What Businesses Does Brendan Schaub Own? Unveiling His Media Empire & Ventures

Brendan Schaub’s transition from the intensity of the UFC octagon to the entrepreneurial arena is nothing short of impressive. They’ve parlayed their combat skills into a knockout business portfolio that’s as diverse as it is intriguing.

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They’re not just a former fighter; they’re a master of reinvention. From slinging punchlines on stage to brewing up success with coffee ventures, Brendan’s business acumen is on full display.

So, what’s behind the curtain of Brendan Schaub’s business empire? Let’s take a peek into the ventures that keep this entrepreneur’s engine running.

Brendan Schaub – From the UFC to Entrepreneurship

After hanging up his gloves in the UFC, Brendan Schaub didn’t take long to channel his fighting spirit into the world of business. His journey from an athlete in the Octagon to a full-fledged entrepreneur is nothing short of impressive. They say fighters have the heart, discipline, and tenacity needed to succeed at anything they set their minds to, and Schaub’s entrepreneurial ventures are a testament to that belief.

Schaub’s first foray into business was with the launch of his apparel line. Capitalizing on his growing popularity, his merchandise quickly found a place among the UFC fandom. In a savvy move, he expanded beyond apparel to areas where his personal interests and hobbies intersect with his business acumen. He created a podcast that not only served to engage with his audience but also acted as a platform to promote his ventures, effectively intertwining his entrepreneurial efforts with his persona.

Diving further into diversification, Schaub stepped into the realm of digital media. Recognizing the potential in the rapidly evolving digital landscape, he co-founded a network that produces various types of content, including sports analysis, lifestyle, and leisure. Schaub’s ability to foresee trends and his agility to adapt are significant factors that fuel his success across multiple ventures.

Beyond the digital space, Brendan ventured into the hospitality industry, where his passion for food and drink found a new expression. His involvement in the restaurant business underscores his commitment to creating experiences that resonate with his audience, mirroring the same intensity and enthusiasm he brought to the Fight Night.

Schaub’s transition from MMA fighter to a shrewd businessman illuminates the potential for professional athletes to forge new paths after their sports careers. His diverse suite of businesses encapsulates his entrepreneurial spirit and paints a picture of a man unafraid to step into uncharted territories.

Punchlines and Laughs – Brendan Schaub’s Stand-Up Comedy Career

In the glitzy realm of entertainment, Brendan Schaub has not only thrown punches but also delivered punchlines. Schaub’s stand-up comedy career is a spectacle of wit intertwined with tales from his eclectic life experiences. From the physicality of the UFC octagon to the vulnerability of the microphone, Schaub has traded in his gloves for laughs, proving his versatility both in and out of the ring.

The Fighter and The Kid, a podcast originally centered on mixed martial arts, showcased Schaub’s humor and rapport with co-host Bryan Callen. This endeavor laid the foundation for his comedic pursuits, with audiences quickly taking note of his sharp comedic timing and unique perspective. The podcast’s success opened doors to the world of stand-up, affirming that Schaub’s storytelling skills weren’t limited to the confines of an octagonal cage.

Schaub’s commitment to comedy has seen him perform at esteemed venues across the country. His observational humor, often revolving around his life as a fighter and father, resonates with a wide audience, creating a bond that transcends the typical comedian-audience dynamic. His tales are relatable yet wildly entertaining, bridging the gap between the fighter persona audiences knew and the multi-dimensional entertainer he has become.

Embracing the stand-up stage with the same passion he had for competition, Schaub traversed the country with his one-man show. His comedy specials “You’d Be Surprised” and appearances on platforms like Showtime attest to his growing influence in the comedy circuit. He’s woven his experiences in athletics, podcasting, and business into a tapestry of jokes that both entertain and reveal deeper insights into his personal evolution.

Schaub’s journey across the comedy landscape has been remarkable. It’s a testament to his adaptability and eagerness to conquer new challenges. In a whirlwind of ventures that seem to complement each other in unexpected ways, Brendan keeps his audience guessing what his next move might be in the world where laughter reigns supreme.

Brewing Success – Brendan Schaub’s Coffee Ventures

While Brendan Schaub’s charisma lights up the stage, it’s his entrepreneurial spirit that’s brewing up success offstage. Schaub has ventured into the world of coffee, a move that seems to marry his love for energized performance with the need for a caffeinated boost.

Schaub’s coffee line is more than just a business; it’s a reflection of his personality. Each blend is crafted with a robust flavor profile, appealing to those who appreciate a kick in their cup. The coffee business has seen him collaborating with top-tier roasters to ensure that every bean meets his standard of excellence. With selections ranging from light and teasing aromas to dark, full-bodied richness, Schaub offers a coffee experience that’s as diverse as his career trajectory.

Marketing his coffee is a masterstroke of leveraging his large following. Fans of “The Fighter and The Kid” aren’t just treated to laughs but also to the opportunity to savor the same coffee that powers Schaub through his multifaceted endeavors. True to his nature, Schaub’s approach to coffee is hands-on, often engaging with consumers directly through social media and his podcast, stirring a community bound by the love of a good brew.

The success of Schaub’s coffee ventures indicates his knack for identifying and capitalizing on trending markets. Coffee is a staple for many, and by aligning himself with this daily ritual, he offers a product that is as consumable as his comedy — present in the daily lives of many and enjoyed universally. This intimate connection with his audience further cements his position not just as an entertainer, but as a savvy businessman, spotlighting a personal brand that’s as approachable as it is flavorful.

Autographs and Memorabilia – Brendan Schaub’s Merchandise Business

In addition to his flavorful venture into the coffee market, Brendan Schaub has also tapped into the ripe memorabilia industry. Leveraging his fame and fortune from his time in the octagon and his massive following from his entertainment career, Schaub has introduced a line of autographs and memorabilia that fans can treasure.

These items aren’t just your run-of-the-mill signed gloves or posters. Schaub’s merchandise business offers unique collectibles, including framed fight-worn trunks, autographed event tickets, and even replicas of his most iconic fight gear. For the devoted aficionado, these pieces provide a tangible connection to the memorable moments of Schaub’s fighting days.

The sales of such memorabilia represent a personal brand extension for Schaub. He’s understanding the pulse of his audience, offering limited edition items that commemorate special events in his career. Savvy marketing strategies, featuring Flash Sales and Autograph Signings, have helped him create a buzz around these products. Every piece of merchandise serves as an anchor for fans, celebrating the legacy Schaub is building beyond the ring and the screen.

Transitioning from punches to products, Schaub has found a way to connect with and capitalize on the nostalgia of his followers. He ensures that each item is seen as an exclusive piece of sports history, with a touch of his charismatic personality infused into every product. And it’s not just the hardcore MMA fans scooping up these collectibles. Schaub has crossed over into the mainstream, making his memorabilia desirable to a broader audience that appreciates the sports and entertainment nexus.

With a keen eye on what will resonate with his fans, Schaub’s merchandise business is more than just signed pictures and t-shirts. It’s a curated experience—each piece telling a story, each sale forging a deeper bond with his supporters. Whether they’re showcased in man caves or held as valuable investments, Brendan Schaub’s autographs and memorabilia stand as testaments to a career that refuses to be confined within the walls of a fighting arena.

The Podcast Powerhouse – Brendan Schaub’s Media Empire

Brendan Schaub’s foothold in the media industry is as solid as his grappling techniques in the octagon. After hanging up his gloves, Schaub traded punches for punchlines, co-founding the renowned podcast “The Fighter and The Kid” alongside comedian Bryan Callen. The duo’s chemistry and Schaub’s raw insight into the fighting world captivated audiences, turning the podcast into an overnight sensation.

Through savvy promotion and unparalleled work ethic, this media venture expanded rapidly. Schaub went on to host his own solo podcast, “Below the Belt,” where he delved deeper into combat sports analysis, pop culture, and candid interviews with high-profile guests. Schaub’s unique ability to blend humor with expert commentary has hooked listeners, making “Below the Belt” a must-listen in the podcast arena.

His media empire didn’t stop with audio; Schaub took to the screen with “The King and the Sting,” a web show with fellow comedian Theo Von. Here viewers get a visual feast of the pair’s comedic banter and unscripted segments that push the envelope of traditional media content. The show’s success has solidified Schaub’s status as a versatile entertainer and media mogul.

  • “The Fighter and The Kid” Podcast
  • “Below the Belt” solo podcast
  • “The King and the Sting” web show

Such a diverse portfolio has undoubtedly translated into enviable financial success. With his finger always on the pulse of audience preferences, Schaub has managed to adapt and grow his media empire to cater to the ever-evolving landscape of digital content consumption. Each platform benefits from cross-promotion strategies and leverages Schaub’s robust social media presence.

Moreover, these media ventures serve as an anchor for his broader business aspirations, driving audience traffic to his coffee brand and memorabilia collection. It’s a testament to Schaub’s understanding that a true media empire doesn’t just entertain—it engages and builds communities across various facets of modern culture.


Through his entrepreneurial spirit and keen sense for opportunity, Brendan Schaub has seamlessly transitioned from the world of combat sports to the business arena. His media ventures and coffee brand showcase his ability to connect with people and create products that resonate with his audience. They’re not just businesses; they’re extensions of his personality and passions, inviting fans to be a part of his ever-expanding universe. Schaub’s success story is a testament to the power of diversification and personal branding in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What podcasts does Brendan Schaub host?

Brendan Schaub is the host of several popular podcasts including “The Fighter and The Kid,” “Below the Belt,” and “The King and the Sting.”

How has Brendan Schaub succeeded in media?

Schaub has succeeded in media by engaging audiences with humor and expert commentary through his podcasts. He has also leveraged this success to promote his coffee brand and memorabilia collection, creating a multifaceted media empire.

Has Brendan Schaub created his own brand of products?

Yes, Brendan Schaub has created his own coffee brand and a line of memorabilia, further expanding his media empire’s reach and influence.

What is the focus of Brendan Schaub’s podcasts?

Schaub’s podcasts combine humor with expert insight, often centered around sports commentary, pop culture, and personal experiences, providing diverse content for a wide audience.

Why is Brendan Schaub’s approach to media considered successful?

Schaub’s approach is considered successful because he not only entertains but also builds communities by connecting with audiences over different aspects of modern culture through his various media ventures.

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