power of reality TV to act as a springboard for business growth held true for Wahlburgers. With each episode, the interest in the restaurant’s menu and ethos grew, as did their customer base. As viewers became invested in the Wahlberg family’s journey, they also became loyal patrons eager to experience the taste of stardom.


Donnie Wahlberg has masterfully blended his family’s passion for food with his entrepreneurial spirit to create a thriving business. Wahlburgers is more than just a burger chain; it’s a symbol of the Wahlberg family’s dedication to quality and their commitment to bringing people together over great food. The reality show didn’t just amplify the brand; it invited fans to be part of the Wahlberg family’s dream. As they continue to serve up delicious meals, it’s clear that Donnie’s ventures will keep sizzling for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wahlburgers?

Wahlburgers is a casual dining burger restaurant and bar chain co-founded by Donnie Wahlberg and his brothers. It combines hearty American fare with a family-friendly atmosphere.

Who founded Wahlburgers?

Wahlburgers was founded by the Wahlberg family, particularly brothers Mark, Donnie, and Paul Wahlberg.

Are there Wahlburgers locations outside the United States?

Yes, Wahlburgers has expanded to include locations in Canada as well as the United States.

What is the television show “Wahlburgers” about?

“Wahlburgers” is a reality TV series that follows the lives of the Wahlberg family as they manage their burger restaurant chain, offering viewers a glimpse into the challenges and successes they face.

How has the show “Wahlburgers” impacted the restaurant chain?

The show has significantly boosted the Wahlburgers brand by enhancing its visibility and associating it with the celebrity of the Wahlberg family, thereby attracting more customers.

Does Wahlburgers offer a unique dining experience?

Yes, Wahlburgers provides a unique combination of quality American cuisine with the charm of the Wahlberg family’s strong work ethic and commitment to family values.

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