What Businesses Does Aaron Paul Own? Unveiling His Empire From Mezcal to Tech

Aaron Paul, best known for his riveting portrayal of Jesse Pinkman in the hit series “Breaking Bad,” isn’t just a star on screen. He’s also a savvy entrepreneur with a keen eye for business opportunities. They’ve taken the charisma we’ve seen on television into the boardroom, launching ventures that are as diverse as his acting roles.

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From the world of spirits to the realm of technology, Aaron’s business acumen shines through. They’ve dipped their toes into different industries, making sure fans and consumers alike are always on the lookout for what he’ll do next. Let’s take a sneak peek into the businesses that Aaron Paul has brought to life.

Spirits ventures by Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul, perhaps as renowned for his entrepreneurial spirit as he is for his acting prowess, has ventured into the spirits industry with a measure of success that rivals his on-screen characters. His foray into the world of fine spirits began with the launch of Dos Hombres Mezcal, which he co-founded with Bryan Cranston, his co-star from the critically acclaimed series Breaking Bad.

The brand’s ethos is steeped in the tradition of artisanal mezcal making, sourcing their spirit from the Oaxaca region of Mexico, which is renowned for its mezcal. The handcrafted approach taken by Dos Hombres aims to offer a piece of this rich cultural heritage in each bottle. From the harvesting of the Espadín agave to the traditional methods of pit roasting and copper pot distillation, the process is as much a ritual as it is a manufacturing procedure.

With notes of apples, mango, local Oaxacan fruits, and wood, Dos Hombres has made an impression on connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. The spirit’s balance of complexity and smoothness has been an essential factor in its warm reception. Not content with just creating another liquor brand, Paul and Cranston have put significant effort into ensuring that Dos Hombres stands for quality and authenticity.

In tandem with the launch of his mezcal, Aaron Paul has shown a keen interest in the wider spirits and cocktail culture. He’s been seen engaging with fans and industry insiders at tasting events, connecting patterns from his successful acting career to this new endeavor: building strong relationships and stories that resonate with people on a personal level.

As the demand for premium spirits continues to soar, Aaron Paul’s entrance into this market seems particularly well timed. Dos Hombres isn’t just another celebrity brand; it’s a testament to Paul’s ability to identify with and deliver what the public craves, whether on screen or in a glass.

Aaron Paul’s foray into the world of technology

After making a mark in the spirits industry, Aaron Paul turned his entrepreneurial gaze to the tech space. As sleek and innovative as the characters he’s brought to life, Paul’s venture into technology is marked by his unique flair for engaging with the cutting edge.

He made quite a stir when he co-founded the app “YB,” which stands for “Yo Bitch.” The app, inspired by his iconic catchphrase from “Breaking Bad,” allowed users to send fun, pre-recorded greetings to friends. It’s a testament to Paul’s understanding of what’s viral; the actor leveraged his fame to create a tech product that resonated with fans and tech enthusiasts alike.

YB hit the ground running, surging to the top of the app store charts, illustrating the star’s unerring instinct for what will capture public imagination in the digital realm. While the app was short-lived, it served as a stepping stone into an industry that’s notoriously difficult to crack.

Beyond novelty apps, Aaron Paul has shown a keen interest in the intersection of entertainment and technology. He’s voiced characters in video games, bringing his acting talents to a whole new medium. Titles like “Need for Speed” and “Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV” have benefited from his involvement, adding a layer of authenticity that only a seasoned actor can provide.

Aaron Paul’s technological aspirations aren’t just about fun and games; it’s about finding synergy between his creativity and the boundless possibilities of the tech industry. His movements are watched closely by tech and entertainment observers, curious to see how he’ll further intertwine his business acumen with the rapidly evolving digital landscape. With every step, Aaron Paul redefines the involvement celebrities have with technology, proving they can be innovators as well as endorsers.

Aaron Paul’s involvement in the fashion industry

As a multifaceted artist with an eye for style, Aaron Paul has subtly made waves in the fashion industry. He doesn’t just walk red carpets in designer attire; he‘s taken a step further by collaborating with notable fashion brands to create pieces that resonate with his personal aesthetic.

Aaron Paul’s collaboration with the denim brand Ksubi is a testament to his influence and style. The capsule collection, co-designed by Paul, showcased a blend of edgy and sophisticated pieces that echoed his own fashion sense. This move not only cemented Paul’s fashionista status but also showcased his ability to translate his artistic vision into tangible apparel.

In addition to collaborating on collections, Paul has been seen at various fashion week events, rubbing elbows with the crème de la crème of the fashion world. His presence at such high-profile gatherings signifies an interest that extends beyond mere attendance. It’s a strategic maneuver that aligns him with fashion mavens and trendsetters, thus making his mark in the elite circle of fashion connoisseurs.

Beyond partnerships with existing labels, rumors have swirled about Paul potentially launching his own line. While nothing has been officially announced, the prospect excites fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. His ventures into mezcal and technology illustrate a keen aptitude for entrepreneurship that could seamlessly translate into a successful fashion brand.

By intertwining his name with the fashion industry, Aaron Paul continues to expand his brand and influence. Whether it’s through strategic collaborations or attending exclusive events, Paul demonstrates an unwavering commitment to forge a legacy that transcends the silver screen. Through fashion, he offers his fans another dimension of his creativity, while potentially gearing up for the next big move in his ever-evolving career.

Aaron Paul’s investment in the food and beverage industry

Aaron Paul’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond the glitz of Hollywood into the bustling food and beverage sector. The actor is no stranger to luxury and finer experiences, often shared with fans through his ventures. Adding a dash of star quality to dining, he co-owns the burgundy-hued saloon The Woods in Hollywood, which doubles as a hip event space.

In this trendy spot, patrons can sip on cocktails possibly inspired by Paul’s own taste preferences, given his connoisseur status in spirits. This venture is a testament to his commitment not only to craftsmanship in acting but also to creating memorable experiences for his guests.

The actor’s horizon in this domain expands even further. Aaron Paul has dipped his toes into the world of specialty coffee. Recognizing the potential in the ever-growing coffee industry, he partnered with La Colombe to launch a special edition coffee blend. His selected brew is described as rich with a hint of fruitiness, a reflection of his choice palate.

The Woods and his journey with La Colombe signify Paul’s keen eye for opportunities where his presence can enhance the customer experience. By investing in these establishments, he endorses the idea that dining and drinking are not just about what’s on the plate or in the glass; it’s about the story and the ambiance that unfolds around them.

These food and beverage ventures align seamlessly with Paul’s personal brand. He places himself in scenarios where pleasure meets quality, ensuring that every sip and bite is part of a carefully curated journey. His reputation as a sophisticated tastemaker in entertainment is thus mirrored in each business he touches within the industry. Whether it’s mezcal, coffee, or a night out in Hollywood, Aaron Paul makes certain his ventures are both a sip and a step into a world defined by elegance and flair.


Aaron Paul has certainly made a mark beyond the world of acting with his entrepreneurial spirit. His ventures range from the carefully crafted Dos Hombres Mezcal to innovative tech projects and potential fashion industry shake-ups. They’re not just business moves; they’re extensions of his creativity and passion for quality. Whether it’s in the spirits that bear his name or the tech that connects his fans, Paul’s endeavors show a dedication to excellence. His investments in the food and beverage scene, like The Woods and his collaboration with La Colombe, further prove his taste for creating unique experiences. It’s clear that Aaron Paul is building a legacy that goes far beyond the screen—one artisanal, tech-savvy, and stylish step at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aaron Paul known for outside of acting?

Aaron Paul is renowned not just for his acting career but also for his successful ventures in the spirits industry, notably co-founding Dos Hombres Mezcal with Bryan Cranston. He’s also co-founded the tech app “YB,” is active in the video game industry, and is involved in the fashion industry and food and beverage sector.

What is Dos Hombres Mezcal?

Dos Hombres Mezcal is a brand co-founded by Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston that is dedicated to producing artisanal mezcal. It is known for its balance of complexity and smoothness, and has been well-received by both consumers and critics.

How is Aaron Paul involved in the tech space?

Aaron Paul has co-founded the tech app “YB,” and he is involved in the video game industry. His efforts represent a push to leverage his celebritiy status and creative insights to engage with cutting-edge technology and redefine how celebrities can be involved with tech innovations.

Has Aaron Paul made an entry into the fashion industry?

Yes, Aaron Paul has collaborated with notable fashion brands and made appearances at high-profile fashion events. His entrepreneurial spirit in mezcal and technology could potentially translate into a successful fashion brand, further expanding his influence.

What are Aaron Paul’s investments in the food and beverage industry?

Aaron Paul’s food and beverage industry investments include co-ownership of The Woods, a saloon in Hollywood, and a partnership with La Colombe to launch a special edition coffee blend. These ventures reflect his commitment to craftsmanship and offering unique experiences aligned with his personal brand as a tastemaker.

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