What Businesses Does Danica Patrick Own? Discover Her Empowering Brands

Danica Patrick isn’t just a trailblazer on the racetrack; she’s also making her mark in the business world. With the same tenacity she brought to auto racing, she’s steering her way into various entrepreneurial ventures.

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From a clothing line that empowers women to a vineyard that produces award-winning wines, Danica’s portfolio is as diverse as her skill set. They’ll delve into the businesses that keep this retired racecar driver racing towards success off the track.

Danica Patrick’s Entrepreneurial Ventures

Danica Patrick has shifted gears from being a formidable presence on the racetrack to a savvy businesswoman with stunning acumen. Beyond the racetrack’s roar, Patrick has established a name for herself in fashion and winemaking, showcasing her versatility and sharp business instincts.

At the forefront of her foray into entrepreneurship is her athleisure brand, Warrior by Danica Patrick. This clothing line is designed to embody strength and style, providing women with attire that is both functional and flattering. The brand harmonizes with her personal brand ethos – empowering women to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, whether they’re working out or just out and about.

Her passion for health and wellness threads through another venture – Somnium Wine. Located in Napa Valley, the vineyard produces award-winning wines, each bottle a testament to Patrick’s dedication and zest for life’s finer indulgences. Somnium, meaning ‘dream’ in Latin, represents her dream to create a high-quality wine that resonates with connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

Substantial Investments

Patrick’s portfolio extends beyond her own brands. She’s made substantial investments in various areas, highlighting her ability to identify and nurture promising opportunities.

  • Co-owner of Emsculpt, a non-invasive body sculpting technology
  • An early investor in Beam, a wellness company focused on CBD products

All these ventures are united by a common thread: they reflect Patrick’s commitment to excellence, health, and empowerment. Far from a novice in the world of business, she’s consistently proving her acuity and her ventures continually draw interest from consumers and investors.

Danica Patrick’s entrepreneurial spirit is as fierce as her legacy on the track, steering clear of the pit stops and racing full throttle into the world of business. Each venture offers a glimpse into her dynamic vision for success and her ability to navigate the competitive landscape with grace and determination.

Empowering Women Through Clothing

Danica Patrick’s drive doesn’t stall after crossing the finish line; it shifts gears into the realms of fashion. Her clothing line, Warrior by Danica Patrick, is a testament to her commitment to female empowerment. The collection features a variety of athleisure wear, tailored to be both functional and flattering, ensuring that women can feel confident and comfortable whether they’re powering through a workout or running errands.

Each piece from the Warrior collection embodies Patrick’s personal philosophy: strength, determination, and grace under pressure. These aren’t just clothes; they’re armor for the modern woman, designed to emphasize a woman’s worth and capability. With fabrics that hug every curve just right and patterns that signal a fierce spirit, Warrior by Danica Patrick helps customers to boldly make a statement in any setting.

The particular appeal of Danica’s clothing line lies in its versatility. It’s not only designed for women who enjoy an active lifestyle but also for those who seek a seamless blend between sporty and chic. Highlights of the collection include:

  • Performance leggings with high-waist fits
  • Soft, breathable tops ideal for layering
  • Outerwear that combines style with substance

In developing Warrior by Danica Patrick, Danica collaborated with experts in design and manufacturing to ensure that every item lived up to her high standards. The result was a line that not only meets the demands of an active lifestyle but does so with panache. Her clothing line has quickly become a favorite among women who lead dynamic lives and demand fashion that keeps pace.

Renowned for her ferocity on the track, Danica has translated that same intensity into fostering an environment where women can excel. She’s leveraged her celebrity status to champion a brand that encourages women to embrace their inner strength and to pursue their passions with unyielding persistence. Through Warrior by Danica Patrick, she’s found a way to weave her drive and determination into the very fabric of her entrepreneurial spirit.

Revolutionizing the Wine Industry

As someone who’s always had a taste for the exquisite and a nose for business, Danica Patrick didn’t stop at fashion. Her journey took a cultivated turn when she founded Somnium, a Napa Valley winery that’s been turning heads since its commencement. Nestled in the lush hills of St. Helena, Danica’s vineyard is a testament to her unwavering commitment to quality and luxury.

Somnium, which means ‘dream’ in Latin, represents Danica’s vision of crafting fine wines that resonate with her spirit of adventure and determination. The venture started as just a dream when Danica first visited Napa Valley, but soon turned into a tangible reality in 2009 when she purchased the land for the vineyard. She was hands-on from the get-go, involved in every step, from selecting the perfect location to the intricate process of winemaking.

Danica’s passion for wine is reflected in Somnium’s meticulous cultivation of grape varieties that thrive in the Napa Valley climate. The portfolio boasts reds and rosés that have garnered acclaim from wine enthusiasts and critics alike. Her team, including a skilled winemaker, embodies a philosophy that pairs traditional techniques with innovative sustainability practices. They’ve adopted organic farming methods, ensuring the vineyard remains in harmony with the environment.

Here are some of the offerings from Somnium:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon: The flagship wine, known for its rich flavor and elegance.
  • Rosé: A refreshing, crisp wine that captures the essence of Napa Valley’s terroir.

It’s not just the quality of the wine that’s impressive; it’s also the way Danica has integrated her personal brand into Somnium. The winery is more than a business; it’s a piece of Danica’s legacy, infused with her zest for life that echoes through the rolling vineyards. Guests who visit the winery often feel that personal connection, as if Danica herself is guiding the tour and sharing her dream with every sip.

Fueling Success in the Fitness Industry

Danica Patrick, with her indomitable spirit, isn’t just content with the fashion and wine industries—she’s also a significant player in the fitness sector. Pretty Intense, her wellness brand, is a testament to her dedication to a healthy lifestyle and fitness regime. Unlike many celebrity-driven ventures, Pretty Intense stands out with its well-researched and holistic approach to well-being.

The brand’s cornerstone is Danica’s own 12-week workout program, which pledges to transform bodies and minds alike through intense workouts and a nutrient-rich diet plan. She’s poured her knowledge of fitness, garnered from years of staying in top shape for racing, into a program that’s both accessible and challenging. It’s not just about breaking a sweat; Pretty Intense aims to instill life-changing habits and foster a mindset that champions health and vitality.

The comprehensive offerings include:

  • High-intensity workout routines
  • Personal nutrition guides
  • Motivational coaching

Through various digital platforms, Pretty Intense reaches a wide audience, providing support and community for those looking to revamp their lifestyles. She’s become as much a coach and motivator as she was a fierce competitor on the racetrack.

In addition to the digital presence, Danica actively contributes to the fitness industry through partnerships and endorsements. As a sought-after speaker and influencer, she advocates for a balanced approach to life, where physical fitness and mental clarity go hand in hand. Danica is leveraging her fame to not only build her brand but also to encourage others to pursue a life of wellness and strength.

Pretty Intense is more than a workout regimen; it’s a symbol of Danica Patrick’s drive to exceed boundaries, and her commitment to empowering others to do the same. This facet of her entrepreneurial journey showcases her ability to connect with people on a personal level and inspire them to achieve their highest potential.

The Business of Book Publishing

Danica Patrick spins her wheels into the literary world with the finesse of a seasoned author. “Pretty Intense”, the title of her book, mirrors the ideology of her wellness brand. It’s a well-crafted piece that dives deep into a 90-day program to sculpt the body, sharpen the mind, and nourish the spirit. This New York Times Best Seller isn’t just a flash in the pan—it’s Danica’s heart and soul in written form, sharing her personal experiences to help others achieve their highest potential.

Through her book, Danica promotes a blend of fitness with mental and spiritual wellness. She breaks down complex nutrition and workout principles into bite-sized, achievable goals. Her authority in the subject matter resonates with readers, reaffirming her position not only as a sports icon but also as a trusted wellness coach.

The entry into publishing also serves as a testament to Danica’s understanding of diversified branding. With smart marketing, strategic partnerships, and utilizing her platform, she ensures her message reaches wide and far. She’s not just selling books; she’s building a community around a lifestyle, a mindset that says, ‘Yes, you can.’

Besides the content, it’s noteworthy to mention the quality of the publication itself. The book’s design, from its robust cover to the rich, glossy pages inside, speaks to the level of detail and care put into every aspect of its creation. The book effortlessly aligns with the luxury and precision of high-tier products, much like the vehicles she once raced.

In an industry where celebrity authors are not uncommon, Danica distinguishes herself through her authenticity and the palpable passion for her subject matter. She smashes the stereotype of celebrities simply slapping their name on a ghostwritten project. Instead, she gears up for a hands-on approach, navigating the turns of book publishing with the same intensity she brought to the racetrack.


Danica Patrick’s transition from the racetrack to the boardroom showcases her versatility and passion for entrepreneurship. She’s not just a trailblazer in sports but also a savvy businesswoman who’s crafted a diverse portfolio of companies. Her hands-on approach and commitment to quality shine through in each of her ventures from chic athletic wear to fine wine and a holistic wellness brand. Danica’s journey continues to inspire as she drives full throttle into the world of business with the same intensity and focus that fueled her racing career. She’s living proof that with determination and hard work one can pivot from one successful career to another without missing a beat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What business ventures has Danica Patrick pursued after racing?

Danica Patrick has ventured into the business world with several entrepreneurial endeavors, including her clothing line Warrior by Danica Patrick, her Napa Valley winery Somnium, and her wellness brand Pretty Intense.

Can you tell me more about Danica Patrick’s book?

Danica Patrick’s book “Pretty Intense” provides readers with a 90-day plan designed to improve fitness, mental wellness, and spiritual health. It builds upon her personal experiences and aims to help individuals reach their highest potential.

What is the focus of Danica Patrick’s wellness brand?

Danica Patrick’s wellness brand, Pretty Intense, focuses on promoting a balanced lifestyle that encompasses fitness, mental well-being, and spiritual growth.

Does Danica Patrick take a hands-on approach to her business ventures?

Yes, Danica Patrick is known for her authentic and hands-on approach to her business ventures, ensuring high quality and attention to detail in her products, including her book’s design and content.

What sets Danica Patrick’s book apart from other wellness books?

“Pretty Intense” stands out for integrating Danica Patrick’s personal experiences with a comprehensive 90-day program, emphasizing a balanced approach to life along with cultivating a supportive community.

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