What Businesses Does Amber Rose Own? Explore Her Empire & Future Plans

Amber Rose has made quite the splash not just in entertainment but in the entrepreneurial pool as well. She’s transformed her public persona into a brand that’s as bold and diverse as her career. From fashion to tech, Amber’s business ventures reveal a savvy mind behind the scenes.

They’ve seen her grace the screen and flood social feeds, but what about the business acumen that keeps her empire thriving? Let’s dive into the enterprises that showcase Amber Rose as a business mogul. With a knack for tapping into the zeitgeist, her ventures are as varied as they are intriguing.

Vixen by Amber Rose

Amber Rose’s foray into the eyewear industry has resulted in the chic and edgy brand Vixen by Amber Rose. She’s harnessed her sense of style and unique aesthetic to create a line of sunglasses that resonate with fashion-forward individuals across the globe. These aren’t just any sunglasses; they’re statement pieces that embody Amber’s bold personality and fashion sense.

The Vixen collection features a mix of urban and contemporary designs, with a nod to vintage frames that have been modernized to fit today’s trends. She ensures that quality isn’t sacrificed for style. Each pair boasts durable materials and lenses that offer UV protection, ensuring that her customers look good while caring for their eyes.

Pricing strategies reflect her inclusive approach, making sure they’re accessible to a broad audience. The Vixen brand is not just about turning profits; it’s about creating an experience—a feeling of confidence and boldness for anyone who dons a pair of these shades.

Social media has played a substantial role in promoting Vixen by Amber Rose. Amber leverages her considerable following to showcase the brand’s latest styles. This direct line of communication with fans not only helps to market the eyewear but also keeps her in tune with what her followers want. Customer input has been key, with Amber often tweaking designs based on feedback she receives.

The brand’s success reflects Amber’s deep understanding of her market and her unwavering commitment to remaining genuine to her vision for what fashion should represent: a way to express oneself boldly and without apology. Vixen by Amber Rose stands testament to what a celebrity can accomplish when they blend their personal brand with business acumen and a touch of creativity.

Muva Management

Beyond eyewear, Amber Rose has expanded her repertoire into the realm of talent management with the launch of Muva Management. This venture demonstrates Amber’s dedication to empowering other artists and entrepreneurs to reach their full potential. With a nod to her own nickname ‘Muva’, the company is more than just a management firm; it’s a symbol of her commitment to nurture and guide emerging talent in the entertainment industry.

The management firm takes a unique approach to its clientele, focusing on personalized attention and career development. It’s not just about booking gigs and endorsements, it’s about crafting a brand. Muva Management is known for its strategic planning and positioning of clients to ensure they make the most of their spotlight.

Their roster includes artists and personalities who resonate with Amber’s vibe – bold, unabashed, and unapologetically themselves. By taking under her wing those who share her vision, Amber cultivates a stable of talent that’s rising rapidly in the ranks of entertainment. She’s not just managing them; she’s mentoring a new wave of influencers.

Amber’s hands-on involvement with her clients is a key factor in Muva Management’s success. Rather than remaining a distant figurehead, she is deeply immersed in the careers of those she represents. Amber actively lends her expertise, personal experience, and her extensive network to give her clients an edge in a competitive industry.

Social media, once again, plays a crucial role in the strategy of Muva Management. Amber leverages her massive online presence to provide exposure for her clients, offering them a platform to connect with audiences worldwide. It’s one of the many ways Amber’s business acumen translates into tangible results for those she manages. With Muva Management, she’s proving that the impact of a savvy mentor and manager could indeed be the linchpin to a flourishing career in showbiz.

Rose & Ono

Venturing into the world of sleek fashion, Amber Rose and her close friend Priscilla Ono, an esteemed celebrity makeup artist, have brought to life a glamorous beauty line, Rose & Ono. This partnership between the two fashion-forward mavens offers a glamorous twist, fusing Amber’s knack for business with Priscilla’s makeup expertise. They’ve created a range of beauty products that reflect their shared vision for inclusive, affordable luxury.

On the shelves, Rose & Ono’s selections are nothing short of stunning. The duo’s commitment to diversity is evident in the extensive shades and formulas, designed to cater to a vast audience. They’ve eliminated the one-size-fits-all approach, focusing instead on products that compliment a multitude of skin tones. The beauty line includes:

  • Premium foundations
  • Vibrant lip colors
  • Luxurious eyeshadows

With social media influence at their fingertips, Amber and Priscilla artfully showcase the versatility of their products. Makeup enthusiasts from all walks of life have found something to adore within the Rose & Ono collection. Testimonials and pictorials from various users flood their online platforms, each sharing unique looks that speak to the adaptability and quality of the offerings.

Behind the scenes, the business model of Rose & Ono is geared toward scalability and sustainability. Amber’s business acumen and Priscilla’s industry knowledge have given the brand a solid foundation to expand. They’ve ensured that their manufacturing processes adhere to ethical standards and that the ingredients sourced for their products are cruelty-free.

The success of Rose & Ono is a testament to Amber Rose’s ever-expanding business empire. Alongside eyewear and talent management, she’s now making impressive strides within the beauty industry. Rose & Ono stands as a beacon for those aspiring to blend artistry with entrepreneurship, fostering a community where beauty is expressive and accessible to everyone.

L.A. Fashion Showroom

Amber Rose’s foray into the fashion world finds a solid ground with the launch of her own L.A. Fashion Showroom. A stylish hub for avant-garde clothing and accessories, the showroom serves as a testament to her keen eye for fashion and trendsetting abilities. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, this space not only showcases Amber’s own lines but also features specially curated collections from up-and-coming designers.

The showroom’s interior reflects Amber’s personal style – bold yet sophisticated, and speaks to a clientele that’s looking for something unique and edgy. The space is frequented by stylists, celebrities, and fashion influencers, all seeking the next big trend. Rose recognizes the importance of a tactile fashion experience, where clients can touch, feel, and try on the garments.

With a rotating inventory, the showroom remains fresh and current. It’s a dynamic space where new collections and limited editions make their debut. This model doesn’t just benefit Amber’s brand but also provides a platform for other designers to reach a wider audience.

Collaborations and Pop-Up Events have become a trademark of the L.A. Fashion Showroom, often leading to a buzz in the social media sphere. Amber’s ability to blend business with the latest social trends is evident in how these events are organized and promoted. They’re not just about selling clothes; they’re about creating an experience and a personal connection with the brand.

By investing in her own showroom, Amber Rose has taken another step towards cementing her status as a fashion mogul. Here she controls the narrative, presenting her and other designers’ work on her own terms. It’s clear that Rose’s ambition isn’t limited to any single industry, as she continues to diversify her business portfolio while leaving a signature mark in each venture.

Future Ventures

Amber Rose isn’t one to rest on her laurels. Her eyes are always set on the horizon, looking for the next big opportunity. In the dynamic domain of technology, insiders hint at Amber’s interest in developing an app. Not just any app, but one that promises to empower and connect women in new and innovative ways. The specifics are under wraps, but the buzz is that it will blend Amber’s advocacy for female empowerment with cutting-edge tech solutions.

In the realm of literature, Amber has expressed ambitions to pen a book. She’s shared insights into her life and career before but a full-length memoir could be in the works. Imagine a tome filled with her trials, triumphs, and business acumen. The concept’s in its infancy but it’s something to watch for avid fans and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.

  • App development aimed at women’s empowerment
  • Potential memoir detailing Amber Rose’s entrepreneurial journey

Given her influence in the beauty and fashion industries, expanding into skincare seems a logical step. Skincare lines are lucrative and with Amber’s knack for understanding her audience, she could introduce products that resonate with her fan base’s desires for quality and affordability.

Her forays into public speaking and hosting events suggest that motivational speaking or a workshop series could be on the horizon. Amber Rose’s impactful narratives and experiences could inspire many.

Finally, her passion for helping others is likely to generate social initiatives. Charitable foundations or partnerships with existing organizations could extend her reach far beyond the glitz and glamour, towards truly affecting change.

Upcoming Ambitions Description
Tech App Women’s empowerment platform
Literature Memoir revealing her life and business secrets
Skincare Line Expansion into beauty care products
Motivational Speaking Workshops and speaking events
Social Initiatives Philanthropic endeavors

It’s clear that Amber Rose’s ambition is matched only by her desire to innovate and inspire. Whether it’s disrupting the tech space, sharing her story with the world, or making her mark in skincare, Rose is poised to keep blooming. Keep an eye out; with Amber’s flair for business, these ventures are sure to be nothing short of spectacular.


Amber Rose’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through her diverse business portfolio. She’s not just a figure in the entertainment industry but a savvy businesswoman making waves in beauty and beyond. With Rose & Ono already making its mark, her sights are set on tech with an empowering app for women and a memoir that promises to be as bold and unapologetic as she is. As she considers stepping into skincare, motivational speaking, and philanthropy, it’s clear that Amber’s influence will continue to grow. Her journey is a testament to the power of reinvention and the endless possibilities that come with hard work and vision. Amber Rose is a name to watch as she continues to evolve and expand her business empire.

Frequently Asked Questions

What industry has Amber Rose successfully ventured into with her brand Rose & Ono?

Amber Rose has successfully ventured into the beauty industry with her brand Rose & Ono.

What is Amber Rose’s forthcoming app about?

Amber Rose’s forthcoming app aims at empowering and connecting women.

Is Amber Rose releasing a memoir?

Yes, there is the potential release of a memoir detailing Amber Rose’s entrepreneurial journey.

What are Amber Rose’s possible future business expansions?

Amber Rose may potentially expand into skincare and other related beauty sectors.

Will Amber Rose engage in public speaking and workshops?

Amber Rose is considering exploring motivational speaking and hosting workshops in the future.

What kind of social initiatives might Amber Rose undertake?

Amber Rose may engage in social initiatives and charitable endeavors that align with her brand values.

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