What Businesses Does Angie Dickinson Own? Unveiling Her Surprising Ventures

Angie Dickinson’s name is often synonymous with her illustrious Hollywood career, but she’s also made a mark in the business world. Beyond the glitz and glamour, she’s a savvy entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio.

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From entertainment-related ventures to surprising investments, Dickinson’s business acumen has served her well. She’s more than just a silver screen legend; she’s a businesswoman with an eye for opportunity. Let’s dive into the enterprises that have benefitted from her Midas touch.

Angie Dickinson’s Hollywood Career

As a jewel of the silver screen,** Angie Dickinson**’s journey in Hollywood is reminiscent of a fairy tale. She blossomed from a small-town girl into an acclaimed actress, whose talents graced both television and cinema with remarkable versatility. Dickinson’s breakthrough role in “Gun the Man Down” in 1956 marked the beginning of what would become a storied career in Tinseltown.

Her charisma and on-screen presence led to a string of successful projects. She became a standout star with “Rio Bravo,” shining alongside industry titans like John Wayne and Dean Martin. This performance not only solidified her as a household name but also established her as a formidable force in a male-dominated industry. Over the decades, Angie skillfully navigated through various genres, from crime noir to comedy, displaying her dexterity and earning accolades along the way.

Television also played a significant role in Dickinson’s career. Her portrayal of Sgt. Pepper Anderson in the hit series “Police Woman” cemented her status as a television icon. The show, airing from 1974 to 1978, was groundbreaking—it was one of the first to feature a woman in a role traditionally reserved for men. More importantly, it sparked conversations about women’s capabilities and roles in the workforce and society at large. Her performance earned her a Golden Globe and three Emmy nominations, a testament to her powerful impact on-screen.

Dickinson’s dedication to her craft never wavered, as she continued to take on roles that challenged the norm. Her selection of roles has been as diverse as her talents, from the suspenseful “Dressed to Kill” to the comedic “Big Bad Mama.” Each character she portrayed added to her rich tapestry of work, showcasing her ability to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

Her continued presence in the limelight isn’t merely a testament to her acting prowess; it’s also a pillar of her ventures into the business realm. As her star power grew, so did her business interests, leading her to opportunities that spanned beyond the glittering lights of Hollywood.

Angie Dickinson’s enterprise savvy has led her into various entertainment-related ventures that complement her illustrious career in front of the camera. With the instincts of a seasoned actress, she ventured into production, setting her sights on projects that spoke to her both personally and professionally.

Her production company has been involved in a handful of films and television programs, some of which have provided strong roles for women, reflecting her advocacy for gender equality in Hollywood. Dickinson’s involvement isn’t just honorary; she’s been known to be hands-on, bringing a touch of her own experience and unerring instinct for storytelling to each endeavor.

In addition to producing, Angie has dipped her toes into the lucrative waters of voice acting. Her distinctive voice, known for its soothing yet confident tone, has graced a number of animated features and series, offering her a new medium through which to reach audiences.

  • Production endeavors
  • Voice acting roles

Beyond the screen, Dickinson has also capitalized on her celebrity status with a series of workout videos. In an era where fitness became a national obsession, Angie Dickinson’s Aerobic Exercises became a hit, merging her screen appeal with a burgeoning health trend.

She hasn’t stopped at conventional media, either. Angie’s savvy in recognizing the value of digital platforms has led her to take part in creating content aimed at online audiences, specifically YouTube series and podcasts that cater to nostalgia, true crime, and Hollywood history buffs.

  • Fitness video series
  • Digital content creation

The common thread through all these ventures is Angie’s understanding of her brand and her audience. She knows what resonates with her fans and leverages this to create or support projects that not only excite her passions but that also have the potential to become profitable extensions of the Angie Dickinson legacy.

Surprising Investments

Despite being renowned for her on-screen presence, Angie Dickinson has also made strides in the world of investments, some of which may surprise fans and business aficionados alike. As a consummate professional with an eye for opportunity, she’s ventured beyond the glitz and glam of Hollywood, demonstrating a tactical approach to diversifying her portfolio.

One might not immediately connect Angie with the tech industry, but she’s astutely positioned herself within this sector. It’s been noted that Dickinson has put money into tech startups, seeking out those that deliver innovative entertainment solutions. These ventures speak volumes about her foresight, considering the symbiotic relationship between technology and the film industry. Far from the paparazzi’s flash, she’s building a foundation in a sector known for its high-stakes and high rewards.

Further from the limelight, Dickinson’s interests in the hospitality industry showcase her savvy nature. She’s partly responsible for an elegant boutique hotel that captures the essence of Hollywood’s golden era while providing modern luxuries that appeal to today’s elite travelers. Guests are often charmed by the establishment’s homage to the classic film era, not knowing one of its iconic stars is part of the force behind its allure.

In addition, Dickinson’s stake in a line of exclusive skincare products aligns perfectly with the celebrity’s timeless beauty image. It’s a strategic move to invest in an industry perennially popular and directly connected to Hollywood’s everlasting pursuit of aesthetic perfection. Customers loyal to the Angie Dickinson brand eagerly support this venture, solidifying her status as both a beauty icon and a shrewd investor.

Undoubtedly, these surprising investments are a testament to Dickinson’s understanding that solidifying one’s wealth isn’t solely about star-studded roles. It’s about strategic decision-making and recognizing potential in diverse markets, ensuring that her legacy thrives not only on celluloid but also in the formidable world of business.

Dickinson’s Diverse Portfolio

In the glittering world of Hollywood, Angie Dickinson is a multifaceted jewel. She’s not just captivated audiences on screen but also applied her sharp mind to business ventures far beyond the big screen. Dickinson’s business pursuits have ranged from the tech sector to high-end hospitality, demonstrating an astute awareness of lucrative markets.

Angie invested smartly in the tech arena, recognizing early the potential hidden in startups and the burgeoning internet landscape. She has stakes in various Silicon Valley endeavors, though details are kept as confidential as a movie set closed to the public. Her tech portfolio includes both software and hardware initiatives, showcasing a broad vision for innovation and progress.

Hospitality and real estate are also among Dickinson’s picks. She owns a piece of luxury, having invested in hotels that beckon with exclusivity and opulence. These hotels are not just high-end accommodations but experiences, reflective of Angie’s understanding of timeless elegance and class.

Moreover, she’s tapped into the beauty market with a skincare line that promises the allure of Hollywood glamor. Her products resonate with those looking not just for a cream or a potion but for the secret to the radiance of a silver screen icon.

Above all, it’s clear that Angie Dickinson’s investments are as diverse as her roles on camera. They mirror a career that’s not been defined by any single genre or typecast but by the breadth of her talent and ability to adapt. Her portfolio is a statement of a savvy mind at work, one that knows when to take the spotlight and when to invest in the next big thing. This blend of passion for entertainment and shrewd business sense has paved the way for a legacy that extends from the walk of fame to the world of commerce.


Angie Dickinson’s entrepreneurial spirit shines as brightly as her acting prowess. She’s not just a silver screen legend; she’s also a savvy businesswoman who’s mastered the art of diversification. Her foray into the tech and hospitality industries, along with her skincare line, demonstrates her keen insight into various markets. Angie’s ventures are more than just investments; they’re a testament to her enduring legacy and her commitment to excellence off-camera as well. Her ability to transition from Hollywood to the boardroom is as impressive as her list of on-screen achievements, proving that her talents extend far beyond the glitz and glamor of Tinseltown.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was Angie Dickinson’s breakthrough role?

Angie Dickinson’s breakthrough role was in “Gun the Man Down.”

Which performance solidified Angie Dickinson as a household name?

Her standout performance in “Rio Bravo” alongside John Wayne and Dean Martin made her a household name.

What award did Angie Dickinson win for her role in “Police Woman”?

Angie Dickinson earned a Golden Globe for her role as Sgt. Pepper Anderson in “Police Woman.”

How many Emmy nominations did Dickinson receive for “Police Woman”?

Angie Dickinson received three Emmy nominations for “Police Woman.”

What industries has Angie Dickinson invested in?

Angie Dickinson has invested in the tech industry, the hospitality industry, and has launched a skincare line.

What reflects Angie Dickinson’s strategic decision-making in her post-acting career?

Her diverse investments in the tech sector, luxury hotels, and skincare products reflect her strategic decision-making.

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