What Businesses Does Bernie Taupin Own? Unveiling the Mogul’s Empire

When you think of Bernie Taupin, you might immediately hum a classic Elton John tune. But beyond his legendary songwriting, Taupin’s entrepreneurial spirit has led him to venture into various business realms. They’re as diverse and colorful as his lyrics, spanning from the wine industry to fine art.

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Taupin’s knack for storytelling doesn’t end with music; it extends into each business he touches. As we peek into his portfolio, you’ll find that he’s not just a man of words but also a man of action and ambition. Let’s dive into the world of Bernie Taupin’s business ventures and see what makes them as unique as his songwriting legacy.

Bernie Taupin’s Business Ventures: A World Beyond Songwriting

Venturing beyond the allure of hit songs and Grammy award ceremonies, Bernie Taupin has set his sights on a variety of businesses that sparkle with as much diversity as his famed lyrical exploits. This multifaceted man isn’t just about powerful ballads and rock anthems; he’s also a savvy entrepreneur with an eclectic portfolio.

Taupin’s journey into the wine industry is as refined as his taste in music. Embracing the rolling hills and lush vines, he launched a brand that’s not only a testament to his love for a good Bordeaux but also reflects his profound attachment to storytelling. Each bottle from Bernie’s lineup is like a verse from his songs; rich, emotive, and undeniably unique.

Beyond the vineyards, Bernie extends his creative influence to the world of fine art. Just as his words paint pictures in the minds of music lovers, his visual artistry ignites the canvas with vibrant colors and abstract forms. Taupin’s artwork echoes his songwriting philosophy, where every stroke is a note, every color a chord, forming a symphony that appeals to the connoisseurs’ eyes.

He also delves into the realm of publishing, letting his pen grace the pages with the same fervor it does the staves. Bernie’s foray into this sector isn’t only about the words but the entire orchestration of producing a book that captivates the reader from cover to cover.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Taupin constantly seeks ventures that challenge him and allow his entrepreneurial spirit to continue its crescendo. Followers of this legendary lyricist’s career will undoubtedly watch with anticipation as he continues to compose his business portfolio with the same passion he has for music.

Exploring Bernie Taupin’s Diverse Portfolio

Bernie Taupin’s flair for vivid imagery and emotion in his lyrics translates seamlessly into his businesses. Celebrities often branch out, but Taupin’s approach is not just about spreading his wings; it’s about diving into passions that resonate with his creative pulse.

He’s not solely tied to the music industry. Taupin has a sophisticated taste for the vine, evident in his wine-making venture. With a nod to the terroir of California, his label is known for its artful blends, each telling a story as complex as his verses. Wine enthusiasts and collectors alike have come to appreciate the care put into every bottle, each vintage a narrative of the year’s climate and soil.

Fine art is another canvas for Taupin’s expressions. He blends colors and emotions, much like chords and lyrics in his songs, creating visual art pieces that evoke a strong response from onlookers. His art exhibits are often the talk of the town, as they showcase not just paintings but a deeper glimpse into Taupin’s soul. It’s his way of communicating without the constraint of words, offering a different rhythm to his usual narrative.

The publishing world also feels Taupin’s touch. With his ability to string words in a mesmerizing sequence, it’s no wonder that his foray into book publishing has been successful. Whether it’s collections of poetry or lyrical anthologies, the same heart-stirring magic found in his music can be experienced page by page.

In addition to these endeavors, Taupin’s portfolio includes collaborations and investments that reflect his interest in sustainability and technology, showing that he’s not only about aesthetics and art but also about the future and innovation. His business ventures reveal a man who, much like his illustrious songwriting career, isn’t afraid to experiment and evolve, always looking to add another verse to his life’s song.

From Music to Merlot: Bernie Taupin in the Wine Industry

When not penning timeless lyrics, Bernie Taupin has ventured into the exquisite world of viticulture. His journey from music to merlot is a tale of passion for the finer things in life. Taupin’s saga in the wine industry began when he decided to turn his poetic finesse into crafting wines that tell a story.

Triumph Winery, nestled in the rolling hills of California, is where Taupin’s creative spirit ferments alongside the grapes. This boutique winery, known for its artisanal approach, embodies his dedication to quality and craftsmanship. While the vineyard may not boast the massive scale of its competitors, its limited-edition bottles are sought after by connoisseurs and fans alike.

  • Handpicked Grapes: Each vine tended with care.
  • Sustainable Practices: A nod to nature’s balance.
  • Artisanal Method: Limited production for quality focus.

Similarly, his label champions sustainability, mirroring his interests in environmental consciousness. The wines produced here bear the hallmark of Taupin’s involvement – each vintage narrates the year’s unique tale through its bouquet, texture, and taste. As with his songwriting, there’s a keen attention to detail, an intimate touch to the entire process that resonates with aficionados.

Taupin’s wine venture reflects his avid affinity for storytelling, but through a sensory experience. Each sip offers a melody of flavors, much like the harmonious tunes he’s known for in his music. His transition into the wine industry might come as a surprise to some, but those familiar with Taupin’s zest for life know it’s just another verse in his song of success.

The allure of Triumph Winery extends beyond the bottle, featuring on its labels artistry that’s reminiscent of Taupin’s love for fine art. Wine enthusiasts often find themselves drawn not only to the flavor profiles but also to the visual experience that accompanies them. It seems Bernie Taupin’s foray into the wine world is yet another platform for his boundless creativity.

Masterpieces on Canvas: Bernie Taupin’s Artistic Pursuits

Bernie Taupin’s creativity isn’t bound to the audible realm; it spills vibrantly onto canvas as well. In the eclectic world of art, Taupin has carved his niche, creating abstract expressionist pieces that have garnered admiration and critical acclaim. His artworks, like his lyrics, are emotional landscapes, splattered, painted, and meticulously assembled to evoke deep feelings and stories.

Though lesser known than his monumental songwriting success, Taupin’s art exhibits have made quite the impression in galleries across the nation. His style, reminiscent of the action painting techniques of the mid-20th century, shows that Taupin isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.

  • Bold colors and dynamic textures: hallmarks of his paintings
  • Draws influence from American culture and personal experiences

As with his wines, each of Taupin’s art pieces carries a stamp of his experiences. Celebrities and art enthusiasts alike have been known to flock to galleries showcasing his work, eager to own a piece of Taupin’s inner world made visible.

His entrepreneurial spirit shines through his art sales, with price tags that reflect both the significance and the demand for his works. The business of art has become another avenue where Taupin demonstrates his prowess, merging creativity with commercial success.

  • Paintings sold for tens of thousands of dollars
  • Exhibitions across major cities, including Los Angeles and New York

In the art sphere, Taupin remains as relevant as he is in music. His exhibitions often sell out, with collectors eager to invest in his pieces. Art aficionados and critics alike wait with bated breath to see what Berni Taupin will create next, ensuring that each piece adds to the narrative of a life lived richly. As they marvel at his work, they know that Bernie isn’t just dabbling in paints; he’s pouring out another facet of his extraordinary tale — one that’s still unfolding with each stroke of his brush.

Beyond the Lyrics: Bernie Taupin’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Bernie Taupin’s ventures stretch far beyond the pen and the stage. They know him as a prolific lyricist, but his entrepreneurial spirit has taken flight in arenas many fans may find surprising. Beyond songwriting, Taupin has delved deep into the worlds of wine and visual art, but it doesn’t stop there.

They find yet another aspect of Taupin’s business acumen in the field of publishing. With a flair for the poetic, Taupin has also authored books that showcase his literary talent. From the lyric compilations that offer insights into his creative process to the poignant autobiographical pieces that draw from his life experiences, his books resonate with an audience that appreciates both his musical and narrative eloquence.

Venturing into the realm of broadcasting, Taupin had a stint on radio, hosting his show that blended a mix of Americana music and personal anecdotes. This platform not only solidified his status as an aficionado of the music world but also showcased his skills as a presenter and a curator of sound, echoing an unending passion for all things artistic.

Bernie Taupin’s foray into the restaurant business is another testament to his multifaceted nature. With an appreciation for gourmet cuisine and a love of sociable dining experiences, he once owned an establishment that became a staple for food connoisseurs. Though no longer in the mix of restaurateurs, the impact of his venture still lingers as a high note in his symphony of entrepreneurial endeavors.

As they peel back the layers of Bernie Taupin’s business ventures, it’s clear that his success is not a stroke of luck but a series of deliberate and strategic moves. Each enterprise, each project he undertakes is a new verse in the ongoing epic of his life—an extension of his creativity, his personality, and his indomitable spirit. Fans and business savvy individuals alike can’t help but watch with anticipation for his next move, knowing that whatever Taupin touches turns into a narrative woven with dedication, talent, and finesse.


Bernie Taupin’s journey through various industries showcases his boundless creativity and knack for success. His ventures in wine, art, publishing, broadcasting, and dining are not just business pursuits; they’re extensions of his artistic expression. They’re eager to see where his entrepreneurial spirit will lead next, confident that it’ll be just as impressive as his lyrical legacy. Bernie Taupin proves that a true artist can find multiple canvases to bring their vision to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What industries has Bernie Taupin expanded into?

Bernie Taupin has ventured into the wine industry, visual arts, publishing, broadcasting, and the restaurant business, diversifying his career beyond songwriting.

How does Bernie Taupin approach his business ventures?

Taupin approaches each new business venture with a creative and strategic mindset, viewing them as extensions of his artistic expression and entrepreneurial spirit.

What is the public’s perception of Bernie Taupin’s projects?

The public and his fans view Bernie Taupin’s projects with anticipation and excitement, trusting that his involvement in any project means it will be handled with dedication, talent, and finesse.

Can we expect more creative ventures from Bernie Taupin in the future?

Considering Bernie Taupin’s track record, it is likely that he will continue to explore and create new ventures, each reflecting his multifaceted personality and creativity.

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