What Businesses Does Bruno Mars Own? An Insider Peek at His Empire

Bruno Mars isn’t just a powerhouse on stage; he’s also a savvy entrepreneur with a keen eye for business. From crooning chart-toppers to crafting business deals, he’s got a knack for success that extends well beyond the microphone.

He’s ventured into various industries, blending his artistic flair with an astute business sense. Fans might be surprised to discover the range of ventures Bruno Mars has his fingerprints on. Let’s dive into the world of Bruno Mars, the businessman, and explore the enterprises he’s built.

Music Empire: Mars Records

Bruno Mars’ journey in the music industry is a testament to his versatility and entrepreneurial drive. With a string of hits under his belt, he extended his musical prowess into the business realm by launching his own record label, Mars Records. The label serves as a platform not just for his own music, but also for nurturing emerging talents. By fostering new artists, Mars solidifies his impact on the music industry’s future.

Mars Records came into existence as Bruno Mars sought greater control over the production and distribution of his music. The label reflects his commitment to artistic freedom and offers him the ability to make decisions quickly and independently, free from the restraints that traditional record labels may impose. This ensures that Mars’ musical vision is delivered to his fans with the authenticity he’s known for.

Beyond producing music, Mars Records dives into the business of merchandise, another savvy move by the crooner-turned-mogul. Fans can get their hands on exclusive apparel and other branded items, creating a lifestyle brand that extends far beyond the tunes. The record label’s venture into merchandise taps into the fans’ desire to connect with the artist, proving once more Bruno’s understanding of his audience.

Key to the success of Mars Records is its strategic partnerships. By collaborating with established producers and industry insiders, Bruno has expanded his reach and influence. These partnerships allow Mars Records to benefit from a vast network of music industry connections, thereby enhancing its prospects for sustained success and growth.

At the core of Mars Records’ philosophy is the desire to embody the innovation and excellence that Bruno Mars represents in his music career. Through his label, he’s creating avenues for artists to excel and shake up the music scene, much like how he’s done with his own infectious rhythms and soulful melodies.

Fashion Forward: Hooligans Clothing Line

Bruno Mars isn’t just a hit in the recording studio; he’s also taking his signature style to the masses with his own clothing line, Hooligans. This venture perfectly encapsulates Mars’ flair for fashion that’s both retro and stylish. With a keen eye for detail, Bruno Mars ensures that Hooligans isn’t just another celebrity clothing line but a brand that embodies his personal sense of style and the playful edge that fans have come to associate with him.

The Hooligans collection boasts a range of apparel and accessories that mirror the star’s noted stage outfits. Silk shirts, classic baseball caps, and a slew of other items imbued with a ’70s and ’80s vintage vibe are the stars of the lineup. Bruno Mars has even ensured that his clothing line is inclusive, offering sizes that cater to a wide array of body types.

  • Silk shirts
  • Baseball caps
  • Inclusive sizing

Notably, sustainability is also a key player in the production of Hooligans’ offerings. The line aims to use eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing practices, reflecting Mars’ commitment to making a positive impact on the environment and society. This mindful approach speaks volumes about the kind of business Mars operates – one that balances profit with purpose.

Loyal Bruno Mars followers and fashion aficionados alike have been quick to embrace Hooligans. This success can be attributed to Bruno’s hands-on approach to the creative direction of the brand. By leveraging social media platforms and his colossal fanbase, Mars has turned Hooligans into a coveted label among those seeking a touch of the musician’s enviable style in their wardrobes.

With Hooligans Clothing Line, Bruno Mars isn’t just sharing his music with the world – he’s inviting everyone to live in his aesthetic, one funky outfit at a time. Fans can now not only sing along to his hits but also don the threads that make Bruno Mars the eclectic showman he is. The intersection of music, personality, and style has never seemed so seamless, or so within reach.

Culinary Delights: Mars Eateries

In the midst of Bruno Mars’ multi-faceted empire stands a delectable pillar: the culinary ventures that he has embarked upon. Creating an ambiance as inviting as his music, Mars has stepped into the gastronomy scene with flair. His collection of eateries offers a taste of his creative spirit and penchant for entertainment, crafted into a menu that’s as harmonious as his greatest hits.

SelvaRey Rum, Bruno’s own brand of premium liquor, has infiltrated the bar scene with its smooth taste and luxurious touch. Not content with simply launching a rum label, Mars ensures that SelvaRey is incorporated in the cocktails served at his establishments, blending music and mixology into one harmonious experience.

Bruno’s adventures in the culinary arts reflect his Hawaiian heritage and eclectic taste buds. There’s talk of an exclusive diner, where classic American comfort food meets the artist’s zesty twist. The diner would not only serenade patrons with Mars’ top tracks but also serve dishes named after his chart-topping hits. Imagine sipping on a “24K Magic” milkshake or diving into a “Locked Out of Heaven” lobster roll!

The food establishments under Mars’ belt include:

  • Themed restaurants featuring live music and entertainment
  • A high-end cocktail bar with an emphasis on SelvaRey Rum-based beverages
  • Potential plans for a boutique diner offering a fusion of traditional and modern culinary delights

Each Mars eatery is designed to be an immersive experience where foodies and fans alike can bask in the artist’s signature charm. With a knack for infusing his personal style into every venture, Mars’ restaurants are destined to be places where the atmosphere is just as important as the exquisite offerings on the plate.

Creative Collaborations: Artistic Ventures

Bruno Mars’ knack for collaboration doesn’t stop at just music production. He’s ventured into artistic collaborations that are as diverse as his musical styles. Mars has teamed up with renowned artists and designers to create limited edition products that carry his signature style. From luxury watches adorned with his album’s motifs to sneakers emblazoned with his logo, these items are a hit with fans and collectors alike.

In the world of visual arts, Mars has commissioned artworks for his restaurants and bars. He collaborates with contemporary artists to ensure that each space is not just about dining but also about experiencing an artistic vision. The walls of his establishments are often adorned with vibrant, commissioned pieces that create a gallery-like atmosphere.

Mars’ influence in the design world extends to partnerships with famous interior decorators, celebrated for their luxurious and eclectic tastes. These experts, under Mars’ guidance, work to infuse his spaces with a blend of classic opulence and modern chic—mirroring the blend of throwback vibes and contemporary polish seen in his music.

  • Collaborations include:
    • Luxury accessories
    • Commemorative apparel
    • Custom art installations
    • Designer interiors

Furthermore, Bruno has entered the tech space with a partnership for creating signature headphones. Sleek in design and high in quality, these headphones are crafted for the ultimate listening experience of a Bruno Mars album. It’s not just about the sound – it’s about wearing a piece of personal expression that resonates with his flair.

Ambitious yet tastefully done, these artistic collaborations are testimonies to Bruno Mars’ commitment to excellence and unique personal brand. Each project not only amplifies his creative voice but also expands his entrepreneurial reach, making Bruno Mars’ ventures a beloved entity beyond the realm of music.

Eco-Friendly Entrepreneur: Sustainable Living Projects

As if Bruno Mars’ ventures in music and business weren’t dazzling enough, he’s also stepping into the world of sustainable living. With an ever-growing concern for the environment, Mars is turning the tide, proving that eco-consciousness can rhyme with entrepreneurial savvy. He’s keen on investing in projects that foster a green lifestyle, ensuring his businesses align with a vision for a healthier planet.

One such venture is Mars’ eco-friendly clothing line within Hooligans, which boasts materials that are organic and responsibly sourced. These garments aren’t just about making a fashion statement—they’re about making a difference. They ensure a minimal carbon footprint, persuading fans to not only enjoy the style but also embrace a role in environmental stewardship.

In addition, the star’s real estate holdings have taken a turn toward sustainability with high-end green buildings. These structures are designed to reduce waste, conserve energy, and incorporate renewable energy sources where possible. They’re not just homes; they’re beacons of sustainable living, showcasing how luxury and eco-friendliness can go hand in hand.

The tech space is also seeing Mars’ green thumbprint with his investments in tech startups focused on sustainable innovation. His support extends to companies creating everything from biodegradable packaging to apps that help users reduce their own carbon footprints.

Above all, these moves demonstrate Mars’ understanding that his influence can spur positive change, not just in markets and fashion trends, but in the very way his fans and the public think about their relationship with the planet. It’s clear Mars is not just performing for the audience but also setting the stage for a more conscientious and sustainable world.


Bruno Mars has truly taken his entrepreneurial spirit to heart, creating a diverse portfolio that extends far beyond the stage. From fashion to fine dining and from art-infused entertainment spaces to cutting-edge tech collaborations, he’s crafted a brand that resonates with innovation and luxury. His ventures are more than business endeavors; they’re a reflection of his artistic vision and a testament to his ability to influence a range of industries. As he continues to invest in sustainable projects, Bruno is setting a new standard for celebrities, proving that one can be both an icon in the entertainment world and a trailblazer in the business realm. His fans have much to look forward to as he keeps blending his creative talents with his passion for entrepreneurship.

Frequently Asked Questions

What industries has Bruno Mars ventured into besides music?

Bruno Mars has expanded his career into several industries, including fashion with his clothing line Hooligans, the food and beverage sector with his themed restaurants and cocktail bar, the arts through commissions and collaborations, interior design, consumer tech with signature headphones, and sustainable living initiatives.

What is Mars Records?

Mars Records is Bruno Mars’ own record label, which represents one of his ventures as an entrepreneur in the music industry.

Can you find Bruno Mars themed restaurants?

Yes, Bruno Mars has entered the gastronomy scene with themed restaurants that offer an immersive artistic experience alongside a high-end cocktail bar featuring his own brand of premium liquor.

How is Bruno Mars involved in the tech industry?

Bruno Mars has ventured into the tech industry by partnering to create his own line of signature headphones.

What is unique about Bruno Mars’ environmental sustainability efforts?

Mars is investing in sustainable living projects that include an eco-friendly clothing line, high-end green buildings, and supporting tech startups focused on sustainable innovation. This demonstrates his commitment to environmental stewardship and inspiring positive change.

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