What Businesses Does 50 Cent Own? Surprising Businesses He Owns

Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, isn’t just a rap mogul; he’s a bona fide business tycoon. With a career that’s evolved far beyond the music studio, 50’s entrepreneurial spirit has led him to an impressive portfolio of ventures. They’re curious about the breadth of 50 Cent’s empire, from beverages to boxing promotions.

As they dive into the world of 50 Cent’s business endeavors, they’ll uncover how this artist turned his street smarts into boardroom savvy. It’s not just about the hits in the charts; it’s the deals in the boardroom that have defined his success. So, let’s take a peek behind the curtain of 50 Cent’s business acumen and explore the enterprises that solidify his status as a financial heavyweight.

Curtis Jackson’s Business Ventures

Curtis Jackson’s transition from hip-hop artist to business mogul is as impressive as it is varied. He’s not just dipping his toes in the water; he’s diving into an ocean of diverse business opportunities. With a portfolio that stretches across a multitude of industries, Jackson exemplifies a modern-day Renaissance man in the entrepreneurial realm.

In the realm of beverages, Vitaminwater stands out as one of his most notable deals. He saw potential in the brand and didn’t just endorse it—he invested in it. When Vitaminwater was sold to Coca-Cola, Jackson’s stake earned him a substantial payout, rumored to be in the range of tens of millions, firmly establishing his prowess in recognizing an opportunity and capitalizing on it.

Besides the beverage industry, Jackson has also thrown his hat into the ring of entertainment production. With the creation of G-Unit Films and Television Inc., he’s been behind successful TV series and movies, proving that his vision goes beyond the microphone. This venture alone has cemented his status as a heavyweight in the entertainment production sector.

Jackson’s business endeavors don’t end with drinks and TV. He’s ventured into the world of luxury with SMS Audio, a premium headphones brand that competes with industry giants. His strategic partnerships and celebrity endorsements amplify the brand’s reach and appeal.

Moreover, his interests in boxing promotions with SMS Promotions showcase his knack for sports management and marketing. He’s navigated this competitive industry with the same tenacity he brought to the music scene, signing high-profile boxers and organizing major bouts.

Business Industry
Vitaminwater Beverages
G-Unit Films and Television Entertainment
SMS Audio Consumer Electronics
SMS Promotions Sports Management

The diversification of Jackson’s business portfolio is a testament to his versatility and shrewdness as an entrepreneur. With each venture, he continues to build an empire that goes beyond the confines of music, reinforcing his reputation as a business tycoon. With his midas touch, Jackson’s ventures not only flourish but also significantly impact their respective industries.

Beverages: From Vitaminwater to Branson Cognac

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s foray into the beverage market started with an astute move in 2004, when he struck gold with Vitaminwater. His minority stake in Glacéau, the parent company of Vitaminwater, resulted in a windfall when Coca-Cola purchased the company for $4.1 billion in 2007. Jackson’s reported payout from the deal was estimated to be a staggering sum between $60 million to $100 million, though the exact figure was never publicly confirmed. This venture was not just lucky; it was a clear indication of Jackson’s sharp business acumen.

Following the success with Vitaminwater, Jackson’s thirst for the beverage industry persisted. He stepped into the liquor market with the launch of Branson Cognac and Le Chemin du Roi champagne. These brands exemplify luxury and cater to consumers with a taste for the finer things in life. Branson Cognac, in particular, has been marketed as a sophisticated spirit made for those who appreciate complexity and refinement. The product line includes a variety of cognac blends designed to capture a share of the spirit’s globally growing market.

And the numbers show promise. The global cognac market size was valued at $4.8 billion in 2019 and is projected to expand at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 4.3% from 2020 to 2027. With these ventures, Jackson demonstrates not only his versatility as an entrepreneur but also his ability to read market trends and consumer preferences successfully.

The expansion of 50 Cent’s brand into beverages has allowed him to remain a prominent figure outside of music. It’s another testament to how celebrities can leverage their fame and enterprising spirit to build a diverse portfolio of business interests. Even with these endeavors, however, he has not limited himself to any one sector, continuing to explore opportunities that align with his vision for success.

Clothing: G-Unit Apparel and Frigo Underwear

On top of dominating the music charts, Curtis Jackson, also known as 50 Cent, expanded his empire into the fashion industry with the launch of G-Unit Clothing Company. The brand, which he co-founded with Marc Ecko in 2003, quickly became a staple in urban fashion. Highlighting streetwear that resonates with his music’s gritty aesthetic, G-Unit Apparel offered fans an authentic piece of the 50 Cent lifestyle.

The lines included:

  • Jeans
  • T-Shirts
  • Footwear
  • Outerwear

The brand became synonymous with the hip-hop community and saw substantial success during the early and mid-2000s. G-Unit Clothing reflected Jackson’s keen understanding of his audience’s wants not just musically but also their fashion preferences.

But Jackson didn’t stop with urban clothing; he ventured into the world of luxury underwear with his investment in Frigo RevolutionWear. A step away from the affordability of G-Unit, Frigo positioned itself as a premium brand. The products boasted innovative design and high-quality materials aimed at providing unmatched comfort and support. Starting from around fifty dollars a pair, Frigo’s pricing captured a different market segment, eager for exclusivity and willing to pay for advanced underwear technology.

Jackson’s dual approach to fashion, with both G-Unit and Frigo, illustrates his ability to cater to diverse markets. In one hand, he’s serving the needs of consumers looking for accessible streetwear while simultaneously attracting high-end customers with the allure of luxury underwear. Both ventures underline his dexterity in transitioning from a music legend to a fashion influencer.

As the cognac and champagne markets hint at Jackson’s ability to tap into the upscale lifestyle, his role in fashion shows he has not abandoned the urban roots that made him a household name. His endeavors in clothing are another vivid testament to his versatile approach to brand building and his astute recognition of different consumer demands across the spectrum.

Film and Television Production: Cheetah Vision and G-Unit Films

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s foray into the film and television industry is marked by his establishment of production companies Cheetah Vision and G-Unit Films. Understanding the power of visual media, Jackson made strategic moves to expand his empire well beyond the music industry. Cheetah Vision, launched in 2008, quickly made a name for itself by producing a series of action thrillers that often feature Jackson in leading roles.

G-Unit Films has similarly provided a platform for developing and distributing content that resonates with Jackson’s brand. This entity focuses on both film and television projects that frequently tap into the gritty urban narratives fans have come to expect from Jackson’s own life story. These companies have not only served as vehicles for Jackson’s personal expression but have also proven lucrative, drawing in audiences with their action-packed and compelling storytelling.

Key Productions by Jackson’s companies illustrate his versatility in entertainment:

  • “Gun”: A film about illegal gun trafficking, which Jackson both produced and starred in.
  • “Power”: A critically acclaimed television drama that had a successful six-season run on Starz, showcasing Jackson’s prowess as both a producer and actor.

These ventures display Jackson’s keen insight into audience preferences and his ability to leverage his personal brand to attract viewers. Just as he conquered the charts with his music, Jackson is also leaving an indelible mark on the film and television industry. Through Cheetah Vision and G-Unit Films, he’s crafting narratives that resonate with his audience while further solidifying his presence as a multimedia entertainment mogul.

Technology: SMS Audio and EFFEN Vodka

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s business acumen radiates through his forays into the tech industry, specifically with the founding of SMS Audio. This line of headphones and accessories marries high-quality sound with sleek, street-wise aesthetics, aiming to compete with established players in the market. Jackson didn’t just slap his name on these products; he was involved in the creation process, ensuring that SMS Audio reflects his personal brand — cutting-edge, stylish, and top-tier in performance.

Efficiency has always been part of Jackson’s strategy, and that’s exactly what he aimed to represent with EFFEN Vodka. More than just a celebrity endorsement, Jackson saw potential in the liquor industry and acquired a minority stake in the Dutch spirits company. EFFEN Vodka stands out for its distinctive smoothness, and the brand often features creatively bold flavors that capture the essence of what consumers are craving.

Here’s a glance at SMS Audio and EFFEN Vodka by the numbers:

SMS Audio Launch Year EFFEN Vodka Investment Year Number of EFFEN Vodka Flavors
2011 2014 6

Notably, Jackson utilized his far-reaching social influence to promote EFFEN Vodka, making strategic moves that aligned the brand with luxury and exclusivity — qualities that high-end consumers often seek. Moreover, his endorsement deals go beyond mere financial investments; they involve creative control and branding insights, allowing him to integrate his unique vision into the product experience.

While the realms of technology and spirits might seem worlds apart, Jackson’s involvement illustrates his prowess in identifying and capitalizing on trends across diverse industries. The success of SMS Audio and EFFEN Vodka reinforces his ability to not just enter markets but to innovate within them, setting new standards and catering to the evolving tastes of a discerning clientele.

Boxing Promotions: SMS Promotions and TMT Promotions

Delving into the competitive world of boxing promotions, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson threw his hat into the ring with the launch of SMS Promotions. Established in 2012, SMS Promotions reflected Jackson’s longstanding enthusiasm for boxing and his commitment to developing talent within the sport. The company’s vision extended beyond just promoting fights; it aimed to build a family of boxers who represented the multifaceted image of strength, determination, and success that Jackson himself personified.

SMS Promotions quickly made headlines by signing high-profile boxers and nurturing up-and-coming talent, showcasing Jackson’s dedication to the sport and his eye for potential. The business magnified its footprint by leveraging Jackson’s existing brand and entertainment connections, creating synergies that benefited athletes and audiences alike.

In a canny move to diversify within the boxing landscape, Jackson also teamed up with Floyd Mayweather Jr. to form TMT Promotions — The Money Team. The partnership buzzed with potential, combining Mayweather’s undefeated record and boxing expertise with Jackson’s business acumen and marketing prowess. The collaboration promised a dynamic reinvention of boxing promotions, driven by star power and an unmatched understanding of the fight game.

However, the world of sports business is as unpredictable as the outcome of a championship bout. The TMT Promotions partnership ultimately dissolved, but not before leaving an indelible mark on the industry, highlighting the possibilities when two titans of their respective fields come together.

Jackson’s foray into boxing promotion, with both SMS Promotions and TMT Promotions, demonstrated his ability to pivot and adapt in the ever-evolving landscape of sports and entertainment. Each venture added a unique chapter to his business repertoire, illustrating not only a passion for the sweet science of boxing but also a relentless pursuit to leave a lasting legacy in every arena he enters.


Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s entrepreneurial journey is nothing short of remarkable. He’s proven that his business acumen extends far beyond the music industry. From beverages to boxing promotions, his strategic investments and ventures speak to a keen eye for opportunity and a boldness to enter diverse markets. With each new enterprise, Jackson continues to redefine his legacy, showing that his hustle is as strong as ever. His success story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere, demonstrating the power of vision coupled with relentless ambition. Whether he’s in the studio or the boardroom, 50 Cent’s empire only seems to keep growing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What industries has Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) ventured into?

Curtis Jackson has extended his business ventures across multiple industries, including beverage, fashion, headphones and audio, entertainment production, and boxing promotions.

How did Curtis Jackson make his mark in the beverage industry?

Jackson made a significant impact in the beverage industry with his investment in Vitaminwater and later launching his own brands, Branson Cognac and Le Chemin du Roi champagne.

What fashion endeavors is Curtis Jackson known for?

Curtis Jackson is well-recognized in the fashion industry for launching the G-Unit Clothing Company and investing in Frigo RevolutionWear.

Has Curtis Jackson produced any films or TV shows?

Yes, through his production companies Cheetah Vision and G-Unit Films, Curtis Jackson has produced various films and TV shows that align with his brand.

What is SMS Audio?

SMS Audio is a line of headphones and accessories founded by Curtis Jackson to cater to the growing demand in the tech and audio market.

What stake does Curtis Jackson have in EFFEN Vodka?

Curtis Jackson acquired a minority stake in the Dutch spirits company EFFEN Vodka, diversifying his investments within the beverage industry.

How is Curtis Jackson involved in boxing promotions?

Jackson ventured into boxing promotions by launching SMS Promotions and later partnering with Floyd Mayweather Jr. to form TMT Promotions.

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