What Businesses Does Cheryl Burke Own? Discover Her Dynamic Ventures

Cheryl Burke’s not just a twinkle-toed champion on the dance floor; she’s also a savvy entrepreneur with a knack for business. From the glitz of the ballroom to the buzz of the boardroom, she’s spun her passions into profitable ventures.

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They say it’s all about the hustle, and Cheryl’s certainly got it. She’s dipped her toes into various industries, turning her celebrity into a springboard for her business ambitions. Let’s dive into the enterprises that keep her as busy as her dance card.

Cheryl Burke’s Business Ventures

Cheryl Burke’s glittering success on the dance floor was just the prelude to a symphony of savvy business decisions. She’s taken the charisma and dedication that made her a star on “Dancing with the Stars” and channeled it into an impressive portfolio of business ventures. Her entrepreneurial spirit has led her to explore various industries, each reflecting her personal brand and zest for life.

She first pirouetted into the business arena with her dance studio, Cheryl Burke Dance. The studio was a haven for those looking to learn from the best and provided a space for dance enthusiasts to hone their skills in an environment crafted by a professional. But her business acumen didn’t stop there. Burke recognized the influence of her celebrity and uniquely leveraged it to launch a clothing line, which features dancewear that combines function, fashion, and the flash one would expect from a star of her caliber.

Not content with conquering just the realms of dance and fashion, Cheryl expanded her business portfolio with an innovative cosmetics line. Her beauty products are designed to withstand the rigors of the spotlight, catering to performers and the everyday woman who desires a touch of star-quality to their look. Burke’s flair for connecting with her audience has been a notable factor in the successful branding and acceptance of her beauty line.

Burke also dove into literature, sharing her expertise and journey in her published book, which serves as both an inspirational tale and a guide for aspiring dancers. It’s been well-received by fans, further cementing her status not just as a dancer but as an all-around businesswoman.

As we delve further into the empire built by Cheryl Burke, it’s evident that her strategy involves a deep understanding of her strengths and how they translate into various business domains. Each venture she embarks on is a new step in an ongoing routine of growth and diversification.

The Success of Cheryl Burke

As Cheryl Burke glided across the dance floor with the grace of a swan, her entrepreneur journey began with a single pirouette. Her dedication to her craft not only earned her the mirrorball trophy twice on “Dancing with the Stars” but also solidified her status as a household name. That fame was only the beginning stage, the first step in a marathon of business ventures that would expand her brand beyond the sparkling costumes and dance studios.

Cheryl took her passion for dance and transformed it into an empire, leveraging her celebrity to establish a series of businesses that stretched her talents into new markets. With every venture, she demonstrated a Midas touch, turning her enthusiastic pursuits into gold. Her Dance Studio, Cheryl Burke Dance, created a space where she could pass her knowledge and passion for dance on to others, fostering new generations of dancers.

The dance champion didn’t stop there: she gracefully dipped into the world of fashion with her activewear line. The line echoes her personal style, combining functionality with the glitz and glamour one would expect from a star of her caliber. The collection resonates with those who seek comfort without sacrificing style, a nod to her understanding of her audience’s needs.

In addition to fashion, Cheryl recognized an opportunity in the beauty industry, unveiling a cosmetics line that promised to help people shine both on and off the dance floor. Her commitment to inclusivity and quality has made her brand a favorite among those looking to add a touch of celebrity sparkle to their routine.

Always looking to connect with a wider audience, Cheryl added author to her resume. She penned a book that offered an intimate look at her life, sharing her experiences and lessons learned. Her story, reflecting a journey of perseverance and resilience, has undoubtedly inspired many.

Each business venture is imprinted with Cheryl’s magnetic personality and her enthusiasm for life. Fans are drawn not just to her achievements on the dance floor but also to her entrepreneurial spirit. Cheryl Burke stands as proof that talent can indeed cross the boundaries of the stage and into the boardroom, all the while keeping in step with her audience’s heartbeat.

The Glitz of the Ballroom: Dance Studios

In the shimmering world of dance, Cheryl Burke made a distinctive leap from twirls and dips on the glossy floors of “Dancing with the Stars” to the entrepreneurial hustle of running her own dance studio. With the grace of a seasoned professional, she pirouetted her expertise into a thriving venture that extends her personal brand into the realm of dance education.

The bustling studio isn’t just a space for learning quicksteps and rumbas; it’s a hub where Cheryl’s star power helps elevate the experience. Her well-crafted programs cater to dancers of all ages and skill levels, and just like on television, her charismatic touch remains a cornerstone. This intimate connection to the dance community is a testament to her commitment to the art form and her desire to share its joys far and wide.

Within the walls adorned with mirrors and barres, Burke’s studio team delivers top-tier dance instruction, ensuring that each step is as much about passion as it is about precision. It’s here that beginners find their footing and seasoned dancers refine their movements under the guidance of instructors who share Cheryl’s vision for dance.

The dance studio sector, bright with opportunity, aligns seamlessly with Cheryl’s entrepreneurial spirit. As she navigates the complexities of running a business dedicated to the arts, it’s clear that her endeavors are not just profit-driven; they’re fueled by a love for the craft and a mission to inspire others through the universal language of dance.

Understanding the cultural and emotional significance of dance, Cheryl’s business offerings go beyond just leading a dance class. She creates an environment where confidence is built, artistic expression is nurtured, and community bonds are strengthened—echoing the ethos of her personal brand and dancer’s journey.

Turning Passion into Profit: Dancewear Line

Cheryl Burke’s entrepreneurial spirit didn’t just stop at her successful dance studio—she spun her love for dance into another lucrative venture. Realizing that every dancer’s performance is complemented by the right attire, Cheryl launched her own dancewear line. This line isn’t just a collection; it’s a sophisticated blend of style, comfort, and functionality that dancers around the world have come to adore.

Her dancewear caters to a diverse audience, ranging from beginners to professional dancers. Each piece is designed with the dancer’s needs in mind, whether it’s flexibility, durability, or simply making a bold statement on the dance floor. Cheryl Burke Dancewear celebrates the grace of dance and empowers dancers to express their individuality with every move.

The dancewear line has quickly become synonymous with quality and leading-edge design. Each item reflects Cheryl’s intimate understanding of dance aesthetics, from sleek leotards to breezy cover-ups. The success of her dancewear line is a testament to her sharp business acumen paired with her innate sense of what the dance community craves.

Dancers from every corner of the globe can access Cheryl’s dancewear through her online store, making it a brand that’s not only close to the heartbeat of the dance community but also widely accessible. Sales figures continue to soar as dancers and dance enthusiasts make Cheryl’s brand a part of their daily lives.

In line with the latest fashion trends yet grounded in practicality, the dancewear collection bridges the gap between the magic of dance and everyday functionality. It’s a brand that encourages dancers to keep striving, learning, and, most importantly, dancing with confidence. The savvy combination of Cheryl’s celebrity influence and understanding of her target market has carved a unique space for her brand in the competitive world of dance apparel.

The Buzz of the Boardroom: Event Planning Company

Cheryl Burke’s business acumen extends far beyond the dance floor. She has ventured into the realm of event planning with an exquisite touch that only a seasoned dancer could provide. Cheryl’s Event Planning Company shines as a beacon in the bustling world of corporate and celebratory events. Her company orchestrates everything from intimate gatherings to grandiose galas, each infused with the star’s signature style.

At the heart of Cheryl’s Event Planning Company is the desire to create unforgettable moments. The team, guided by Cheryl’s eye for detail and elegance, tailors each event to the client’s unique vision. Whether it’s a product launch, a charity ball, or a private soirée, clients can expect a seamless blend of sophistication and showbiz sparkle.

  • Personalized Experiences: Clients are treated to events that are meticulously crafted to reflect their personality and brand.
  • Creative Concepts: With Cheryl’s artistic background, the company specializes in delivering innovative and engaging event themes.
  • Professional Execution: The team’s expertise ensures that every event is executed with precision, exceeding expectations.

Professionals in the industry have noted how Cheryl’s Event Planning Company has redefined corporate gatherings. Instead of stale and formulaic meetings, businesses now clamor for the vibrancy and pizzazz that has become the company’s hallmark. Meanwhile, social events sparkle with an extra layer of glamour, drawing in guests with the promise of a party that will be talked about long after the last champagne flute has been emptied.

The financial prowess of Cheryl’s enterprise is evident in the glowing testimonials from her clientele and the company’s robust portfolio. With tailored budgets and an emphasis on client satisfaction, the event planning venture stands out as a sound business endeavor. It’s not just the guests who leave these events with cherished memories—the success stories add another feather to Cheryl’s ever-impressive cap.


Cheryl Burke’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through her ventures that extend her love for dance into successful businesses. Her dance studio and dancewear line both serve as platforms not only for her to express her passion but also to empower and equip others in the dance community. With her event planning company, she’s taken her creative flair to new heights, offering clients bespoke experiences that resonate with her artistic vision. Cheryl’s businesses are more than just commercial successes; they’re a reflection of her dedication to excellence and her deep-rooted commitment to the arts. She’s truly danced her way into the hearts of many, not just as a performer but as a visionary businesswoman.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cheryl Burke known for?

Cheryl Burke is celebrated as a professional dancer and entrepreneur. She is recognized for her successful dance studio business, her dancewear line, and her contributions to the dance community through her roles as a teacher and mentor.

What services does Cheryl Burke’s dance studio offer?

Cheryl Burke’s dance studio offers a variety of dance programs for individuals of all ages and skill levels. The programs are designed to cater to dancers and to promote the spread of dance as an art form.

How does Cheryl Burke’s dancewear line stand out?

Cheryl Burke’s dancewear line is distinguished by its quality and fashion-forward designs. It appeals to a wide audience and embodies Cheryl’s profound understanding of what is needed in dance aesthetics.

What type of events does Cheryl’s Event Planning Company specialize in?

Cheryl’s Event Planning Company specializes in curating personalized experiences for both corporate and personal celebrations. The company is committed to bringing clients’ visions to life with innovative and engaging themes.

What makes Cheryl’s businesses successful?

Cheryl’s businesses thrive on her star power, dedication to dance, and savvy business skills. Her background as a dancer adds authenticity to her ventures, and her hands-on approach guarantees a personal touch that resonates with her audience.

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