What Businesses Does DJ Khaled Own? Explore His Empire

DJ Khaled, the music mogul known for his catchy hooks and social media savvy, isn’t just a master in the recording studio—he’s also a shrewd entrepreneur. From spinning records to spinning profits, Khaled’s business acumen has led him to a diverse portfolio of ventures.

They don’t want you to know about DJ Khaled’s businesses, but in this article, we’re going to dive into the empire he’s built. From a furniture line to a luxury champagne brand, Khaled’s interests are as varied as his catchphrases. So buckle up; it’s time to explore the world of business according to DJ Khaled.

DJ Khaled’s Diverse Business Portfolio

DJ Khaled’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through a portfolio as varied as his musical collaborations. He’s not only a hit-maker in the studio but also an astute businessman with his finger on the pulse of multiple industries. They’ve seen him turn everything he touches into another one of his well-known catchphrases, “Another one,” a testament to his relentless success.

We the Best Home is DJ Khaled’s luxury furniture line that reflects his lavish lifestyle and flair for opulent design. It includes statement pieces that could turn any home into a palatial abode. From plush couches to grandiose throne chairs, his furniture line caters to those who aspire for a touch of his grandeur in their living spaces.

Beyond the realms of comfort and design, DJ Khaled ventured into the consumables market with his own brand of luxury champagne, Bumbu. The brand is crafted for the sophisticated palate and it’s marketed as an indulgence for those special celebratory moments. Getting down to the foodies, he has also invested in The Licking, a soul food restaurant that’s quickly expanding across Florida, satisfying cravings with its famous secret sauce.

Then there’s his involvement in the tech space. The maestro has certainly kept up with the times, throwing his hat into the ring of e-sports through investments in Overwatch League’s Mayhem. This shows he’s keenly aware of where youth culture is heading, not just in music but in leisure and entertainment.

His work with Ciroc and partnership with P. Diddy illustrates a savvy move to align with already successful brands, multiplying his influence and reach. This collaboration has been marked with exclusive flavor launches and campaigns that resonate with consumers who swim in the pool of pop culture.

In the world of publishing, DJ Khaled has also tipped his crown as an author. He penned The Keys, a book divulging his philosophy on success. It’s not just a memoir; it’s a blueprint for living life with ambition, passion, and the unyielding will to succeed.

The empire DJ Khaled is building is based on a diversified strategy that shows no signs of slowing down. He’s not just creating a brand; he’s creating a legacy that spans far beyond the beats.

Khaled’s Venture into the Furniture Industry

DJ Khaled’s ventures go well beyond the recording studio and boardroom. The music mogul has made a grand entrance into the furniture industry with his own line, adeptly named We the Best Home. Launched in 2018, this luxurious furniture line is designed to inject a sense of opulence into the homes of his fans and followers.

The collection features statement pieces that embody Khaled’s larger-than-life personality and trademark phrases. From plush sofas to ornate gold lions, each item in the collection reflects his flamboyant style and love for the finer things. It isn’t just furniture he’s selling; it’s a lifestyle.

Beyond just aesthetics, Khaled has ensured that his furniture line offers a high level of craftsmanship. Partnering with Goldition, a group of designers and brand builders, he’s managed to merge quality with the glitz and glamour fans have come to expect from the Khaled brand. This attention to detail and commitment to quality echoes his approach to his music—a no-compromise attitude towards production values.

The foray into the world of home decor isn’t just a business move for Khaled; it’s a new channel for him to connect with his audience. We the Best Home extends the ethos of his personal brand into the everyday lives of his customers. It’s not merely about furnishing spaces, but about infusing them with the essence of success and achievement that DJ Khaled represents.

As DJ Khaled’s empire expands, it’s clear that the furniture line is another strategic step in diversifying his business interests. It draws on the same principles that have made him successful in music and entrepreneurship: identifying unique opportunities, tapping into his personal brand, and delivering with excellence. Khaled’s furniture line is more than just a toe-dip into a new market—it’s a full-fledged embrace of the role of a lifestyle mogul.

The Rise of DJ Khaled’s Luxury Champagne Brand

DJ Khaled’s taste for luxury is no secret, and in true mogul fashion, he broadened his business portfolio with the launch of his own champagne brand. Beloire, a line of premium sparkling wines, became another jewel in Khaled’s crown. The brand echoes his extravagant lifestyle and highlights his knack for identifying opulent trends.

Not one to do things by halves, Khaled joined forces with Sovereign Brands to create this unique champagne. With an innate understanding of what his fans desire, Khaled’s Beloire offers bottles dressed in extravagance, from the sleek design to the rich, bold flavors.

Always a master of marketing, Khaled turned the release of his champagne line into an event. His influence through social media platforms sparked a trend, with fans eagerly toasting with Beloire at celebrations. This seamless transition from records to refined wines showcases Khaled’s ability to capture the essence of celebration in all his endeavors.

The champagne’s surge in popularity reflects Khaled’s strategic business acumen. By positioning Beloire as a staple in clubs, parties, and social gatherings, Khaled reaffirmed his role not just as a music producer but as a connoisseur of the high life. The brand’s success story stands testament to his golden touch when it comes to luxury consumer goods.

Through Beloire, Khaled invites his audience to partake in the grandeur that he embodies. Whether it’s through his music or his businesses, he consistently blurs the lines between his work and his way of living, making every venture a personal invitation to the audience to join him in celebrating success, opulence, and life.

How DJ Khaled Conquered the Fragrance Industry

DJ Khaled’s foray into luxury perfumes has been as rhythmic and successful as his music career. His debut in the fragrance industry began with the striking launch of We the Best, symbolizing his relentless quest for excellence. The scent profile he orchestrated was aimed at capturing the essence of success and prosperity, something Khaled epitomizes.

In collaboration with top perfumers, Khaled managed to infuse exotic ingredients that resonated with his fans and fragrance aficionados alike. The notes were carefully selected to represent strength and passion, key attributes Khaled embodies and frequently communicates through his social media empire. He didn’t just sell a perfume; he sold a lifestyle.

The branding of his fragrance line was as meticulous as his approach to his music projects. Every detail, from the opulent packaging to the marketing campaigns, was fashioned to reflect Khaled’s flamboyant yet accessible persona. With his combined social media reach running in the millions, it wasn’t long before the scent became a must-have on dressers across the globe.

His entry into fragrances wasn’t without strategic partnerships. DJ Khaled teamed up with retailers who shared his vision for delivering luxury in every spritz. This move ensured that his products found their place in some of the most prestigious stores, side by side with long-established brands. His understanding of cultural trends and his ability to leverage his fanbase meant that every bottle was more than perfume; it was a statement piece.

  • Top Notes: Include bold and spicy accents to captivate on first encounter
  • Base Notes: Resonate with deeper, muskier undertones for lingering presence

Sales figures indicated how Khaled not only entered the fragrance market but did so with a boom. Lines like Goldition and Bless Up further expanded his offerings, each with its unique character, aligned with different aspects of Khaled’s personality and personal philosophy. The artist’s journey into perfumery illustrates his innate knowledge of brand growth and diversification, touching yet another industry with the Midas touch of DJ Khaled.

DJ Khaled’s Success in the Restaurant Business

Beyond the magnetic allure of DJ Khaled’s fragrances, his entrepreneurial spirit sizzles in the culinary world. Khaled expanded his empire into the restaurant business, infusing his signature enthusiasm and branding savvy into the dining experience. He laid the groundwork for his hospitality ventures with the launch of his Miami-based restaurant named Finga Licking. The eatery quickly became a hot spot, known for its mouth-watering soul food and the star’s personal touch.

Their menu featured an array of comfort foods, from golden fried chicken and red velvet cake to seafood platters that had customers raving. The restaurant’s success wasn’t just about the food, it was also Khaled’s genius for creating a dining atmosphere that resonated with his persona—vibrant, indulgent, and unabashedly fun. And his fans were here for it. They didn’t just come to eat; they came for an experience, to feel a part of Khaled’s world of luxury and enjoyment.

The brand appeal was unmistakable, and it wasn’t long before the concept took a leap. In collaboration with another culinary venture, Khaled co-created another flavorful enterprise, The Licking – an extension of his first restaurant’s vision but with an even more diverse menu. This move showcased not only his adaptability in business but also his acute understanding of market trends and audience preferences.

Key to these ventures’ popularity has been Khaled’s active engagement with his establishments. He’s not a silent partner; he’s frequently at the venues, ensuring they embody the values and texture of his brand. Patrons often spot him greeting guests or even jumping on the DJ booth, blending his love for music with his passion for good food.

In the saturated market of celebrity-owned businesses, Khaled’s restaurants shine by offering not just a meal, but also a slice of his aspirational lifestyle, cementing his status as a culinary entrepreneur. With his venture generating buzz among food connoisseurs and fans alike, DJ Khaled’s restaurant business proves that his business acumen extends far beyond the recording studio and into the hearts, and stomachs, of his audience.


DJ Khaled’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through his ventures in both the fragrance and restaurant industries. He’s turned his signature catchphrases into a scent sensation and his love for good food into a thriving eatery. As his businesses continue to flourish, they’re a testament to his knack for turning personal passions into profitable enterprises. Whether it’s the allure of his fragrances or the comforting flavors of Finga Licking, Khaled’s ventures are more than just products—they’re experiences. His fans and foodies alike can’t wait to see what he’ll cook up next in the world of business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DJ Khaled known for in the fragrance industry?

DJ Khaled’s fragrance line, highlighted by the scent “We the Best,” is recognized for its popularity and availability in prestigious stores globally.

Where is DJ Khaled’s restaurant located?

DJ Khaled’s restaurant, Finga Licking, is located in Miami and is famous for its savory soul food offerings.

What makes DJ Khaled’s restaurant popular?

The popularity of DJ Khaled’s restaurant stems from its tasty soul food and the unique dining atmosphere that reflects his persona and lifestyle.

How has DJ Khaled succeeded in the restaurant business?

DJ Khaled’s success in the restaurant business is due to his hands-on involvement and his ability to provide a dining experience that embodies his aspirational lifestyle.

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