What Businesses Does Blake Lively Own? Peek Into Her Eco-Chic Empire

Blake Lively isn’t just a star on the screen; she’s also shining in the entrepreneurial world. With a flair for business that matches her acting chops, she’s ventured into several industries with gusto.

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From launching a buzz-worthy lifestyle brand to dipping her toes in the beverage industry, Lively’s business acumen is as diverse as her film roles. Let’s take a peek at the enterprises that have benefitted from her Midas touch.

Preserve the Hive: Blake Lively’s Lifestyle Brand

In the midst of glitz and glamor lies a truth that Blake Lively is not just a silver screen sensation but also a mastermind behind a thriving lifestyle brand, Preserve. With an affection for artisanal treasures and a heart for classic Americana, Lively launched Preserve to critical acclaim and the adoration of fans who relish a taste of her curated world.

Preserve was an online platform that brought together handpicked items that resonated with Blake’s personal style and philosophy. The brand showcased an eclectic mix of clothing, home goods, and hand-made trinkets, all embodying the essence of American craftsmanship. Each item told a story of heritage and quality, a testament to Blake’s commitment to supporting local artisans and businesses.

The venture was more than a mere market space. It reflected Lively’s vision of nurturing a community that values sustainability and creativity. Preserve aimed to provide a unique experience where visitors could not only purchase products but also learn about the artisans’ narratives and the meticulous processes behind their creations. Here’s a peek into the diverse range that Preserve offered:

  • Artisanal Foods: Jams, honey, and chocolates made with locally sourced ingredients.
  • Fashion: A curated selection of boutique clothing that mirrors Blake’s celebrated style.
  • Home Decor: Rustic-chic furniture and accessories for the homegrown heart.
  • Jewelry: Handcrafted pieces that mesh timeless elegance with modern sensibilities.

The love for storytelling was woven into every fiber of Preserve, and while the site eventually closed, the impact it had on promoting small businesses and sustainable practices lingers in the air. Blake Lively’s foray into the e-commerce sphere may have been a learning experience with its ebb and flow, but her entrepreneurial spirit remains unshaken as she continues to explore new ventures and opportunities.

All That Glitters: Blake Lively’s Jewelry Line

While Blake Lively’s Preserve brand drew attention for its dedication to artisanal products and sustainability, her business acumen shone bright with her foray into the glittering world of jewelry. Her collection did more than just add a sparkle to a customer’s wardrobe; it brought to light her keen eye for design and her understanding of the fashion industry’s intricate tapestry.

The line showcased a blend of classic and modern styles, featuring pieces that were both accessible and aspirational. True to her commitment to supporting local artisans, many of the jewelry items were crafted by skilled designers from across the United States. This approach didn’t just bolster the local economy but also ensured that each piece told its own story, imbued with the intricate care and unique narrative of its maker.

Price points varied, allowing a range of consumers to invest in a piece of Lively’s coveted style. On one hand, the collection presented attainable luxury for those who admired her taste but kept a watchful eye on their budget. On the other, it included more exclusive pieces that catered to a clientele yearning for a dash of opulence.

  • Artisan Craftsmanship
  • Intricate Designs
  • Diverse Price Range
  • Exclusive Collections

Her jewelry line was more than an accessory assortment; it was a testament to Lively’s ability to meld the worlds of business, fashion, and storytelling into a cohesive, successful venture. Shoppers didn’t merely leave with something beautiful to wear—they took home a slice of Blake Lively’s entrepreneurial passion and a touch of artistry to treasure for years to come.

From Gossip to Grapes: Blake Lively’s Wines

In addition to dazzling the world with her entrepreneurial spirit in the jewelry domain, Blake Lively has ventured into the spirited realm of viticulture. With a penchant for the finer things in life, she launched a line of wines that encapsulate her sophisticated palate. Her winery offers a collection that is both refined and accessible, ensuring wine enthusiasts and casual sippers alike can enjoy a glass of her curated selections.

Lively’s wine line stands out for its emphasis on Sustainable Farming practices and partnerships with family-owned vineyards. Her commitment to eco-friendly production methods resonates with a consumer base that’s increasingly aware of environmental impact. The wines themselves are a celebration of the rich terroir found in American wine regions, with each bottle telling a story of the land from which it comes.

The selection includes an array of varietals, from crisp, aromatic whites to bold, age-worthy reds. The label design, much like her jewelry line, infuses a sense of Personal Touch and Artistry, making it a favorite for gifts and special occasions. Patrons often praise the wines for their balance of complexity and drinkability.

Blake Lively’s wines, though less widely publicized than her other ventures, reflect her dedication to branching out into diverse business arenas. She’s not merely riding on her celebrity status; instead, she’s meticulously creating products that are conversations starters, much like her on-screen characters.

Her approach to winemaking is akin to storytelling where each bottle is a narrative, a crafted experience shared among friends, family, or during a solitary moment of indulgence. With her wines, Lively continues to cast a spell, inviting consumers to partake in the lifestyle she represents—one that celebrates luxury, sustainability, and the very essence of Americana.

Lights, Camera, Entrepreneurship: Blake Lively’s Production Company

Blake Lively isn’t just capturing audiences on screen; she’s wielding the director’s chair with her own production company. Known for her keen eye for storytelling and a touch of that Midas flair, Lively’s production venture is a natural extension of her artistic prowess. Her production company aims to produce content that resonates with a diverse audience, focusing on compelling stories with strong female leads that inspire and empower.

Building on her on-screen success, Lively leverages her industry connections to create opportunities for new talent and seasoned professionals alike. Her production company is not just about making films; it’s about creating platforms for powerful narratives that might otherwise go untold. With Lively at the helm, the company is breaking barriers and pushing the envelope in both television and film. She’s deftly selecting projects that align with her values—stories that encourage dialogue and bring about change.

  • Exciting original content
  • Stories with depth
  • Support for emerging talents

The production company has already made waves with projects that are both commercially successful and critically acclaimed. The strategic choice of material showcases Lively’s refined taste and understanding of the market. By handling projects that other studios might overlook, she’s filling a niche that has been hungry for attention. Her fans appreciate the bold choices and the high production values that have become a hallmark of her company’s output.

Taking cues from her successes in jewelry and wine, Lively ensures her production company also has a distinct identity—one that exemplifies quality and innovation. Each project has her personal stamp, mirroring the artisanal approach she’s known for in her other businesses. For Lively, it’s not just about telling stories; it’s about crafting experiences that linger long after the credits roll.

A Fashionable Venture: Blake Lively’s Clothing Line

Blake Lively’s foray into fashion is as stylish as her red-carpet appearances. Her clothing line, Preserve, echoes the actress’s penchant for classic Americana with a modern twist. Launched to acclaim, Preserve allowed fans to emulate Lively’s much-admired style.

The pieces in the collection range from chic dresses to statement accessories, each embodying Lively’s personal aesthetic. The brand’s craftsmanship is evident through the meticulous attention to detail in every stitch. Preserve isn’t just about fashion; it’s a lifestyle brand that bridges the gap between timeless style and contemporary trends.

Sustainability is a core value for Lively. The materials used are ethically sourced, and she’s constantly pushing for environmentally responsible practices in the production process. This commitment adds a layer of authenticity to the brand and resonates strongly with environmentally conscious consumers.

While Preserve revels in artisanal quality, it also leverages Lively’s celebrity status to drive social engagement and market penetration. Through savvy social media campaigns and storytelling, the brand builds a narrative that customers want to be a part of. It’s not just about selling clothes; it’s about selling a way of life that reflects mindfulness and sophistication.

Although the fashion industry is notoriously competitive, Lively’s clothing line stands out. Her design philosophy strikes a balance between elegance and practicality, answering the call of modern women who seek effortless style. Clever marketing moves, such as capsule collections and collaborations with other high-profile designers, keep the brand fresh and relevant.

Beyond the racks and sales figures, Lively’s involvement goes deeper. She’s often seen donning pieces from Preserve, seamlessly integrating her own identity with that of her brand. This personal touch not only champions her designs but also cements her status as a fashion icon and a savvy businesswoman who knows her audience intimately.


Blake Lively has certainly carved out a unique space for herself in the business world. Her foray into jewelry, wine, and fashion with Preserve showcases her multifaceted entrepreneurial spirit. She’s not just a celebrity dabbling in side projects; she’s a dedicated business owner whose commitment to sustainability and ethical practices sets her ventures apart. Her savvy use of social media to engage with fans and customers alike proves that she understands the modern landscape of business and marketing. Blake’s hands-on approach and personal touch have made her brands resonate with consumers who appreciate both style and substance. It’s clear that whatever venture she tackles, she does so with passion and a clear vision for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of business does Blake Lively own?

Blake Lively owns a jewelry line, a venture into the wine industry, and a sustainable clothing line called Preserve.

What is special about Blake Lively’s clothing line?

Lively’s clothing line, Preserve, is unique due to its combination of timeless fashion with contemporary trends, and its commitment to sustainability and ethical production practices.

How does Blake Lively’s clothing line reflect her personal style?

The clothing line reflects Blake Lively’s personal style by providing a blend of elegance and practicality, consistent with her own fashion preferences.

How does Blake Lively use her celebrity status for her business?

Blake Lively leverages her celebrity status by engaging with her audience through savvy social media campaigns to drive brand awareness and customer engagement.

What makes Blake Lively’s clothing line stand out in the fashion industry?

Preserve stands out in the fashion industry due to its focus on sustainability, ethos of ethical manufacturing, and the balance it finds between elegant and pragmatic design.

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