What Businesses Does Ashanti Own? Inside the Empire of a Music Mogul

Ashanti’s not just a Grammy-winning artist; she’s a savvy entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio. From music to fragrance, she’s made her mark on more than just the charts. They say variety is the spice of life, and Ashanti’s business ventures certainly add flavor to her career.

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Beyond the glitz of showbiz, she’s built an empire that spans various industries. Her entrepreneurial spirit has led to some exciting and unexpected business adventures. Let’s dive into the world of Ashanti’s business endeavors and discover just how multifaceted her talents are.

Ashanti’s Music Ventures

As a Grammy-winning artist, Ashanti’s contributions to the music industry are as significant as they are melodious. But it’s not just her voice that’s been making waves – Ashanti’s business acumen has allowed her to explore various profitable music ventures. Following her mainstream success, she found ways to capitalize on her brand and expand her horizons within the music world.

She owns a record label, Written Entertainment, which she launched in 2011. This bold move marked her transition from star artist to savvy executive. Written Entertainment is a testament to her dedication to control over her musical output and her desire to nurture new talent in the industry.

Beyond the traditional confines of singing and performing, Ashanti’s portfolio includes a publishing company. Here, she’s managed to secure the rights to her music, ensuring a steady stream of royalties and a grip on the commercial use of her work. It’s an astute move that positions her well within the complex realm of music rights management.

Ashanti’s music ventures serve as building blocks in her empire. She’s collaborated with various brands and appeared in popular television series, which broadened her reach and influence in the entertainment sector. These collaborations not only reinforce her status as an artistic powerhouse but also underscore her knack for strategic partnerships.

Her entrepreneurial spirit shines through in her approach to the music business, seeing her navigate the complexities of the industry with the same grace as her vocal performances. Each strategic step she takes further cements her legacy and financial stability in the fast-paced world of music.

Ashanti’s Fashion and Beauty Brands

Ashanti’s entrepreneurial endeavors extend into the glitzy world of fashion and beauty, sectors where her personal style and panache truly shine. This multi-talented artist has not only captivated audiences with her vocal prowess but has also turned heads with her keen fashion sense.

In a dazzling move, Ashanti launched her own line of fashionwear, Precious Jewel. Reflecting her chic and sophisticated style, the brand offers an array of clothing options that range from casual wear to red-carpet-ready ensembles. Precious Jewel embodies the essence of Ashanti’s personal style, effortlessly blending urban trends with timeless elegance.

On the beauty front, Ashanti’s fragrance, Precious Jewel Perfume, entices the senses with its seductive and exotic aromas. The fragrance encapsulates Ashanti’s unique blend of confidence and femininity, much like her music, and has garnered a loyal following from fans who aspire to their icon’s level of allure.

Beyond individual products, the music mogul’s influence in fashion and beauty is also marked by partnerships with existing brands. It’s a savvy business move; pairing her star power with established labels draws in a crowd eager to emulate her glamorous lifestyle. These collaborations not only boost brand visibility but also confirm Ashanti’s status as a trendsetter in the industry.

Venturing into the world of fashion and beauty was a natural progression for Ashanti. With each project, she underscores her versatility and ability to resonate with audiences far beyond the stage. Indeed, by infusing her unique identity into these ventures, she’s created an empire that harmonizes with the rhythm of fashion and the melody of fragrance, ensuring her influence in the world of style is as impactful as her music career.

Ashanti’s Acting Career

Ashanti’s talents reach far beyond the microphone. They’ve taken her to the silver screen and small screen alike, allowing her to showcase a range of acting chops. Her cinematic journey began with a splash in the 2005 film “Coach Carter,” where she played a supporting role that earned her widespread recognition.

Her acting career didn’t stop with films. Ashanti made smart choices by tapping into the lucrative world of television. She bagged a recurring role on the popular Lifetime television series “Army Wives.” This role not only expanded her acting portfolio but also introduced her to new audiences who appreciated her portrayal of a young mother facing the challenges of military life.

Beyond series work, Ashanti surprised fans with appearances on fantasy TV shows. Her guest spots on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” highlighted her versatility and contributed to her being a familiar face in the homes of millions.

Ashanti’s Direct Involvement in Production

It’s clear that Ashanti’s insatiable creativity isn’t confined to acting roles. She’s also been directly involved in the production side of the entertainment business. Working behind the scenes, she’s gained a deeper understanding of the industry while taking on roles that shape the final product audiences enjoy.

Intriguingly, her presence in the acting world meshes well with her other business ventures. By opening doors to new opportunities and fostering connections, Ashanti’s dual roles as entrepreneur and actress have proven that her abilities extend far beyond the recording studio.

On set, her colleagues often praise her work ethic and ability to authentically connect with both cast and audience. From big theatrical releases to beloved TV shows, she’s written herself into the script of Hollywood, all while juggling the demands of her growing empire.

Ashanti’s Restaurant and Food Businesses

Beyond her success in music and various entertainment ventures, Ashanti has also foraged into the tantalizing world of restaurant and food businesses. It’s a move that complements her already impressive portfolio and taps into another aspect of the luxury lifestyle.

She co-owns a modern eatery that’s become a hotspot for those looking for both a tasteful ambiance and delectable cuisine. The restaurant, located in a chic urban neighborhood, offers a fusion of flavors that pays homage to Ashanti’s diverse cultural background. It’s the kind of place where the dining experience is just as important as the food that’s served – an exquisite blend of style and substance.

Ashanti has clearly taken a page from her experience in the entertainment industry, ensuring that the eatery provides not just a meal, but a memorable event. The place is frequently filled with the murmur of intrigued guests and the clinking of glasses, all set to a soundtrack that could only be curated by someone with a Grammy-winning background.

In addition to the restaurant, this multi-talented artist also launched a line of gourmet products, which has been met with enthusiasm from food connoisseurs. Her signature sauces and seasonings feature exotic ingredients and bold flavors that bring a touch of her personal flair to kitchens far and wide.

Notably, the products quickly secured shelf space in high-end grocery stores, signaling her ability to leverage her brand and secure distribution deals. This ensures that fans and foodies alike can have a dash of Ashanti’s creativity in their own culinary creations.

It’s clear that Ashanti understands the pulse of her audience, extending her brand into an industry that appreciates fine dining and quality ingredients. Her restaurant and food businesses aren’t just about profit; they’re a lesson in brand extension, showing how personal passion can translate into successful business ventures.

Ashanti’s Philanthropic Endeavors

While Ashanti’s business acumen is undeniable, her commitment to giving back to the community is equally impressive. She’s leveraged her success to champion charitable causes and support various philanthropic activities. Ashanti’s not just about making hits; she’s equally dedicated to hitting back at societal issues.

Her generosity knows no bounds as Ashanti has supported several non-profit organizations and charities throughout the years. One of her noteworthy contributions has been to the Boys & Girls Club of America, where she has not only donated financially but also her time, serving as a mentor and role model to young individuals. She’s passionate about empowering the youth, guiding them with the same determination she brings to her own business endeavors.

Ashanti’s heartwarming philanthropy doesn’t stop at the youth. She’s deeply involved in causes related to health. She’s taken part in fundraising campaigns for cancer research and has been an advocate for sickle cell disease awareness, participating in events and promoting education about the condition.

In tandem with her health initiatives, Ashanti’s efforts to support women’s empowerment are notable. She’s linked with various organizations that strive to end domestic violence and is a staunch supporter of initiatives that provide resources and support to women and children in need.

Turning her attention to education, Ashanti has also been instrumental in arts education. She’s financed scholarships and programs that support music education in schools, recognizing the arts as a pivotal part of personal and academic development. By investing in the next generation’s education, she’s ensuring that her impact reverberates well beyond her own lifetime.

Through these efforts, Ashanti embodies the spirit of an artist who uses her platform for the greater good, aligning her entrepreneurial ventures with a deep sense of social responsibility. Her ventures in philanthropy prove that for Ashanti, success is not just measured by personal gains but also by how much one can contribute to uplifting others.


Ashanti’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through her diverse business portfolio. From music to fashion, acting to dining, she’s proven that her talents extend far beyond the recording studio. Her ventures into publishing and fragrance creation highlight her savvy in recognizing and capitalizing on brand-building opportunities. She’s not just a voice on the stage but a force in the boardroom, driving her enterprises with the same passion she brings to her performances. Ashanti’s dedication to philanthropy reminds us that her ambitions are matched by a heart that’s committed to uplifting others. Her journey from chart-topping singer to multifaceted businesswoman is an inspiring blueprint for artists looking to weave creativity into every aspect of their careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What business ventures has Ashanti embarked on beyond her music career?

Ashanti owns a record label, Written Entertainment, and a publishing company, has launched a fashion line called Precious Jewel, a fragrance, and is a co-owner of a modern eatery. She also has a line of gourmet products.

How has Ashanti maintained control over her musical career?

Through her ownership of Written Entertainment and a publishing company, Ashanti maintains control over her music and secures royalties.

What are some of Ashanti’s most notable acting roles?

Ashanti has appeared in the film “Coach Carter,” had a recurring role on “Army Wives,” and made guest appearances on shows like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.”

In what ways has Ashanti influenced the fashion and beauty industries?

She has launched her own fashion line, Precious Jewel, and a fragrance called Precious Jewel Perfume, showcasing her personal style and influencing trends in both industries.

What philanthropic efforts is Ashanti involved in?

Ashanti supports various non-profit organizations and charities, is active in health and women’s empowerment causes, and advocates for arts education, emphasizing her commitment to giving back to the community.

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